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#SideHustleMillionaire: Creating the Life of #WorkingFromHome Using #AffiliateMarketing and #Blogging

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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Creating the Life of #WorkingFromHome Using #AffiliateMarketing and #Blogging

    Live Website Traffic

    Fact: Anyone with a willing mind change your thought patterns and believe in their ability enough to the point of putting their faith in action with work to build a business online can possibly put themselves in the future financial position of earning money full-time by working from the comfort of their home and making money 100% online possibly 24-hour present day through "affiliate marketing and blogging."

    Another fact: this government shutdown is really out of hand. Donald Trump is currently holding too much power and has jeopardized the lives of over half 1 million federal government workers in Washington, DC. Most employees in any line of work whether it's government, public sector, private sector or even nickel and dime jobs work paycheck to paycheck. No one can afford to have their livelihood taken away without a backup plan. Working online as a side hustle using affiliate marketing and blogging to put yourself in the future physician of making money online 100% possibly 24-hour visit day is the ultimate backup plan and here's why. search engines like Microsoft's Bing.com, Google.com and YaHoO.com search engine crawlers quiet scour the web looking for new content published on blogs and websites. When you publish a new blog or web page, your content gets indexed by search engine spider and listed in search engine results pages. This is how bloggers and website owners get free traffic to their content.

    This thread hopes to answer questions from three Quora users on the topic of making money online.

    "What is the best way to earn money at home for 2–3 months?"

    Answer: The best way to earn money from home is with affiliate marketing and blogging. Blogging is a great way to get those rippling thoughts in the back of your mind into a draft blog post and organize your thoughts before publishing. Everyone walks around with thoughts rambling in the back of your mind that's priceless and may inspire someone else to achieve their goals. Blogging is a great way to establish online credibility, your unique personality, and a great tool to use to get free traffic from search and social networks. It's not a good idea to use free blogging platforms like blogspot.com, tumblr.com and WordPress.com because one thing they don't tell you is once you publish your content, not only can someone flagged your blogs for no reason and have all of your hard work - content deleted, but you can't really use their platform is a serious vehicle for making money online 24 hours a day. You have to get your own domain name and reserve a dedicated web server which requires you to spend money. Using affiliate marketing and blogging is a good way to make money online from the comfort of your home.

    Don't look forward to earning good money from blogging and affiliate marketing from home for the first to three months because this is the infancy that you're building up the content, positive online reputation and traffic to your blog. If you're consistent in writing quality content for your blog, don't look forward to earning a full-time income from it for the next 2 to 3 years. 2 to 3 years as a realistic time to earn passive traffic to your blog because you probably won't use PPC "pay per click advertising" as a means of driving traffic immediately to your blog posts. 2 to 3 years is a good time because it allows you to have your content is established and indexed and longevity in search engine results pages, thus helping you to become an online authority blogger and expert in your blogging niche. Most importantly, having your blogs indexed in search engine results pages over a period of time it will attract advertisers you never know about to your blog by inviting them indirectly to e-mail you for more information how they can partner with you and have their advertisements alongside your published blogs.

    Working with advertisers and inviting sponsored posts to your blog and all your blog is a great way of increasing and diversifying your online income potential. But mind you, you won't make money full-time in the first 2 to 3 months after starting your blog. Blogging is a patient process and you definitely won't become a "side hustle millionaire" from blogging in the first year. Hopefully this answers your question.

    2nd question from a Quora user wondering about putting an idea for a business into fruition:

    "I have an idea for a business but where do I start?"

    This is an excellent question to pose online because most people don't have a clue where to start. There's tons of free blogging platforms amateurs from all walks of life use to get immediate exposure and build their online reputation. Any business a person has, whether it's online or off-line, you definitely need to have your own domain name and dedicated web hosting. You could have a business idea to start construction business, online multilevel marketing, off-line consulting firm, a lawyer in the making, or a service-based business. Any business needs "and this can't be emphasized enough" a blog, domain name, and hosting your self hosted WordPress blog on a dedicated server.

    Having your own domain name is your personal online real estate for any business idea. Your business is dead if it's not online. Any business idea, once you've incorporated your business and patent your business idea, can be published in a blog post and shared across Internet and social networks. Having your own domain name lets people know you're serious about having your online presence respected and you're in the business of making money. With that said, now's the time to purchase your own domain name-URL address if you haven't already done so so that you've already achieved taking the first initial action step toward making your business idea a reality.

