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10 Easy Ways to Naturally Raise #Testosterone

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  • 10 Easy Ways to Naturally Raise #Testosterone

    Testosterone. It makes a man feel like a leading lion of his pride. High levels of the male hormone inspire a man to possibly believe he's more than what he is. This hormone that runs dominant in males sadly declines with age. With the right nutrition and supplementation, men can naturally heighten Testosterone and continue feeling most of the youthful benefits associated.

    Some men feel using anabolic steroids will help them achieve their hormone maintenance objectives. While anabolic steroids satisfies instant gratification in terms of artificially raising testosterone in men in the moment and is a means of illegitimate muscle building, steroids causes a man’s health downshift later in life. Negative effects associated with anabolic steroid use include liver damage, raising of bad cholesterol levels, potential erectile dysfunction, spouts of anger, relationship issues, poor judgment, potential cosmetic issues with sudden spots of acne appearing on the back and face, and low self-esteem when coming off of long-term steroid use. According to, men who use synthetically engineered steroids experience all of the negative long-term effects of using the drug and raise the potential of developing male breast tissue in addition to a plethora of virtually unlimited health issues.

    Steroids is not the answer to a healthy life. It damages relationships and irreversible repair. It affects relationships with coworkers on the job. It can possibly affect a man’s financial status. Raising testosterone levels naturally is possible without steroids.

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    Did you know getting out of your mental comfort zone and changing your way of thinking as a man is the first action step toward living a healthier life and naturally raising testosterone? It all starts in the mind. A majority of men today desire to actually raise testosterone levels but have not a clue how to get started. When the first action step is taken toward living a healthier life with faith and works, that’s when men are willing to have an open mindset and consider changing things in their life such as eating patterns, sleeping patterns, incorporating exercise and cardio, and so on. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to striving to live a healthier lifestyle and naturally raise testosterone.

    10 recommended ways toward naturally raising testosterone:

    1.Cut out greasy food-If you’re one of those people that love pizza, Chinese food, cooking in heavy grease, consume foods heavy with sauce, or fried foods, it’s time to walk away from your perfect love affair. Your virtually “sleeping with the enemy.” This will hurt your testosterone in the long run and dampen your hormonal levels to the point of losing ambition in life, potentially cause irregular sleep patterns, withdrawal from people, weight gain, and lifetime addiction. Ignoring greasy food will slowly but surely reset your system and slowly erase remembrance of the feelings of the foods you once loved dearly. You’ll make tons of mistakes in the process of completely eliminating greasy food from your life but never give up and keep striving to eliminate all greasy foods. Not only will you notice your hormone levels resetting itself, but your skin will start to clear up.

    2.Stop eating food before bed-Food consumed before calling it a night has a quiet tendency of affecting male hormone levels. The body is supposed to heal itself and reset hormone levels during the rest phase. When men eat food before going to sleep it not only negatively impacts testosterone, the metabolism also has to work during the sleep phase to digest food. As a result, this causes man to not only gain weight but possibly awake unintentionally at night making frequent trips to and from the bathroom. Eating food before bedtime slowly but surely becomes an addiction and difficult to ward off as a bad habit. “Simon says” no food or drink three hours before bedtime no matter how hungry you are. Resisting temptation of food and drink consumption before bed builds mental discipline and aids the body toward resetting natural testosterone levels. Additionally, it helps men feel healthier and lighter in the morning when food and drink is not ingested before bed and helps males achieve a morning feeling of heightened natural testosterone which will benefit their spouse long term.

    3.Put that alcohol down-Did you know long-term alcohol consumption has a negative tendency to lower testosterone levels and promote heightened estrogen levels in men? This is not a debatable statement. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, “Alcohol use is associated with low testosterone and altered levels of additional reproductive hormones. Researchers are investigating several potential mechanisms for alcohol's damage. These mechanisms are related to alcohol metabolism, alcohol-related cell damage, and other hormonal reactions associated with alcohol consumption.” When the female hormone “E” is heightened in men, Estrogen dominance causes excessive weight gain and dampens stability of relationships with members of the opposite sex. Women instantly find men unattractive with pot bellies and lowered testosterone levels. Resetting natural testosterone is possible with retirement from overall consumption altogether. This also includes consumption of wine. Alcohol such as beer, liquor, vodka, and wine contain empty fat calories and sugars that not only negatively impact testosterone, but also causes abdominal girth in young and aging men. Long-term alcohol consumption turns slender men in their early 20s into old hammy looking men in their mid-30s and early 40s, and will cause a woman who was once involved with them early in life will pass them later down the road and act as if she never knew him all off of the strength of him gaining unhealthy weight from long-term alcohol consumption and lower testosterone levels. It hurts when a woman judges a man for things like that. It’s the truth in life. Put the alcohol down and change your life for the better now while you still have the opportunity.

    4.Don’t do too much cardio-While cardiovascular activity positively benefits the metabolism in raising it naturally to the point of losing unhealthy weight, it can negatively impact testosterone levels later down the road. If you’re one of those people who train for marathons and an extremist in walking, running, and jogging as long as you can before your body finally shuts down and goes into sleep mode, little do you know you’re hurting your testosterone. Anything past one hour of cardio will quietly dampen testosterone levels. If you’re a married man and ever train for a marathon or perform any kind of cardio for an extensive period of time and tried to make love to your wife after possibly doing cardio for many hours, have you noticed possibly experiencing a temporary case of erectile dysfunction? This is because you did too much cardio. Doing too much cardio also causes your pores to release too much water and your clothes starting to smell like ammonia. Yes, there’s ammonia in your body and released when you do cardio. Not a bad thing. Too much cardio also not only lowers testosterone but it can deplete Calcium levels and reduce long-term bone mass causing you to feel less ambitious about improving your hormonal health. According to ShapeYourEnergy, “Too much cardio can lead to muscle loss, stress, cardiovascular problems, overtraining, and fitness imbalance. The metabolic rate slows down, while your resting heart rate becomes unusually low. Excess cardio burns up muscle, lowers your immune system, and raises stress hormones.” It’s recommended you do cardio no more than three times weekly for no more than one hour on an empty stomach. After completing one hour of cardio on an empty stomach, help yourself to a post workout protein shake or nutritious meal made from scratch. Be mindful to potentially consider drinking fresh pressed vegetable and fruit juice so your body ingests unprocessed nutrients from foods of the Earth and benefit from quality raw nutrition. When you drink fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juice, it aids in restoring natural testosterone levels and improves quality of life in men.

