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  • #StumbleUpon: Capitalizing on #FreeAdvertising and Traffic (Moved to

    If you feel your content or services on your blog or website can benefit someone on the internet and looking for increased traffic, StumbleUpon, an eBaY company, is a great place to submit your site to for possible inclusion. As many people on the Internet don't know today, StumbleUpon is a company owned by eBay. eBaY made a wonderful choice in of acquiring this company. It gave them the grand opportunity to make the best of content on the World Wide Web searchable and created a money making channel, by selling "promoted StumbleUpon posts." StumbleUpon is a service where people from everywhere online, professional bloggers and corporations in the United States and offshore can submit links to deep pages within their blogs, discussion forums, press releases, social bookmarking pages, social networking profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, video channels such as YouTube and wiki pages to the proper categories on StumbleUpon for possible inclusion on their site. When people and companies submit content to StumbleUpon, they're submitting useful information for others to benefit from.

    Let's say four example if you have a blog, website or forum, or perhaps a press release uniquely optimized for people in search engines on the topic of cars. Perhaps you like talking about American or domestic vehicles online. So you want your content to get more exposure, correct? The best way to do so is after your content is officially published to the World Wide Web, be in the form of a blog post, article, news, YouTube video or SEO optimized press release, you would then submit that link to the proper category on StumbleUpon. After you've included the link and selected the correct category from the StumbleUpon drop-down menu, your link is potentially approved right away to be seen by others on the content sharing network. If and when your content goes live, it gives others the opportunity to like and stumble your content. When people like your content and stumble it using their StumbleUpon toolbars, this produces a viral online marketing effect in your content exposed exponentially. This can do positive angry wonders for any URL you submit, especially if you're submitting links to your blog or website. Another benefit from this is that you will have improved quality traffic back to your site with better search engine traffic rankings.

    In order to stay successful with submitting links to this beautiful content sharing network, your work must be original, unique and educational, providing a way to empower others with useful information.

    Dedicated affiliate marketers, bloggers, content marketers, and online side hustlers are recommended to use StumbleUpon as source of earning free traffic. It's not to be overlooked because SU can do more good for an online business than imagined. It can help you extend the reach of yuor blog posts, content marketing effors, and webpages withour resorting to paid advertising or using PPC ads from Google AdWords to run paid search advertising.

    The good thing about publishing to the Internet is you can share quality information with people from all walks of life at any given time. Publishing to the web in your spare time, whether you're writing an article, press release to be shared on online news websites, blog posts or engaging with people on social networks, none of this requires punching a time clock or having someone stand over top of your head wanting you to complete a project with in a certain timeframe. You want to submit content to StumbleUpon simply because this is one of the best content sharing portals on the World Wide Web, giving you the wonderful opportunity to share your content for free if the option of paid StumbleUpon promotions.

    Publishing unique content to the web frequently with or without submitting to StumbleUpon will naturally give you traffic from search engines and social networks without resorting to paid online advertising services. The more places your content is shared on the Internet, the more traffic you potentially receive, in addition to a potential increase in online sales. If you work online full-time and run a business on the World Wide Web and always on the go, you may want to consider getting yourself a laptop, whereas you're able to run your business online from the comfort of your car pulled over on the side of a highway, from a hotel room, a college dorm room or anywhere you please, giving you the ability to virtually monitor your business on the web 24 hours a day.

    Long story's always a good move to submit unique content often to SU for not just inclusion, but the chance to capitalize on free traffic, build your online reputation, and business. SU can potentially bring you free business years to come if you submit quality content to them often. Be mindful to have the StumbleUpon content social sharing button on your blog or website, so other stumblers can stumble your content again and again if they find it useful. This will allow you to benefit from increased free traffic and reputation when other stumblers stumble your content times over.

    Isn't the internet wonderful? You can build your side hustle business on your terms in your spare time and not be confined to working for an employer who doesn't value you. You can build a business using SU for building free traffic to your business with the hope of increasing your online profit potential and being your own boss. Online entrepreneurship is on the rise since most employers in America today fail to treat their employees right. With virtually no more job security in America today and employers humiliating employees by mistreating them and not giving them fair pay raises, side hustles on the internet is bringing out hidden strengths in employees who finally discovered the full online business potential of using Affiliate marketing, blogging, side hustling, and StumbleUpon combined to build their businesses, become quiet future online millionaires, and break free from the traditional day job scene.

    The money you desire to live life debt free is online. Stop making your employer rich and start your online business to day with no delay. Get organized now.

    August 2018 update - StumbleUpon is officially out of business. You can migrate or re-submit your content at their new site