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#SideHustle: Blogging for Beginners - Things to Think About and Know

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  • #SideHustle: Blogging for Beginners - Things to Think About and Know

    While most people blog for pleasure, others use it as a business to earn a full-time honest living. A blog is nothing more than an online weblog, whereas the publisher of the blog openly shares their thoughts or useful information with the online audience. With a blog, it's easier for publishers to jot down their thoughts, ideas, and anything additionally you want read by people on the world wide web. Bloggers have an array of writing styles that sets them in a class by themselves.

    Have No Fear Starting Out

    If you're a beginner and starting out on the Internet with blogging, you open yourself up to a world of positive opportunity. Blogging allows people to earn revenue from what they write and publish. Blogging allows people to flow with unlimited creativity. There's all kinds of things you can do with the blog. For instance, not only can a blogger write and publish blogs daily, but they can add additional things to their blog posts, and spicing things up. An example would be adding pictures to blog posts. Adding pictures to a blog post enhances blog content while engaging people more meaningfully. Another example of enhancing a blog post would be to add videos to every other blog post written and published.

    For beginners who are starting out in online marketing and blogging, when you write and publish blogs, adding pictures or video to blog posts will help people stay on your blog longer, while they potentially share links to your blogs on their social networking profiles, such as Twitter and Facebook. If you start out in the beginning writing like a dog on the Internet when it comes to your blog writing style, don't sweat the small potatoes. No blogger is perfect in writing regardless how corporately correct it sounds, or structure of their vernacular. Move forward, learn from your mistakes along the way, and never quit.

    'Infinite Possibilities of Blogging'

    What else can you do with a blog? Good question. Amateur bloggers as well is experienced bloggers can also use their blog as an audio blog. An audio blog is nothing more than spoken word entries.

    To learn how to use your blog for "audio blogging and creating audio blog posts," you can perform a search in your favorite search engine under that search term, or, "how to create audio spoken word blog entries," and see which are favorite search engine shows you in search engine results pages.

    Write Keyword Rich Blog Titles

    Another helpful tip for beginning bloggers would be to create a keyword rich blog title pertaining to what you are talking about. Creating "keyword rich blog titles" will help search engines to better crawl your content, while potentially getting better targeted traffic from search engine results pages, after your blog post is indexed by major search engines. After your blog title is written with relevant keywords, write unique blog posts which are keyword rich, pertaining to what your blog post is about.

    What you write and publish gets indexed by search engines. This is how your blog builds traffic over the course of time. And, the more you write and publish in your blog, the more traffic your blog builds. If you have Google AdSense in your blog every time you write and publish new blog posts, you enable yourself in a positive way to earn revenue from contextual advertising. This is how bloggers make money on the Internet, earn a full-time living, and use affiliate marketing as one of many ways to potentially become internet millionaires.

    'Blogging for Full Time Income'

    It is possible to turn a blog into a full-time job while fleeing the day job scene. The beauty of blogging is once your blog starts to generate sufficient income from contextual advertisements and affiliated advertisers, you can blog from anywhere you please. For example, a blogger can work from a public library on a public shared computer, they can have an Apple iPad in their car and "write and publish blogs on the go," bloggers can write and publish blogs with their iPhone while doing a morning jog at the local park, and publish from anywhere additionally as they please.

    Another example of working from anywhere would be enjoying a picnic at a park with your spouse or family, having your laptop PC or Apple.com iPad and publishing on location. Blogging from anywhere gives anyone a piece of mind, with the ability to have unlimited income. For beginning bloggers, this is food for thought for you.

    Building Daily Momentum

    Many bloggers who are starting out are not encouraged to blog daily. Some bloggers, amateur and experienced, come across something which is called "writers block." When this happens, there are all sorts of things available online for you to talk about daily as an amateur blogger. You can grab a YouTube.com video, but the YouTube video code on your blog, and write a blog post commenting on the video. Then, once your blog post with the YouTube video was published, you've just now put yourself in a position to make money from the ads on your blog. This is one way of staying motivated and encouraged daily in keeping up your "blogging momentum."

    If you're one of those folk who fret at "what am I going to write and publish every day," just know the internet is an information highway oyster of all sorts of things you can search, find and write about on your blog. The internet is a completely different ballgame in terms of thinking and building a full time income business-side hustle. Forget everything you learned in school concerning to going to college immediately after high school, graduating from college and immediately getting a job, and working your way to the top of a company. Truth is, if you put honest and genuine effort into your blogging efforts for 2 to 3 years consistently, you'll not only be able to potentially earn a full-time living from your blog alone, but, also have the ability to walk into a new car dealership and purchase a vehicle you please, walking out of the car dealership with change in your pocket. With your blog, you'll be able to do a lot more than just pay your web hosting bill, pay your yearly domain URL fee, and pay small bills. You'll be able to pay your rent, potentially purchase a new home, and much more. As with anything, what you get out of it is what you put into it. Nothing is guaranteed. Life is all risk. If you believe in yourself, go for the gusto, start blogging now, believing yourself, and continually operate in faith at full strength, when starting your blog and striving for excellence in being a respected blogger.

    Get Organized With No Delay and Start Now

    Truth is, affiliate marketing, blogging, content marketing and the side hustle are all here to stay. Bing.com, Google.com, and YaHoO.com thrive off of indexing new content published on blogs and websites. They crawl new content and index it in their search results pages and sell advertisements from paid advertisers against new search engine listings. The more content you write and publish on your blog, the more traffic you get and more blog posts indexed in search engine results pages (SERPs). This is how bloggers increase the likelihood of making more money online and earning a livelihood for themselves. When you do what you love doing and through blogging is a lot of work, it's really not considered work.



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