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#PublicRelations: #PressRelease #Marketing is Something You Need in Your #OnlineBusiness

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  • #PublicRelations: #PressRelease #Marketing is Something You Need in Your #OnlineBusiness

    Press release marketing is one SEO move many marketers overlook. There's no doubt that lots and lots of content published to your website, in addition to well optimized and written press releases drive passive web traffic from search engines and social networks for years to come. Press release marketing benefits anyone who positively puts it to good use. People from all walks of life, work at home professionals, billionaires, banks, offshore companies, musicians, professional bloggers, affiliate marketers, online newspapers and social networks all use press release marketing to effectively convey their messages, whether it's an announcement about corporate profit increases, new products, or perhaps new services offered to the general public. Whatever the press release discusses, depending on the company you hire to compose a PR campaign for you, will gain a viral buzz across the web online in America with the potential to influence offshore markets.

    Some of today's companies that put the awesome power of press release marketing to work: (recently acquired by

    A few good sites to inquire for paid press release distribution: (A Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway company)

    Too many more to mention. While the companies mentioned may use different press release marketing companies for their PR campaigns, they all generally use press release marketing to quickly promote whatever they''re doing at the time.

    Differences between article marketing vs. press releases:

    Article Marketing - Effective. Free. A writer, blogger, affiliate marketer or whomever sits at their PC and starts talking about something they have general knowledge about can easily start writing a rough draft in Microsoft Word. From there, they make final corrections, submit to an article directory of choice, and await for the article to be approved. Once approved, they get what''s called a back link from the article directory that accepted their submitted article. The article marketer then has to play the waiting game to see who will republish their article to their website or blog. That process can take a "good New York minute," until they start getting traffic from their published articles.

    Press Release Marketing - Effective. There's a fee. Yes, you have to pay. No ifs, and's or buts. The good news about this is that it works different from traditional article marketing. The money you pay for a press release is all worth the pretty penny dished out. The beauty of press release marketing is that after you pay your fee, this amazing company will write your press release for you, and gather vital information from you about your company or work at home business from you. Based on information you share with the press release writer, they will carefully word your press release and run it by you before publishing to the Internet. If you're not satisfied, they make the necessary corrections or modifications so that everything sounds good. Now here's how you really benefit from paid press releases. Once your press releases have been finalized and ready to go, it will be syndicated on online news sites. The goodness of this is that you gain millions of eyeballs virtually immediately to your press release and attract web traffic, faster than traditional article marketing methods. Some of the online news sites that will syndicate your press release are USA Today, Google News, Associated Press, Business Journal, News, PR Newswire, The New York Times and many more. Press releases will also get your website or blog inbound links faster than traditionally published articles, thus, moving you up in search engine results pages in Ask Jeeves,,,,, YaHoO!, and many more search engines. Press release marketing also effectively targets your online audience and potentially increases online sales. To sum it all up in a nutshell, press release marketing is definitely something you want to have in your Internet business marketing plans while identifying your business' S.W.O.T. marketing tactics.

    If your goal is to move up in search engine results pages and increase online traffic and sales, press release marketing is the solution for your online business. Press release marketing helps billion-dollar companies increase visibility in search engines and through online news sites. Anyone highly successful in the online marketing industry will assure you press release marketing is the way to go to instantly gain exposure for your web based business.