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Why It's Good to Eat Garlic With Food

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  • Why It's Good to Eat Garlic With Food

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    When making healthy changes in your eating habits and watching everything you eat in efforts of accomplishing your weight loss goals, consuming raw garlic is a great way to increase fat burning, strengthening your heart and boosting your immune system. Consuming raw garlic in healthy prepared foods is a wonderful way to strengthen your heart. A majority of people either don't know what the health benefits associated with raw garlic consumption or try to avoid eating raw garlic for fear of bad breath. Believe it or not, consuming raw garlic in your food in small amounts will do more good for your body than you can think of. If you're looking to lose weight in the new year, increase cardiovascular output, and keep your metabolism boosted throughout the year, in addition to keeping a healthy heart, consuming fresh raw sliced garlic in your rice and other healthy prepared foods is a wonderful way to stay healthy year-round. However, with regular consumption of raw garlic, you will need to carry around a large tube of toothpaste, wintergreen flavored mouthwash and a toothbrush, simply because your breath will be humming and you don't want to have garlic breath in general public.

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    The beauty of consuming raw garlic for boosting heart health is virtually endless. Garlic helps to strengthen the heart as it boosts cardiovascular output. If you find yourself struggling on the treadmill in losing weight and getting rid of unhealthy fat calories, either consumption of fresh raw sliced garlic or garlic pills for your cardiovascular workout may potentially help boost your cardiovascular output on the treadmill. If you have your own home treadmill or home gym and perform cardio at your own pace, it's okay to consume fresh raw sliced garlic or garlic supplements before running the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. In addition to the consumption of fresh raw sliced garlic, it's always good to consume a multivitamin supplement both for exercise or cardio in the morning.

    In your post workout or post cardio meal, it's good to have a bag of fresh peeled garlic bulbs on hand. All you have to do is grab some item of the bag, take a small knife and start slicing the garlic bulbs into smalls thin slices. You can add fresh raw sliced garlic to rice, Cajun catfish, salmon, sea bass, King Fish, scallops, crab meat, shrimp and rice, tofu, and meatless vegetarian products to enhance the flavor and taste. Consuming fresh raw garlic on a regular basis helps to boost the immune system and digest food in your stomach faster. This is something the majority of people don't take seriously when they're eating food. However, as you become more health conscious in your transformation efforts to become healthier in the new year, you'll soon discover that not only does garlic have an effect on your breath, but it also benefits your body to consume on a frequent basis. However which way you look at eating raw garlic, it's definitely something you need in your life. It's always good to consume after working out in your home gym or home treadmill, simply because you're not around people when you need it.



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