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#AffiliateMarketing: Making Money from Affiliate Links in #YouTube Videos

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  • #AffiliateMarketing: Making Money from Affiliate Links in #YouTube Videos

    Most affiliate marketers never thought of this useful tactic. How about the idea of adding "cloaked affiliate links" in every new YouTube video uploaded to your channel? You can use a free affiliate link cloaking service such as to "cloak affiliate links" and add them in your video descriptions on YouTube. Besides, adding affiliate links in YouTube videos is a great way to potentially make money online without having a blog or website and spending absolutely no money. It's not guaranteed that someone will click the affiliate link inside the YouTube video description and buy something, but worth the effort of trying.

    How about using a free content sharing service and having every new YouTube video you upload to your channel automatically shared one social networks? If you go into your favorite search engine and possibly search for a search term like "free auto content sharing services," you may find something useful on page one of search engine results. If you do end up finding a free content sharing service, you can simply grab the RSS feed from your YouTube channel and enter it into your auto content sharing account. This way, every new YouTube video you upload to your channel can potentially be shared automatically to,,,, and LinkedIn company pages free of charge. There are paid bookmarking services that can do the same service for you and share content on more social networks and social bookmarking services. If you opt to go for the free service, the social networks you can share your content on or limited.

    Hopefully, this little tip of inspiring you to add affiliate links in your videos will help you increase your affiliate income potential. Nothing is guaranteed in affiliate marketing or the field of traditional business. You get in what you put out. If you're persistent, create lots and lots of content that's deemed quality, build and sustain meaningful relationships with people online and offer a good product or service, you'll increase the probability of earning a full-time income online with the increased ability to walk off your day job.

    Helpful hint: Effective YouTube video marketing has the unique potential of making you a side hustle millionaire. Adding links in the header of every new video upload helps increase your YouTube SEO and affiliate revenue potential from promoting affiliate links in YouTube videos. Food for thought.