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  • #HumblebutHungry: Contribute Today to the #Delaware #HBH Campaign by George Corbin

    Humble but Hungry Delaware is a charity engineered to helping unfortunate Delaware residents get clothing and food. George Corbin, a Humble but Hungry servant, is passionate about helping Delaware people get necessities to thrive from day to day. Contribute today to Humble but Hungry Delaware and share George Corbin's video on,,,, and Corbin says on FB: "It is not too late to sign up or donate. ...
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  • #FullMarathonRunners: Recommended Sneakers for #Running #FullMarathons

    Image: Did you know certain brands of running shoes can actually help you potentially complete 13.1 and 26.2 mile marathons in a shorter timeframe? Yes, it's true. If your joints and feet feel less pressure on them while on the marathon trail, chances are, you'll move faster and take less breaks on the marathon trail, coming through the finish line in less time predicted. Did you know running marathons with certain kinds of sneakers on can actually help you cross the finish line in less time? It's not just any kind o...
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  • #NikeAirMax: Do You Like This #RunningShoe?

    Are you an owner of these fine Air Max sneakers? If so, what's your input on how they feel on your feet? Are they comfortable? Good for running in half & full marathons? Your thoughts?...
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  • #BrooklynHalfMarathon: Did #CaseyNeistat Win if He #Ran in The #HalfMarathon?

    Casey Neistat on YouTube posted a video today about a Brooklyn half marathon. Marathons are interesting and uplifting to run. Why? When your body loses the unhealthy fat and in a state of consistent fat burning and heightened cardiovascular mode, believe it or not, your body will benefit from a natural form of Euphoria. It's not the type of Euphoria associated with drugs ...
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  • Benefits of Long Term #Cardio

    Are you feeling sluggish possibly because of your nutrition and lack of walking or jogging? Perhaps feeling slower than usual because of aging or lack of sleep? If you've answered yes to one or all of the questions, it's time for you to make healthy changes and get back on track with cardio and exercise. Did you know increased cardiovascular output improves sleep patterns? That's right. According to, cardio not only improves sleep and exercise performance, but "Not getting enough sleep causes a number of consequences--inability to focus on cognitive tasks, heart problems, energy-depletion, and weight gain--just to name a few." ...
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  • #FullMarathon Preparation Ideas

    How to #prepara your #metabolism , #mind, #body, and #spirit for a #fullmarathon -

    Getting in shape and changing your habits in preparation for a full marathon is no joke. If you never ran a marathon before and in preparation stages, rest assured training for a 26.2 mile marathon will bring some things out of you you never knew was inside, whether it's good or bad. For those who never ran a 26.2 mile marathon a day in life and getting ready for one, you'll never be the same again in life if and when you successfully cross the finish line

    Preparing for a 26.2 mile marathon is an uphill battle. It requires getting out of your mental comfort zone and adjusting to new healthy habits. It requires going the extra mile changing your eating habits and exercise-cardiovascular routines. If you want something bad enough you will go above and beyond to achieve it.

    Related: Plan on running 26.2 miles? If you're overweight and looking to achieve running your first 26 mile marathon, believe in your heart it's possible. You're going...
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  • The Story of #JamesRobertson in #Detroit Continues to Inspire #Americans


    gives everyone strength to press on when they feel as if they can't. Strength and honor is in seeking the Lord for your full strength to press on in life's most challenging moments. This is why it's important to honor our Lord Jesus Christ, because that's when you will find strength to continually honor HIM for all HE has done and continues to do in your life.

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    James Robertson is an honorable transformation champion for change. He walks 21 miles daily to work, according to the article on His car broke down in 2005 and continued struggling since. He continues...
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  • Amazing #Transformation Story of 21-Mile Walk to #Work

    The Lord Jesus Christ who is GOD Almighty will bless you abundantly when least expected, when you make healthy changes in your life and do the transformation work going above and beyond in your daily life and inspiring others to be their best and most importantly be of service to others without expectation. Image: There are people throughout the world who abnormally succeed because of their iron will. They do the transformation work out of inspiration or desperation in their hearts, minds, souls, and body. Whether it's training for a 26.2 mile marathon to run on an empty stomach and cross the finish line successfully, going to work on the bus in a snow blizzard or storm, doing good for...
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  • Leslie Inspires Americans to Do #Cardio

    Leslie Sansone is a wonderful example of transformation. And, you gotta love her inspiring health videos too. She got organized and continued doing the transformation work. It's always good to do cardio first thing in the morning. If you do cardio in the morning after completing prayer which comes first, be min...
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  • Humble Beginnings and Amazing Growth of The Ironman Marathon

    How interesting. A discussion about the inception and amazing growth of the Ironman marathon. According to Andrew Messick, Chief Executive Officer of Ironman, he says and discusses: "continued growth of the event more than 20 years after its inception and its fight to stay relevant and grow th...
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