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    How to #prepara your #metabolism , #mind, #body, and #spirit for a #fullmarathon -

    Getting in shape and changing your habits in preparation for a full marathon is no joke. If you never ran a marathon before and in preparation stages, rest assured training for a 26.2 mile marathon will bring some things out of you you never knew was inside, whether it's good or bad. For those who never ran a 26.2 mile marathon a day in life and getting ready for one, you'll never be the same again in life if and when you successfully cross the finish line

    Preparing for a 26.2 mile marathon is an uphill battle. It requires getting out of your mental comfort zone and adjusting to new healthy habits. It requires going the extra mile changing your eating habits and exercise-cardiovascular routines. If you want something bad enough you will go above and beyond to achieve it.

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    If you're overweight and looking to achieve running your first 26 mile marathon, believe in your heart it's possible. You're going to make some serious changes to your eating habits first and foremost. Instead of eating first thing in the morning, how about taking vitamins on an empty stomach and doing cardio for one hour on the treadmill or at your local park? This will stimulate your body to burn stored body fat. Instead of consuming carb loaded drinks in the morning before starting your workday, drink water instead when taking your vitamins on an empty stomach. If you take vitamins on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and do cardio or exercise first then perform post workout cardio, you increase the likelihood of changing your body for the better and increasing your metabolic output. Transformation is a patient process which is more than cardio, drinking protein shakes, and exercise. Accelerating your metabolism by exercising or doing cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach will help you achieve the 26 mile marathon in due time.

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    Drinking lots of water during a workout or on the treadmill or stationary bike is a must. When you're out on the marathon trail, you will lose a lot of electrolytes. This is because you're constantly walking, jogging, and slightly running as you are using up your body's natural resources. Be sure to take a multivitamin on the day of your full marathon and ingest lots of L-glutamine mixed in water. Before taking any nutritional supplement, be sure to consult with your doctor first as this article is not intended to directly tell you what to do. It's only a recommendation.

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    The third thing you need to do to prepare for a full marathon is make sure you have the right kind of running shoe. When purchasing a running shoe from a snake the store or on the Internet, be sure to look out for extra rear and foot support on the back of the shoe. This is the shock absorber which will help you go the extra mile on the marathon trail and help you have less wear and tear on your joints as you moving along. The right kind of sneaker will help you feel like you're not jogging on the street during your 26.2 mile marathon and virtually running on a cloud. You'll be inspired to keep going even in times when your body tells you to take a break.

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    Lastly, instead of eating fried foods or food high in calories, you may want to change your food preparation habits by steaming food in a steaming pot. Steaming your food allows you to bleed hidden fat, fat calories, and sodium out of the meat. Additionally, juicing vegetables in a juice machine will help you ingest raw nutrients and enzymes which will re-energize your body and help you operate at full strength while jogging in your full marathon. If you're willing to adapt new and healthy habits making necessary changes, you can do more than cross the finish line in completing full 26.2 mile marathons.

    Keep the faith and never give up in the uncertain game called life.