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  • #YouTubePartner: Earn #YouTubeAdMoney from a #YouTubePartnership

    Earning #YouTubeAdMoney from a video partnership is not as hard as it seems. Creating meaningful and engaging online video content will help to build your subscriber base. Writing a keyword rich video description after you've uploaded your video will attract video search traffic to your YouTube video channel. Uploading videos and creating unique video description content will not only build your video subscriber base and build channel views, but staying persistent will help you to accomplish potential YouTube partner status in due time. The first step towards becoming a potential YouTube partner is to get into the consistency of uploading videos to your YouTube channel every single day. When uploading videos to your YouTube channel, be sure to write a meaningful description of what your YouTube video is about. Writing two or three sentences will not cut the mustard toward building your YouTube video search traffic. To be effective at YouTube video marketing and building your subscriber base, it's always a positive and common practice to write at least a 1 to 2 paragraph description of what your YouTube video is about. Go for the gusto if you have the time and creativity to publish a 500 to 1,000 word video description. The beauty of doing so is getting a better SEO rank if you include links to your blog or website in the YouTube video description field. The keywords and content embedded in your YouTube video description will be indexed by major search engines and available to search on YouTube and Google organic search results pages. It's also a good practice to include relevant tags in the tag description of your newly uploaded YouTube videos. If you've uploaded a video about relationship and online dating, you shouldn't include keywords in the tag d...
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  • #YouTubeVideoMarketing: Your Business is 'Null and Void' Without It

    Did you know you can potentially earn a 100% good living off of the strength of YouTube is not to be ignored when it comes to organically build a business from scratch. People from all walks of life use the world famous video sharing platform to gain YouTube subscribers, increase traffic to blogs and websites, promote a product or service, and so on. Some people became celebrities off of starting small YouTube channels and having the channel as a hobby, not thinking it'll catapult them to new horizons. Don't have a YouTube channel yet? It's time now to change your current way of thinking, get on board, and get down with the program of effectively marketing yourself using the awesome power for your business.

    Affiliate Market...
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  • Starting an #OnlineBusiness: From Nothing to Excellence

    Wanna know what the beautiful thing is about the internet besides meeting singles online to date? The internet can be a means for anyone to live peacefully and manage an online venture in the privacy of your home. If you have patience to build your online business from scratch, you can succeed beyond imagination. It's possible for anyone to succeed online in less than 2 years time while holding down a day job. The beauty and goodness o...
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  • #VideoMarketing: Using #YouTube to Extend Your Reach is a Must for Online Business Success

    The good thing about surfing YouTube is the opportunity to watch virtually any genre video. They can range from helpful tips to overcome computer PC errors, commentary on today's hottest celebrities, travel reviews and everything else. This is a gateway for video marketers in the YouTube partner program to earn revenue from videos uploaded to the channels. Many people today online still overlook the power of streaming online video. When it comes to effect his Internet marketing, putting streaming web video to work for your online business is virtually a must. It's a fact online streaming video ...
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  • Lisa Irby Discusses #YouTubeProfits

    Successful affiliate marketer and YouTube partner Lisa from 2CreateaWebsite speaks on making money from the YouTube partner program. She emphasizes the importance of putting effort into creating and publishing quality YouTube videos and content marketing in hopes of earning residual online income. To succeed in online marketing, you must be a strategic thinker, consistently creative, and at times, make instant dec...
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  • Content and #VideoMarketing Work Hand in Hand

    Most people know in today's age of digital marketing streaming web video alone drives traffic faster than blog posts and webpages. Video alone is responsible for increased affiliate link conversions, increased natural e-mail newsletter subscribers, increased SEO natural backlinks, and more. When content in the forum of a blog post or webpage is combined as new content published to your site, the traffic potential increases. And more. Bottom line: Everyone, whether you own a site or not, needs to put the awesome power of video to work for your online business or affil...
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  • Build a Respected #WebPresence by Following Directions

    To be residually blessed by God, help others who strive for excellence to honestly succeed in business.

    In the marvelous world of the internet and ever-so-changing search engine algorithms, bloggers, internet companies and work at home folks are always striving to accomplish better search engine rankings. They work hard at creating unique content from scratch. They engage meaningfully on social networks. They may sometimes write articles and press releases. They may upload videos to their YouTube channel every day, or, every other day. Some may even go out of their way to boost search engine rankings and increase their positions in search engine results pages by way of purchasing inbound links. Buying links to improve your search engine ranking is not such a good practice.

