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#ContentMarketing: Building A #SideHustle from the Bottom

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  • #ContentMarketing: Building A #SideHustle from the Bottom

    The internet is driven by content created by website publishers and those who distribute press releases. Content is what's responsible for driving visitors to your website, blog, or published press release. Additionally, content is also responsible for the internet financial success of many website owners and those who distribute press releases, talking about their company products. Good search engine rankings are also responsible for the increase of online revenue, and more.

    What topic you have extensive knowledge and could share with others online? Whatever it is, the first step to building a potential million-dollar internet company would be to purchase your own dedicated server. With a dedicated server, you have complete functionality over everything on your server. From there, you can install a blog or website. Installing a website or blog on your dedicated server will allow you to publish unique content freely, while building up your online presence, and having the ability to place advertisements on your website or blog alongside your content. When content you publish on your blog or website has ads alongside it, this is how website owners make money online. The key to keeping people come back to your site to see what's new is to publish unique and informative content on a daily basis, and whatever field of expertise you have a great education in.

    Starting Out With the To Do Shortlist

    Okay. So now that your creative juices are flowing on what you can write and publish on your weblog or site, you need to increase awareness about your online presence. The first few things to do is pull up Microsoft Word and start talking out some ideas on MS Word rough draft. Emphasize important points of your press release that readers will find interesting and useful. Focus on how the information distributed in the press release will keep the reader's interest in longevity, think of anything else additionally that you think will be worthwhile to the reader and serve them well.

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    Most importantly, when creating any kind of content, you want to bear in mind that long form content gets better preference in Bing.com, Google.com, and YaHoO.com. Writing long form content with illustrative images, descriptive video, and useful links to external third party resources is the solution for not only getting more traffic, but better relations with your target audeince. The goal is to engage and retain your target following in longevity.

    Benefits of Persistence in Press Release Distribution

    When you write and submit press releases often and submit to press release directories, always be sure to include a link back to your URL address, so that people online can get familiar with who you are. It is a good practice to write more than one press release per day. Why? Simply because of a few positive things of how your site can benefit from press releases being published by you. A few of the positive benefits of writing press releases often are:
    • increased back links and improved SEO from social networks and social bookmarking sites
    • creating a viral buzz across the internet in a short period of time
    • benefiting from free search engine and social networking traffic
    • increasing exposure to published content on your site that has advertisements alongside
    • building online trust and rapport.
    • opening your site up to future potential joint venture opportunities with other companies
    • enjoying doing what you want for the rest of the day after building up so much site traffic and spending more time with spouse or family

    Patience Yields Greatness

    Building a million-dollar online corporation takes time and patience. The beauty of the internet is that you can create and distribute creatively written press release and article content across the world wide web. And, if you stay the course in creating content and distributing it effectively. It roughly takes somewhere in the ballpark between a year and two years before your online business venture of building a million-dollar online company was fruitfully start to yield positive results, should you decide not to use alternative forms of online advertising, such as pay per click. In doing the work to build your online visibility through keeping your website content fresh, relevant, informative and engaging, it's always a good practice to create a press release at the same time and directly linking to that specific content, if you want to better target your online audience, while building your online company. You may potentially get a little frustrated along the way that things are not happening instantly, but patience is a virtue, and it can't be emphasized enough that it's all worth doing the work.



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