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#ContentMarketing: The Only Way to Improve #SEO is Through Writing #EvergreenContent 'Often'

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  • #ContentMarketing: The Only Way to Improve #SEO is Through Writing #EvergreenContent 'Often'

    Search engine optimization continues to be one of the hottest discussed topics on the world wide web. People who know nothing about SEO are likely to purchase search engine optimization programs in hopes of ranking better in search engine results pages in,, and in hopes of getting better positions in organic search engine listings over competitors. Truth is, the best way to get started with good search engine optimization is to purchase your own domain name, get a quality web hosting package preferably dedicated web hosting, install WordPress on it, choose a niche topic that your blog will be centered around, and start blogging away to your heart's content. Never mind purchasing SEO programs to help you rank over your competitors. You can basically SEO your way to better positions in natural search listings and get more traffic to your blog through writing daily content as an effective means of improving your long-term search engine optimization objectives.

    Definitely install WordPress on your dedicated web server if you haven't already done so. Reason being is because a third grader can literally start a self-hosted WordPress blog, right content, and build up the content marketing strategy to the point where they're getting hordes of traffic from multiple search engines and making more money than their parents from home. WordPress is by far the best Symantec blog publishing platform on the internet planet. You definitely want to install WordPress on your server because there's thousands of WordPress plugins that will help you enhance the administrative functionality of your blog. Some of these WordPress plugins will help you automatically post your content to social networks without manually logging into a social network individually and manually posting a link to your newest blog post. 1 WordPress plugin syndicate's your newest blog posts to multiple social networks at once, allowing you to leverage traffic from social media to your blogs, giving you the grand ability to improve your SEO, traffic, likes from blog readers, and free advertising from your blog readers by sharing links to your newest blog posts with their family, friends, and coworkers on their social networking profiles. The end result is not only improved traffic, but also increased ad revenue potential. And this can happen all off of the strength of searching for a WordPress plugin called WordPress automated social posting. The plugin has a free version and a paid version. The paid version is definitely worth the money.

    You definitely need a content marketing strategy. Don't just start a WordPress blog and not have a plan in mind what your blog will be about. If you have a passion for writing reviews about your favorite sneakers, suits, technology, or best places to dine while out on the town, you can send to your blog niche around those topics and perform internal marketing research on how you can set yourself apart from blogging competition. Let's say for example if you start a blog about sneakers and you want to stand out from the average sneaker bloggers. What you can do is analyze the content from competing sneaker blogs and see how they're doing things. They may be posting sneaker blog posts and only adding image and content. You could set up a sneaker review blogging content strategy by setting yourself apart and blogging with image, video, and long-form Evergreen content. Evergreen content is a process of writing long pages in efforts of getting better positions in search engines. It's plain and simple. Just write longer pages and include relevant links to external resources so people can read for more information on what you talking about in your sneaker blocks. Most importantly, you can create YouTube videos and add them in your sneaker review blocks about sneakers you just saw in the store. So let's say if you are reviewing a pair of Jordan retro sneakers and you just left a store like, you can use your smartphone to make a quick video telling your YouTube audience that you're inside Kicks USA store in Philadelphia and you're looking at the sneaker section where the Jordan Retros are located. You could update them on how you feel about the shoe, film yourself trying on the Jordan retro sneakers, and giving your honest opinion whether the Jordans by is worth the money or not. People will take time to read your sneaker blog reviews and develop an instant buying decision on the spot. And ironically, people you don't even know will be influenced by your sneaker blog reviews. You can make good money doing something like this and go from a blogging side hustle to a full-time serious money making business all offer the strength of starting a sneaker review blog.

    Make it a daily habit to write fresh content and post to your blog. One thing search engines don't tell you is that the search engine crawling programs that end extra blogs every time you publish a new post quietly analyze your blogging Behavior. Bing, Google and YaHoO! won't tell you this, but the pattern they look for is bloggers who post everyday to their blogs and share informative content and Keep Their audience engaged in longevity. Search engine programs are not stupid. They know who's providing useful information, and they know who's just writing a few sentences just to make a few bucks from affiliate marketing. If you want to rank well over your blogging competitors, make it a habit of turning on your smartphone or speech recognition program first thing in the morning while your energy levels are up, pull up a blank Google Docs or Microsoft Word document, and get all of those rambling thoughts out of the back of your mind into a rough draft document for proofreading before publishing the final draft. If you're new to blogging and don't know where to start, it'll probably take a good while for you to get into the mindset of writing content consistently. It's okay for now if you're not in that mind yet. Consistent content marketing through writing blogs will help you get increase traffic from search engines and social networks as previously mentioned, in addition to increasing your probability of improving your ad potential from the ads on your blog. This is why it's important to write fresh content on a daily basis because this is how search engines thrive. You can monetize your blog through registering with affiliate networks like, affiliate-program.,,, and FMTC as an affiliated publisher and search for relevant affiliate programs to join so you can monetize your blog and potentially make money 24 hours a day.


    The best SEO tool for improving your search engine rankings is your mouth and your smartphone. If your smartphone is connected to the internet everywhere you go, you'll have no problem updating your WordPress blog with fresh content on a daily basis. Content marketing and SEO is not a difficult goal to achieve. You have to have a willing mind to do this line of work. There is no pension, no health care benefits, there are bonuses involved based on your sales performance in which you'll have to contact your affiliate manager for more information on that note, but no sales quota to meet. And the good news is no one will pressure you to get up and write content everyday. More good news is this can be your only line of work depending on what you make of it. You won't become a blogging millionaire overnight nor improve your blog SEO by writing a few blogs and a few sentences. If you want to rank well in search engines and stay one step ahead in your search engine optimization objectives over your blogging competition, you have to buckle down mentally and dedicate yourself to making this blogging side hustle Journey work for you. It won't be a get-rich-quick overnight operation. But certainly worth it in the long run when you look back on your humble beginnings in blogging. No matter how long it takes to make this work for you and improve your SEO as you blog your heart away, never give up. There is no sweeter feeling than waking up in the morning knowing your blog is making money 24 hours a day.

    Check back frequently for upcoming posts discussing affiliate networks, high paying affiliate programs, and more information on how blogging can work for you as a side hustle into a full-time online business. Share this post with family, friends, and coworkers on,,, and