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#Postmatic Helps WordPress Bloggers Achieve #BlogRelationship Goals

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  • #Postmatic Helps WordPress Bloggers Achieve #BlogRelationship Goals

    Own a self hosted WordPress blog? Great! WordPress bloggers who own self hosted blogs have complete functionality over the look and feel of their sites. They have have 100% control over administrative settings able to upload plug-ins as they please. WordPress bloggers have the grand ability to create content on the go and install content scheduling WordPress plug-ins

    Download: WordPress content scheduling plugin

    to automatically publish new content while unattended from the computer resulting in keeping the target audience engaged long-term. Relationships are everything on the World Wide Web and play a key role in full-time bloggers and online marketers income potential from affiliate marketing. is the ultimate solution for WordPress bloggers to build deeper sustainable relationships. This wonderful solution keeps readers engaged on a deeper level through their proprietary technology having the ability to send beautiful reply-able e-mails for posts, digests, newsletters, and comments ( Postmatic does directly is help shuttle your blog posts to subscribers e-mail inboxes. Not everyone has time in their busy work day to stop by and read your blog. And that's okay. But they do check their e-mail accounts daily. This is where you get to capitalize as a dedicated WordPress blogger enticing your blog subscribers to read your posts in their e-mail inboxes. Looking at the bigger picture, this creates reader engagement on a different level because they don't have to physically type the URL address to go to your WP site.

    Postmatic also offers the option for not only sending e-mail digests to subscribers inboxes, but you can also send products as well. The beauty of this is if you're heavily into affiliate marketing, it'll potentially mean more affiliate money for you in the long run. And savvy affiliate marketers who know how to make permission-based e-mail marketing work for them have unique ways of adding small snippets of HTML or JavaScript code to e-mails before sending to their blog subscribers whereas they'll have the ability to forward the e-mail to family and friends via e-mail and share on social networks. This means free advertising for you as well as increasing the probability of earning more affiliate money off of the strength of using other people's energy to advertise your stuff without asking them to do so. Are you seeing the bigger picture in this now how this can work out for you long-term and potentially increase your Internet income? As long as you create valuable content and stay connected to people, you increase your online marketing and affiliate commission increase potential. What you put in your business you get back.

    Postmatic has another great feature for WordPress bloggers. When you use the service to send your posts to subscribers, they're able to leave blog comments on your posts without physically going to your site. According to, they can comment as easily as clicking reply. It's the first step to kick-starting conversation. How beautiful is that? It's virtually that simple for people to participate in meaningful conversation on every blog you publish to your site without taking them outside their comfort zone. This is also a good thing for WordPress bloggers in terms of having people participate in the conversation via e-mail. When people leave blog comments, it adds to the rich content of your blog and improves long-term search engine optimization goals. Content is and always will be king on the World Wide Web. User generated content from other people will also help your blog get more traffic. And as you already know, the more traffic your site receives, the more you increase the likelihood of earning affiliate revenue. There should be a few creative light bulbs going off in your mind right now how you can make this service work for you and put more money in your pocket.

    Increasing YouTube Subscribers

    You want to solely focus on creating rich valuable content as a dedicated WordPress blog without having to perform additional tasks. This unique way to use Postmatic to increase YouTube subscribers without doing too much additional work. The first step you should take in keeping people engaged to your YouTube videos posted to your blog is install a unique WordPress plug-in that'll automatically cross-post new YouTube videos posted to your channel automatically post to your WP blog. Yes, there is a unique WordPress plug-in free of charge that'll do just that. Download the plug-in below and install it to your WP-content/plug-ins folder on your Web server or through your WordPress administrative dashboard.

    YouTube to WordPress plug-in-download

    After the plug-in has been installed all you need to do is simply activate it from your WP-plug-ins section within your WordPress dashboard. Follow the simple instructions to configure the plug-in and you're all set in less than two minutes. The purpose of having this unique YouTube to WordPress plug-in automatically posting new videos to your blog is to keep people engaged in longevity, keep the discussion going on your blog, and increased the probability of getting more YouTube subscribers without lifting an extra finger. If you look at the bigger picture about YouTube videos automatically posted to your blog, the Postmatic service will automatically forward this blog your e-mail subscribers. How cool is that? Now you have a YouTube video automatically posted to your blog that you didn't have to log into your WP dashboard to post and it's automatically forwarded to your e-mail subscribers. All you did was uploaded a new video to your YouTube channel without doing additional work. Are you seeing the bigger picture now how the power of automation can give you a peace of mind?

    If you upload videos to your YouTube channel every day or every other day, the content from the YouTube video description is most likely cross-posted to your WordPress blog. You may want to go in to your WP dashboard in those specific posts and edit out that content and add some unique content to it. The reason for doing so is because when content from your YouTube video description is posted to your WordPress blog it may possibly get flagged by search engines as duplicate content because search engines quietly acknowledge that content was posted first in your YouTube video. You don't want to get penalized by search engines for duplicate content at any time. Even if you take the time to add a paragraph or two from time to time to blog posts with the YouTube videos automatically posted in the home that's a good thing because it will help boost your online reputation and search engine traffic rank long-term. This is an idea out of many ways WordPress bloggers can use the power of automation to increase YouTube subscribers without doing extra work.

