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#SideHustleMillionaire: Your Former Narcissist Employer is a Demonically Driven, Weak and Feeble Minded Person

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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Your Former Narcissist Employer is a Demonically Driven, Weak and Feeble Minded Person

    By GOD's permission

    you prosper over your former employer.

    Employment instability due to being different, not fitting in with corporate culture due to shamelessly claiming religion on the job, failing to give your former employer who is a narcissist by nature the reaction they hoped for builds inner strength in you. They handed over their power to you. They proved through actions you're stronger than them. They proved to be feeble and weak minded.

    They may be an imp who has some power to a degree, but not strong enough to defeat you.

    And still you rise by the permission of The LORD Jesus Christ who is GOD.

    Your former employer made you a future millionaire. Stay humble in the process of transitioning into wealth. Thank your former employer from your heart for their wrongful deed. Your power is far more than the imp (s) who conspired against you. Most importantly, forgive your former employer for everything they've done. If you see them out and about, ignore them and keep driving. Act as if they don't exist. If they try to speak to you or signal you to acknowledge their presence close to you, walk away or drive the other way. Acknowledgment failure will irk their nerves and keep them underneath your foot.

    If you knew you're about to be a millionaire not long after you were wrongfully terminated, would you make a fuss and say or do anything to your former employer? You know your side hustle millionaire status is soon to be solidified. Whatever they say or do goes in one ear and out the other. Their blessings get taken away in the end and possibly handed over to you "legitimately," and they can't do nothing about it.