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#JobsinDelaware: 3 #DelawareEmployers Looking to Hire #QualifiedJobCandidates in #NewCastleCounty

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  • #JobsinDelaware: 3 #DelawareEmployers Looking to Hire #QualifiedJobCandidates in #NewCastleCounty

    Jobs in New Castle County
    #Delawarejobs - check back #weekly for #jobsinDelaware

    Who said getting a job in Delaware has to be an uphill battle? Not if you have a willing mind to leverage every job opportunity presented to you. Of course, you're not going to get hired by any and every employer in Delaware right away even if you have the right job qualification credentials, simply because every Delaware employer operates differently. Have you taken a moment to examine your resume to see where you can include highly sought after skills and hot keywords that'll make your Delaware resume interceptable by automated Delaware employer resume filters? In other words, employers in Delaware use automated resume filtering systems to filter out resumes they consider "fluff resumes," which are simply resumes either with not enough content and relevant keywords, or [fluff resumes] with too many keywords that may be deemed as "Delaware resume spam." If you haven't yet optimized your Delaware employment resume and looking for a job now, this is the grand moment for you to get organized with no delay and have a resume professional resume writer critique you, so your Delaware skill set and "Delaware employment career objective" will be deemed "worthy for hire" in the eyes and minds of prospective employers throughout New Castle County, Delaware.

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    Still doing things old school style and looking in the newspaper and magazines and Delaware for part-time or full-time employment? If so, this is the time for you to create a free online job seeker account and upload your resume to job networks so you can make your self marketable for a job in New Castle County. It's not too late to get started now and create a free job seeker account.

    Also Related: Del Tech is offering free automation technology training. You may be eligible to earn a spot for a free automation technology program offered by Delaware Tech and funded by the United States Department of Labor and the America's promise Grant (Delaware Department of Labor). The Del tech automation training program will arm those willing to learn with relevant education to prosper in full-time or part-time employment in the field of manufacturing. All you need is a high school diploma or GED, full-time work experience preferably 2 years, have some type of math skills, a valid driver's license and Social Security card.

    Address of DelTech college information sessions:

    97 Parkway Cir.
    New Castle, DE 19720
    Phone: 302-266-3300

    They have a fall program from August through December, so you may want to look into this so you can get free job skill training and have something good to add to your Delaware employment resume. Jump on this now and don't be lazy!

    Looking for a job right now with the potential to blossom into a full-time career between Wilmington, Delaware and near Smyrna, Delaware? Good news. There's three employers currently hiring in New Castle County looking for good people like you. Just make sure you have good grammar and spelling on your resume and your skill set highlighted, so you can potentially get favored by prospective Delaware employers.

    Three employers in New Castle County Delaware looking to hire qualified job candidates:

    1. in Claymont and Elsmere currently hiring cashiers, cooks, crew members, and looking for people to place in management positions. They're also hiring up on N. Market St. and 4th Street on the west side of Wilmington, Delaware. This is a great job for high school graduates to take advantage of and those working through college or people working part-time while having a legitimate side hustle transitioning into entrepreneurship. McDonald crew shifts pay up to $9.50 hourly starting out. While that's not a lot of money, you ought to appreciate the fact that having some money in your pocket is better than having no money.

    If you're wondering how you would look before people with a fast food uniform on flipping burgers, just know that you're working an honest job for honest pay, so don't worry about what people think or have to say to you or about you working at Mickey D's burger flipping joint. If you happen to land a management position at McDonald's in Delaware, it pays between $10 and $30 hourly. Morning, evening, and night shift availability varies. They sponsor on the spot job fairs at the Wilmington Department of labor, where as job applicants can walk in directly off of the street with or without a resume and converse directly with McDonald's management about potential employment. In order to be considered through the Delaware Department of labor to work at McDonald's, potential job candidates must be actively registered in Delaware job link. This opportunity is limited and ends August 4, 2017.

    2. Neptune Pool Management is looking to hire pool maintenance workers, motor cleaners, pool liners, pool plumbers, cleaning personnel, and additional pool maintenance employees. This position is paying between $10 and $15 hourly. This is a great position for people looking to stay busy during the summer weather was working part-time or full-time while attending summer school or summer college classes. If you're a teenager and looking to gain valuable work experience, this may potentially be your calling to work and have a few dollars in your pocket to spend. If you have a lifeguard certification, you can also get a job as a pool lifeguard with Neptune pool management. This position pays between $8.25 to $10 hourly. If you don't have a lifeguard certification, no need to worry. Neptune pool management will gladly school lifeguards in-house for your certification. Once again, this is a valuable Delaware employment opportunity you don't want to let slip out of your hands.

    Everybody needs a job doing something productive and honest and definitely needs a few dollars in their pocket. If this job is not for you, pass this page on to someone else looking for an immediate job in New Castle County. Lastly, Neptune pool management is looking to fill an office manager position paying between $10 and $15 an hour. This position requires you to have previous administrative experience in the workplace. If you're experienced using Microsoft Office and articulate with creative customer service skills that delivers positive business results and a mind for business, this might be your opportunity in being a good fit for this position and possibly working as soon as next week. The office manager position also requires you to schedule appointments for specific services, have knowledge of invoicing, how to organize payroll, accurate filing, and some QuickBooks experience. If you feel your acquired skill set meets the qualifications for the office manager position at Neptune pool management, feel free to e-mail the employer direct with a cover letter with salary requirements and your updated Delaware resume to

    3. Quality 3 Fire Protection is looking to hire full-time service technicians. It looks as if qualified job candidates need to possibly have previous experience to meet the qualifications for this position. Of course, you must have a valid Delaware drivers license. If you currently don't have a drivers license or suspended, you need to head down to the Delaware Department of motor vehicles to get your license straightened out. Now mind you, this position is not for people who have points on their Delaware drivers license. It roughly takes about 3 years for points to come off. If you have a license that says Delaware on it with either D class or better and have 0 points or next to zero points, you're encouraged to apply for this position. Quality 3 fire protection is looking for the ideal employee to successfully put in fire suppression systems. This is not a kiddie job nor for inexperienced job applicants. You can seriously get yourself hurt if you don't know what you're doing in this position and have 0% experience. This is why the employer is looking for someone to hire "with experience."

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    This position also requires that you work independently, which simply means you have to be a self driven motivated individual with an entrepreneurial mindset, simply because you have to have a keen eye to see things others don't. You have to thoroughly inspect every site your presence is required at and troubleshoot or repair anything when necessary. You preferably need experience up to five years knowing how to install fire suppression systems. You'll also need previous experience for this job in electrical engineering and plumbing. It's a good thing too if you have skills in the field of carpentry or welding and or HVAC. Once again, this is a full-time position and the salary is ranging between $27,000 and $40,000 annually. You can send a cover letter with your Delaware resume to for potential employment consideration and scheduling an interview.

    Be sure to check back regularly as more Delaware job postings will appear on Drewry news network. Feel free to share this page with coworkers, family, and friends on,,, and