    Joining Social Networking Pages

    Don’t forget to include links to your business social networking pages when using Postmatic for business. This is an awesome way keep people in the know about your content, keeping the discussion going, increasing affiliate commission potential, and most importantly keeping a fresh imprint in people's minds about your business. The more social networks people see your on the easier you are able to build trust with your target audience. It's just that simple. Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and global plus should have your WordPress blog posts syndicated on those networks. Not only are those social networks reputable but you also gain valuable natural back links from them every time your content is posted. It will help to boost credibility and slowly achieve your search engine optimization objectives.

    Find a way to make it as easy as possible for people to click one button or two buttons and join your social networking profiles so they stay in the loop about what you're doing. Don't over think it; get started now and make those small modifications so you can increase your Facebook fans, YouTube subscribers, twitter and LinkedIn followers, as well as get more Pinterest followers to retain your pins.

    Import E-mail Addresses From Other Services

    If you used e-mail services like AWeber, male poet, Jetpack, male chimp, and others,Postmatic has a friendly system for you to import your e-mail contacts in a matter of minutes. Postmatics' support team will be more than happy to assist you with the e-mail importing process so everything goes smooth. You have a plethora of options within your dashboard after your e-mail addresses are successfully imported. Keeping your e-mail subscribers updated with fresh content keeps your targeted online community closely knitted and subliminally giving you free advertising by sharing your content with their family and friends as previously mentioned.

    You can also send private reply able newsletters with notes using the beaver builder integration in your Postmatic dashboard. The beauty of that is longer eyeball retention on your content and having your E-news letters looking corporately professional. Another words, the way you deliver your content to your e-mail subscribers can have you look like $1 billion corporation while working from home as a small potato operation. Are you seeing the big picture in this now?

    Using Skimlinks In E-mail

    Postmatic allows you to register to promote affiliate links in the e-mailed version of every post. According to GoPostmatic in reference to the e-mailed version of every post containing affiliate links, readers who click and affiliate link from your e-mail and makes a purchase entitles you to an affiliate commission from your Skimlinks affiliate link in that e-mail along with any additional affiliate links from other affiliate networks in those e-mails. Isn't the Internet so beautiful to use for business? Right about now you're possibly stirred up creatively about unique ways you can promote your WordPress blog, channel, and affiliate links to achieve all of your Internet marketing objectives through permission-based e-mail marketing.

    Google Analytics

    Postmatic allows you to enable the valuable analytical service provided by Google to measure demographics such as where most of your traffic is coming from, how many conversions your achieving, as well as possibly keeping track of conversations by people who share your content via e-mail. Google Analytics is a free service and should be used by every blogger and Internet marketer who seeks to improve their skills by learning what works and what doesn't.

    Getting Started With Postmatic

    You can use the service free for the first month. It's $20 per month if you're only seeking to use it for comments. Under the $20 per month plan, your allowed up to 10,000 subscribers and deliver content twice monthly. The $20 per month plan also grants you access to all Postmatic features such as growth, engagement, subscription and monetization tools according to their'll also receive priority support through e-mail.
    Professional bloggers looking to send e-mails daily will be paying $95 monthly at this time according to the site. You also get the first month free and access to all features as mentioned above.

    Sending e-mails weekly on a $50 per month plan will also allow you up to 10,000 subscribers. You have the ability to send one or two times weekly. You'll have to upgrade your plan if you have more than 10,000 subscribers if seeking to e-mail more than twice weekly.

    Businesses looking to use this service have a different subscription plan. According to the site, custom pricing for high-volume publishers will require companies to contact the sales department directly for more information. Businesses looking to send e-mails daily under pricing for serious senders will roughly be paying around $250 monthly. Under this plan, you get the first two weeks free and the ability to send e-mails up to 10,000 subscribers. With this plan, you get to enjoy a unique IP address. This means if your flag by any search engine for any reason the IP address used to send the mass e-mails will not go back to your blog and cause your blog or website to be blacklisted kicked out of search engine results pages. You'll also receive priority support and guidance under this plan. Learn more by visiting the pricing section on for details.

    The weekly plan is $150 per month up to 10,000 subscribers. You get all the features for the exception of IP address support. You can always learn more about this plan by contacting the sales department before opting in to this plan.

    Last but not least is the monthly plan. The business pricing monthly plan is $100 per month up to 10,000 subscribers with the first two weeks free. Once again, you’ll have access to all the features, priority support, as Wells the best e-mail delivery. If your computer was about anything mentioned you can always contact support to learn more or visit their frequently asked questions section support.

    'Serious Business'

    If you take the Internet seriously and looking to increase revenue potential you'll see this as priceless information and use this service to improve your Internet marketing potential. Time waits for no one and the longer you put off your success the more you'll be irrelevant. Now that you have this valuable information, how do you plan to use it to improve your current business situation?

    Food for thought - Be responsible by governing yourself accordingly when using any form of mass media communication and social media marketing tools for your online business. Don't spam people that haven’t opted into permission-based email marketing. don't pressure people on social networks using this social media marketing tool or any social tool for online marketing to buy anything.

    As with any mass media communication tool, you want to take time to build your positive online reputation and build meaningful and sustainable relationships with your target audience. If you plan on being a side hustle millionaire with your self hosted WordPress blog and make your blogging career earn you a 100% living, blog with responsibilities and use tools for social media marketing respectively.

    You get back what you put out into the universe. With that said, blog away to your heart's content and always put the reader first in writing lots and lots of informative content that'll learn you tons of free advertising from your blog readers sharing your post across multiple social networking platforms.