    Unique Content Works Wond...
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  • #BlogTalkRadio Lets You Create a Free Radio Station

    Never heard of Blog talk radio before? If you haven’t, it’s a voice social network (free and premium) you use just like promoting your online business using Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn vs. paying for advertising on paid ad networks. Blog talk radio was founded by a gentleman named Alan Levy almost 10 years ago out of his home. Levy created Blog talk radio as a means of staying connected with his family and friends while his father was sick in the hospital. While he originally did not intend to create the online voice radio service to have it syndicated as a global internet business, it grew beyond his wildest dreams. Today, U.S. Pres. Barack Obama and billion-dollar corporations own radio show channels on BTR. Indeed, blog talk radio is more than your average Internet radio station.

    Cost-Free Alternative...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Combine #Blogging and Adding Links in #YouTube Videos to Increase the Probability of Earning More #AffiliateRevenue

    #affiliatemarketingis the #ideal #careerfield for #bloggers and #ambitious #minded #entrepreneurs #who have a #desire to be a #sidehustlemillionaire

    A good thing to know about the world wide web is having the ability as a marketer to build a respectable online presence while being a relationship oriented individual. Blogging on niche trending topics has a unique way of capturing immediate interest of people seeking interests that appeal to them. Streaming video stands in a class by itself to build and sustain relationships online globally with people from all walks of life. Marketers striving to succeed in a full-time internet marketing career must take into account the power of building relationships first and put off selling products and services to potential customers from search engines and social networks. Why do it that way? So they have an established rapport with their target audience before transitioning to sales mode. ...
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  • #YouTubeMarketing: Is #VideoDistribution Effective on #Facebook and Other #SocialNetworks for #FreeAdvertising of Your #OnlineBusiness?

    #YouTube is by far the #ideal #videomarketing #platform for #affiliatemarketers & #bloggers striving to be a #sidehustlemillionaire & #quityourdayjob

    There's no question Facebook is a multilevel social platform for personal and business purposes. While most folk use Facebook just to keep in touch with family, friends, coworkers, former classmates and ex-loves, most use it not only for business. The online business savvy use it to increase traffic to blogs and websites. Very little do a majority of people know sharing photos on Facebook on a blog or website...
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  • #YouTube: Using Automation to Share Videos to Multiple #SocialNetworks

    As we all know by now, YouTube unfortunately disabled RSS feeds. If you're unfamiliar with RSS and what it stands for, the definition is "really simple syndication." An RSS feed is nothing more than a URL address with the extension "/RSS.xml." An RSS feed allows a YouTube video content creator, blogger, or Internet marketer to syndicate the video to multiple social networks like,,,, and so on. The good thing about using a YouTube RSS feed to syndicate newly uploaded videos to multiple social networks is getting more views, clicks on Google ads, and more sales "if you include affiliate links in your YouTube video descriptions." As YouTube disabled RSS feeds and directly discouraged people from auto magically sharing their videos on multiple social networks at once, there is a back door for this. Your best bet is to put the following information to work as soon as you finish reading this thread because YouTube and Twitter executives are going to read this and pos...
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  • #Forbes Gives Inside View of #YouTube Video Factory

    Say what? has a virtual video factory? How come people haven't been informed about this sooner? Most people know about the corporate YouTube headquarters that once started out above a pizza shop in California. But a separate YouTube video factory?...
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  • #ShawnCollins: #AffiliateMarketing Mastermind - Co-Founder of #AffiliateSummit Discusses #MakingMoneyOnline

    Shawn Collins, co-founder of Affiliate Summit discusses DrewryNewsNetwork's favorite topic. Affiliate marketing. What is it and how does one get started in the online marketing game? Believe it or not, it's not as hard as you think.

    Who can make the faithful transition from a day jobber into a full-time affiliate
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  • #YouTubeForBusiness: Increase Business, #Sales, and Achieve #SideHustleMillionaire Status Incorporating #VideoMarketing in Your #SideHustle,, and search engine crawlers consistently scour the web for new content. Content can be articles published on article directories, blog posts, documents, images, .pdf files, slideshows, and streaming online video. Did you know every time a new video is uploaded to YouTube it gets crawled and indexed by Google in less than 20 min.? Online businesses using streaming online video experiences 9 to 10 times more organic web traff...
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  • #YouTube: Try This New Approach Now to Instantly Increase #VideoTraffic and #Sales

    If you own a YouTube video channel, you probably noticed how they allow for you to enter multiple URLs in the homepage of your YouTube channel. For professional bloggers, affiliate marketers and online corporations, this can potentially mean increased exposure to your additional social networking profile pages. Additionally, it can also result in a possible increase in your search engine optimization efforts. Including links to your,,,,,, and other social networking profiles can potentially help increase trust in online buying confidence from people who view your YouTube videos and visit your social networking profiles. ...
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