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  • #Diet: Overcoming Depression With Faith

    Having faith in GOD and self allows you to be teachable and an open heart of free will to change. Believe it or not, the food you eat affects your overall attitude. Your food choices affect how you look at life. Your food choices affect body composition. Your food choices impact your health for years to come. Healthy food ingested benefits spirit, mind and body for years to come. Junk food detracts from living life and your body's ability to perform at its fullest positive potential. Indeed, you are what you eat. ...
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  • 5 Easy Steps for Developing Defined #Abs

    Wanna know the secret to getting well developed abs? It's no secret that developing great abs acquires dedication and consistent effort on your part. You have to stick to the script with a regimen and not look for instant results. You have to be in the frame of mind to make all kinds of changes...
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  • The Perfect #Healthy Combination: Coconut Shrimp

    Men looking to build lean muscle by eating right, exercising, and doing cardio put themselves in a position for a bright future of living a healthy lifestyle. When anyone puts the right nutrition in their body such as healthy seafood like Shrimp, striated muscle is naturally build from the ground...
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  • Roundtable Discussion on #GoodSolidNutrition

    It's always a virtual uphill battle to stay on track with cardiovascular consistency, eating right, and exercise. Your eating is what's most important in the journey to transform your body. You can exercise, do cardio, and run all the marathons you want. However, if your diet game is off track, you...
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  • Shares Tips for #EatingRight

    This is the video for you to watch times over. That is,if you're looking to get back on track with your workout and goals. Eating right is essential not only for muscle building, but transforming your mind, heart, and body starting from the inside. Did you know food affects attitude? What you p...
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  • Getting #BackonTrack With #EatingRight

    Everyone makes mistakes in nutrition and exercise. Lessons learned are priceless life experiences engineered to enhance positive character traits. Honesty makes anyone a better person and shows humility. If you make a mistake in your exercise by skipping a day, eat something you shouldn't, do...
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  • #HealthyEating Tip of The Day

    Instead of preparing lean meats and fish in gravy, sauce, or in a pan with liquid, it''s a better practice to pre-season your lean meats, and tofu, before cooking. Place Tofu, lean meats or fish in a steaming pot, and steam your foods instead of preparing them in sauce or gravy. By doing things this way, you elimi...
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  • #Eating with #Garlic is Beneficial to Your #Health

    Adding Garlic to just about any meal is a wise choice for anyone looking to improve their health. Garlic is a natural substance of the earth created for the intention of benefiting the human body. If you've ever watched the movie Blade starring Wesley Snipes, you'll notice in a scene where silver nitrate and garlic was used to deter demons. Although ingesting garlic won't deter demons in real life, it'll aid your body in positive ways.

    Benefits of Garlic include:
    • improving cardiovascular output
    • naturally boosting testosterone
    • aids in digestion and break down of food
    • boosting the immune system
    • aids in proper clotting of the blood
    • cancer cell shrinkage
    • boost libido and sperm count
    It's better to consume small amounts of sliced garlic in your food versus cooking it. You want...
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  • "Instant Healthy Foods" Under $10

    It doesn't cost an arm and a leg to stay healthy by eating right. What does healthy eating consist of? Making the right choices giving favor to good solid nutrition over unauthorized food. Did you know eating some of your favorite un...
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  • Why It's Good to Eat Garlic With Food

    When making healthy changes in your eating habits and watching everything you eat in efforts of accomplishing your weight loss goals, consuming raw garlic is a great way to increase fat...
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