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    Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour
    #NewYorkCity covering #Bronx, #Brooklyn, #Queens, #StatenIsland, and #Manhattan - - The New York Post has a typographical error in their article. The word [coportations] is supposed to be "corporations." It was located in : "And Hynes said the service went to great lengths to conceal its true nature, by "creating a series of "dummy coportations" with misleading names that conducted its financial transactions." Another typo caught is: "They used "discrete" credit-card billing practices. [discrete] is supposed to be "discreet." The article goes on to mention clients ages ranged from 20 to 30 years old and had to complete a face-to-face interview, before approval to mingle with the female escorts. Fees for escort services ranged anywhere from $400-$3600 hourly as the club had an assortment of women from virtually all races, according to the article from the New York Post. Though the article is dated in 2011, DNN randomly doubled back briefly to the New York Post publication to see if the author of the article William J. Gorta concerning the Brooklyn Constitution ring bust made grammar and other typographical corrections which he failed to do. From the looks of his New York Post author RSS feed, it seems as if he’s no longer working for the newspaper. The New York Post and other papers need to randomly run a spelling and grammar check on all articles and have a special editorial team just for the purpose of checking to ensure articles or written in clear and concise language before publishing to the website. New York Post… Are you listening? Am I right? article on prostitution - Isn’t this a bip? A mother in New York helps the NYPD catch her own son and points the finger at him for blaming for a robbery. NYPD arrested a man basis back of robbing someone in a Manhattan subway station. And sadly, it’s a mother based out of Harlem giving up her son who’s accused of robbing two women at knifepoint inside of a Manhattan subway station. Who in their right mind would rob anyone inside of the subway station, yet alone a New York City subway station and think they could get away with it? This guy is beyond a fool. And to really make him look like a fool, he robbed the women early in the morning inside the subway station both at knife point and got away with very little cash. The first woman he robbed was a 49-year-old victim from behind according to the article on NY1, only getting away with $75 in cash. So he doesn’t mind having an arrest record for the rest of his life over robbing a woman for $75? And he not only refused to settle for that one robbery and ride off into the sunset with the 75 bucks, he got greedy and robbed another woman. How much did he get out of her? NYPD says the suspect, whose name is Kevin Williams from Harlem, New York, only managed to get a measly $70 out of the second robbery victim. And he robbed the 50-year-old woman in broad daylight in the New York City train station for $70 somewhere allegedly in Soho Manhattan. He got exactly what he deserved as karma by his “Mama” giving him up to the cops!


    In other news... - Does the Wertheirmer family have their hands in the energy-petroleum markets or investment sector? Many don't know the Wertheimer family are the owners of Alan and Gerard Wertheimer are the masterminds behind the highly successful fashion brand. Though they're possibly not associated with the oil and gas industry, they're billionaires for sure. Just like most oil and gas investors who virtually like to stay "behind the scenes" and not have a high-profile, the Wertheirmers maintain a private life living comfortably from the billion dollar fortune. Can we look forward to hearing about them in future oil and gas news? - Stratasys Bold Moves: A Conversation With Company Chairman Scott Crump - Unlike its high profile counterpart, 3D Systems, which has been making news through a slew of acquisitions, Minnesota-based Stratasys has mostly kept a low profile. Until recently, that is. The company made a splash by acquiring Brooklyn-based Makerbot, the most well-known consumer 3D printer brand in the market. The acquisition surprised analysts because Stratasys is mostly known for its focus on selling to industrial customers.Since their debut in 2013 reported by Forbes magazine online, how has the company been performing? Stratasys on Forbes - The lovely Martha loves to blog. On her newest post in the month of June 2017, discusses Pumpkins. Do you remember your mother or family members making a delicious Pumpkin pie from scratch as the sweet savory smell flew through the household? Martha discusses planting Pumpkins in her garden. Read Martha Stewart's blog here.