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#FoodForThought: #Jobs and Starting a #SmallBusiness During and After #College

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  • #FoodForThought: #Jobs and Starting a #SmallBusiness During and After #College

    Maybe this is an indirect hint of encouragement to start your own business. Who knows. A majority of America's youth go through four years of student loans, graduate from college with a bachelor's, Master's, J.D. or Ph.D post-doctorate. Some end up in debt paying back student loans.

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    They pursue related jobs throughout America whether traditionally or online through job site portals, unable to attain immediate employment even with their new degree. Is there hope left for college graduates to secure immediate employment relevant to their major after graduation? Is it worth taking out a student loan going through 4 to 8 years of college?

    Starting your own business and seeking related employment or working in your current day job seems like the way to go nowadays. Whatever you do, always have a side hustle going in terms of working on a small business venture with or without a job. You stay off the unemployment line this way even if your employer decides to terminate you down the road for any reason. A majority of American college graduates are discouraged to find out that they can't get a job right away after struggling to achieve higher education. This is why its important in todays era of information technology to start a small side business (side hustle). Craft at it like Craftmatic creatively while looking for job or holding down a job. Your future is uncertain even with a college degree.

    A college degree whether it be a Bachelors, MBA, Ed.D, or PhD is definitely a beautiful thing to have and worth pursuing and achieving. Yes, going to college is definitely worth it and achieving the degree. But don't necessarily do it off of the strength of using your degree to get a good paying job. Go to college because you want to go and achieve something extraordinary. DrewryNewsNetwork strongly advocates achieving a higher education if you're presented with the opportunity to do so.

    Start a business while you're in college or unemployed looking for your next gig. Everyone wants a secure financial future to look forward to. The job you may attain with your degree may or may not pay a healthy pension. This is why it's important for you to get in the entrepreneurial mindset now and do the transformation business work by starting a side hustle business while you're striving for excellence to get organized in life. Getting started today with no delay will put you in the drivers seat to be your own boss down the road. Most importantly, the sooner you do it sooner you'll feel better about yourself. You'll be glad you did so years from now.