    The reason why you need a self hosted WordPress blog on a dedicated server is because anything you do with your business you need to blog about it. There's an audience for every kind of business niche online. And if you blog at least five days out of the entire week, you can use blogging as a way of leveraging free traffic from search engines and social networks to the point where as you're getting-winning new clientele from the Internet without shelling out one dime for paid online advertising costs. With WordPress installed on your dedicated server, there's thousands of free plug-ins to help you extend the reach of your blog posts to your target audience. In fact, word press is the easiest blog semantic publishing platform to operate. A third-grader can buy a domain name, reserved a dedicated server, install WordPress on the dedicated server, and install free WordPress plug-ins to help them get more traffic to their blog posts and earn new customers and make more money online. That said, once you have your domain name, dedicated Web server, and WordPress all intact, you can now start blogging to your hearts content about anything you want including your business ideas and more.

    And oh what a beauty it is to blog away knowing your thoughts is bringing in new business!

    3rd Quora user has a thought-provoking question about eBaY.com and using it for making money from "selling online for profit as a side hustle":

    "How do you drive traffic to eBay items that you'd like to sell?"

    Excellent question. There's an array of methods anyone can use to drive traffic to their eBay listings if they're looking to increase sales. The first step to take to drive traffic to newly listed eBay items for sale is to be mindful to completely fill in the description section about the product you're selling. You may want to use Google AdWords keyword research tool as a way of researching related keywords and search terms phrases relevant to the product you're selling. If you decide to use the keyword tool as a means of discovering which search terms and keywords are highly searched in the Google search engine, you can formulate creative ideas around those keywords and phrases to use in your "eBay product description section," as a means of helping search engines better understand what the description of your product for sale is about. Filling out the product description section to its entirety would not only help search engines like Bing.com, Google.com and YaHoO.com better understand the content of your "product description on eBay," but it may help your eBay listing to get a better crawled by search engine spiders and listed higher in natural search engine results pages, resulting in more views to your eBay listings and possibly an increase in free traffic. This is why it's important to take time to completely fill out your "eBay seller product description listings."

    Another way you can drive more traffic to eBay seller listings is by sharing links to your "eBay seller pages" with your permission-based e-mail subscriber audience. If you have a compiled list of captured e-mail leads that you used to send out e-mail newsletters to and other updates, you can easily garner sales from your permission-based e-mail audience by composing a friendly newsletter with links to your eBay listings in the body of the e-mail newsletter. This will save you hundreds of dollars on online advertising costs. Moreover, you can also include something in the body of the e-mail asking your readers in so many words to share links from your eBay listings and the newsletter with their coworkers, family, and friends by e-mailing them the link, and to share the eBay link on their social networking profiles on Facebook.com, Twitter.com, LinkedIn.com, and Pinterest.com. when people share links from your eBay seller listings with others, you're using their energy to get free advertising to your eBay products. Pretty cool marketing tactic by using the energy from other people to increase your eBay sales potential, isn't it?

    Lastly, eBay sellers looking to drive traffic from corners of the Internet to their "eBay product listings," if they don't already own a blog or website, can do so by sharing the link to their product pages and talking about it in blog posts and website content. They can not only include a link to the product for sale on eBay, but also associate the relevant image to the product. They can include share buttons around the image of the product and ask people to share that specific blog post or webpage with everyone they know online. This will help the eBay seller to achieve two things. The first thing is driving more traffic to their eBay product listings. The second thing is driving more traffic to their blog post or website which may in turn help boost their search engine optimization traffic building potential and slightly improved search engine rankings. People who share content from blogs and websites subliminally help content creators increase online revenue potential and improve the blogger or content creators natural SEO.

    'Unlimited Side Hustle $ gUaP $ Potential'

    So there you have it. These are some natural ways to improve traffic to eBay listings without shelling out one dime in PPC-pay per click online advertising costs. Of course, there's many more ways to drive traffic to eBay listings. You can discover more ways to promote your eBay listings and possibly increase sales by performing a search in your favorite search engine for more information.

    Find this thread useful? Bookmark it to your favorite social network or web browser for future reference and share with everyone you know.

    Check back regularly for more questions answered in the near future.



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