    5.Include Coconut oil in your food-This is a beautiful food have no clue about.? Absolutely. It’s available at your local supermarket. Coconut oil derived from the coconut plays a beautiful role in restoring and heightening natural testosterone levels in men. It potentially aids in erection firm’s which benefits married men seeking to keep their wives fleeced in long jeopardy. Testosterone plays a crucial role in marriage as married men strive for excellence to seek natural ways to keep the male hormone at its prime. Coconut oil is available at your local supermarket ranging anywhere from six dollars to possibly 15-$20 a bottle. It’s a thick white substance and chalky. Putting coconut oil on healthy prepared foods such as chicken, fish, seafood, and Turkey consistently for six weeks and longer will help men notice a positive increase in natural testosterone and feelings of male wellness. According to Dr. Mike Hart in an article posted on HuffingtonPost, consumption of Coconut oil is beneficial to heightened Testosterone and feelings of increased ambition toward long term achievement. The result of increased natural testosterone leads to wives satisfied in longevity, increased tolerance toward exercise and running marathons, and achievements in education.

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    6.Juice Broccoli and sweet potatoes in a vegetable juicing machine-This may sound yucky to some men. Broccoli and yams juiced together? Yes. Juiced together and consumed in the same drinking glass. Why Broccoli and yam? If you know anything about the positive health benefits associated with consumption of Broccoli, you know it helps block unhealthy Estrogen levels in men. Yes, men have small amounts of Estrogen in them. Sad part is, when man drink alcohol, smoke, do drugs, take steroids, sleep less at night, work extensive hours on the job without minimal rest, experiences problems in their marriage, and increased stress of any sort, Estrogen levels automatically rise. The result? Less ambition. Increased probability of soft skin. Man boob potential. Less desire to exercise and do cardio. And lowered desire for intimacy with your wife. Lowering unhealthy Estrogen levels is possible with regular consumption of fresh pressed sweet potato and Broccoli juice. According to AskMen, “Potatoes are one of the best choices when it comes to T production. Sweet potatoes boast vitamin A and C, manganese and potassium, which all support testosterone production.” So there you have it. Instead of cooking a sweet potato in the oven change your mindset and drink it. The beauty of drinking quality fresh pressed sweet potato juice is your body ingesting natural unprocessed sugar from food of the Earth. Your metabolism, muscles, and Testosterone will greatly thank you for making the switch and drinking sweet potato juice instead of eating them cooked hot out of the stove. When you cook less you ingest more raw nutrients from fresh food. The result is heightened “T,” more energy, increased libido to please your wife, and ambition to go the extra mile in life in terms of education, starting a business, building a dream body, building and sustaining positive relationships, and so on.

    7.Eat foods that help raise “T”- Food of the Earth assist in helping raise natural Testosterone in Men. These foods range anywhere from

    • Bananas

    • Shrimp

    • Pumpkin Seeds

    • Strawberries

    • Tuna

    • Egg

    • Salmon

    • Oysters

    • Sea Bass

    • Shellfish

    • Steak

    • Beans

    • Regular and Sweet Potatoes

    • Coffee

    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    • Raisins (and contains Resveratrol for Estrogen blocking in Men)

    • Parsley

    • Ginger

    • Celery

    • Avocados

    • White Button Mushrooms

    • Baking Soda

    • Pomegranate

    • Onions (yes they have Testosterone in them and make your pores smell too)

    Garlic (they used it in the movie Blade starring Wesley Snipes to ward off demons and combined it with sodium nitrate. Long story short - Garlic is effective at full strength in aiding the body across the board).

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    After consuming a meal, do not take a nap. This is the sad part where unhealthy weight gain occurs. Instead, keep moving around and avoid sitting down for hours. Staying active will tell your body to process food the right way and use food to naturally raise Testosterone.

    8. Get enough rest at night - This is when your body struggles to balance hormones. The more rest you get the more T you have in the morning that produces feelings of a good night’s rest and morning libido to satisfy your wife. Not your girlfriend or live in woman such as your mistress. This information is NOT for you to use toward satisfying them. This is only for your 1st wife.

    9. Change your association if necessary - Have you ever thought about some of the people currently in your life are bringing you down and stressing you to the point of blowing your cool? It could be family, childhood friends, or co-workers. Keep your distance and “switch up,” by putting yourself in a new circle of positive people. Doing so will slowly but surely raise your Testosterone and help you feel good about yourself. Don’t hang around anyone just because “that’s my uncle or cousin,” because chances are that family members is secretly jealous of you and wants to see you fail at any cost and will smile in your face at the same time.

    10. Stay away from androgenic anabolic steroids-You are not a winner if you resort to easy street. However, you can redeem yourself from being a muscular cheater by changing your mindset, thinking patterns, and strive to be an honorable example to others of natural muscle building excellence by doing things the way nature intended you to. Eat right, exercise, do cardio, put the alcohol bottle down, leave the drugs and roids alone, and think positive.