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#YouTubeVideoMarketing: Your Business is 'Null and Void' Without It

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  • #YouTubeVideoMarketing: Your Business is 'Null and Void' Without It

    Did you know you can potentially earn a 100% good living off of the strength of YouTube.com? YouTube is not to be ignored when it comes to organically build a business from scratch. People from all walks of life use the world famous video sharing platform to gain YouTube subscribers, increase traffic to blogs and websites, promote a product or service, and so on. Some people became celebrities off of starting small YouTube channels and having the channel as a hobby, not thinking it'll catapult them to new horizons. Don't have a YouTube channel yet? It's time now to change your current way of thinking, get on board, and get down with the program of effectively marketing yourself using the awesome power for your business.

    Affiliate Marketing

    There's tons of people earning a quiet fortune with YouTube channels promoting affiliate products and services. This is a process known as affiliate marketing and "YouTube affiliate marketing." Some actually promote affiliate products and services on their YouTube channels without owning a blog or website. This can all be done with zero dollars investment. All it takes is effort, dedication, creativity, and writing lengthy YouTube video descriptions with affiliate links in the header, center, and footer of every new YouTube video.

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    Some people don't know it, but one video a day uploaded to a YouTube channel with a lengthy video description 500 words or better with an affiliate link inserted in the YouTube video description will not only put them in the driver's seat to yield free traffic from that video years to come, but also increase the likelihood of earning more money from promoting that affiliate link. It's called passive residual income. If you're one of those people that don't think in the moment of trying to earn instant profits, affiliate marketing is for you. And using YouTube for affiliate marketing is surely the ideal way to go.


    Using YouTube to promote your eBay seller channel is the best thing any eBay seller can do. One thing many eBay sellers don't do on YouTube channels is upload a new video to their YouTube channel promoting new products and services posted to their eBay seller page. Including a direct link to the product or service offered on an eBay seller page in a YouTube video is by far the best way to leverage free search engine traffic and free traffic from YouTube.

    There's tons of applications available across the World Wide Web for people who own YouTube channels can install or put an application to work, whereas the new YouTube video is automatically posted on multiple social networks, including Pinterest. This simply means a piece of mind for the eBay seller turned YouTube video marketer. How so? They don't have to worry about logging into each social network automatically post the link to their new YouTube video every time they upload something to their channel. This also means a piece of mind for the eBay seller-YouTube video marketer, because it gives them a piece of mind knowing they can focus more on creating quality video content and writing lengthier YouTube video descriptions.


    YouTube is by far the best way to promote an IG profile. Instagram.com is one of the best business and personal social platforms to use. And what better way is there to promote a profile and get more followers other than inserting a link in every new YouTube video description? Instagram.com is a must have in today's age of information technology.

    It's an unwritten rule to include the link in your YouTube video descriptions so people can not only become aware of your presences on different social networks, but you can also promote your profile in the YouTube video description as a means of encouraging people to build trust in your business brand. The more people see you uploading videos to YouTube and videos or photos to Instagram, the more they're likely to follow you on IG, like your photos, comment on your YouTube videos, and purchase products or services based on your recommendations and links provided in your IG profile and YouTube video descriptions. Overall, you can't ignore IG and YouTube for business.


    Sharing your YouTube videos to Pinterest as unique advantages. First, you don't have to log into the pin board social network in order to post a video if you use a 3rd party application to do the work for you. Second, if you transform any words or phrases in your YouTube video title to a hash tag, it'll automatically convert to a hashtag on Pinterest.

    The hash tag transformation will put you in the driver's seat to potentially benefit from a small bump in increased traffic in months and years to come, raising awareness of your rich YouTube video pins, thus turning your Pinterest pinboard followers into potential buyers. Not just potential buyers, but "repeat buyers." This is absolutely what you want for your business. And you also want repeat sales while you're out and about doing other things unattended from your desktop PC or laptop.

    Your Own Products and Services

    Your online business is dead without using YouTube video marketing for business. That's right. Truth is, video engages people faster than images, blog posts, and website content. With that said, streaming web video has the potential to instantly sell a product or service, depending on how creative you craft your videos. Many businesses small and large ignore the power of YouTube for business and don't bother to have a dedicated video marketing team in-house solely designated for the purpose of marketing products and services on YouTube.

    Are you one of many people who have your own product or service not currently using YouTube video marketing? If you have zero dollars for advertising online and seeking an effective avenue for gaining rightful exposure to your products and services, now's the time for you to put your small palm size digital camera or camera phone to work and start creating 30 second to 1 min. videos. Be mindful to add keyword rich relevant words to your YouTube video titles and relevant keywords in your YouTube video descriptions. Add links to your products and services in the header, center, and footer of your YouTube video description every time you upload a new video.

    There's a plethora of web applications across the Internet that'll help you syndicate your YouTube videos to multiple social platforms at once. You can find these applications by performing a search in your preferred search engine for more information. If you don't have money for paid advertising, definitely get in the mindset of uploading at least one video a day to your YouTube channel and write a lengthy description talking about the benefits of your products and services. While you'll probably won't get the sale the same day or week or month you upload that video advertising your product and service, get in the long term entrepreneurial mindset that the more you do this, the more you'll set yourself up for residual income, as profits will start rolling in when least expected. It's all about consistency when it comes to "sales."

    Get Started Without Further Delay

    It really doesn't matter when you get started using YouTube for business. As long as you get in the long term mindset of getting started now no delay that's what matters most. Truth of the matter is, you're going to fumble in the beginning and intermediate stages of advertising yourself and your business on YouTube.com. That's just the bottom line. There will be days when your videos are crappy. There will be days when your videos get little to no views. There will be plenty of days you won't earn one red cent from advertising your products and services in your YouTube videos. And that's okay.

    You will succeed if you're patient. Do not, under no circumstances whatsoever, look forward and entertain any idea that you're going to earn instant profits right away putting up a video with links to your products and services on YouTube. That's just not happening. And with that said, you're going to have to put some work into this. Really? Exactly! So that means turn on your thinking cap, do a few minutes of cardio on the treadmill if you have to so you can get your heart rate up and your creative juices flowing, take your multivitamins, and be ready to possibly work at your computer desk for extensive hours daily or every other day trying to craft a creative YouTube video that stands out from the norm.

    Yes, it's possible for you to earn millions from your YouTube videos regardless where you are in life right now. Don't look at where you are at the moment and don't think about your setbacks. Your past is your past for a reason. You've always dreamed of owning your own business and now you can use YouTube.com to achieve just that. Your online business will fail without using video marketing. YouTube will definitely help you achieve those goals. If you're lazy, procrastinator, a Debbie downer, doubter, or simply flat-out don't believe this will work for you, or allow people to tell you what you can't do in terms of achievement and otherwise, give this post to someone else to read and feel encouraged from so they can achieve what you think is impossible.

    If you feel you can achieve something after reading this post using YouTube video marketing for business and have a positive mindset and a long-term vision with faith and patience, you are hereby encouraged to try your hand at using YouTube video marketing to build your business organically from the ground floor up. It's going to take a good 2 to 3 years before you start seeing serious profits. Stay in the trenches in the meantime and keep cranking out quality video content. Most importantly, stay faithful, never give up, and have a willing heart to give back to others through charitable giving when you start earning big bucks from YouTube.com giving you quality customers to your business.



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