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#SideHustleMillionaire: Did You Look at These Four #AffiliateMarketing Networks That'll Help You Possibly Become a Future #AffiliateMarketingMillionaire?

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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Did You Look at These Four #AffiliateMarketing Networks That'll Help You Possibly Become a Future #AffiliateMarketingMillionaire?

    #SideHustleMillionaire #onlinemillionaire can be you! #Stop making your #employer #rich & take your #power back by #starting your #affiliatemarketing & #blogging #sidehustle #today!

    Affiliate marketing is steadily increasing in popularity. As everyday people from all walks of life seek to diversify their income potential from their days jobs or current unemployed status, they diligently seek to create financial freedom for themselves. Affiliate marketing is the transformation business solution to getting back on track financially and paving the way to a bright financial future. Doing the transformation online business work in affiliate marketing in the beginning stages is an uphill battle but a labor of love as you learn along the way.

    There's a virtual plethora of affiliate networks anyone can join for free to enlist as an affiliate and promote affiliated adverts on their blog, Pinterest profile, or website. But how many of them have been around almost 20 years online? Good question. Below is a quick shortlist of affiliate networks recommended to join as an affiliated publisher.

    Tips for effective marketing with a clear to navigate blog or website (OPENForum.com):

    Never Pay to be an Affiliate

    Always remember that joining affiliate networks is free of charge and never should anyone pay to be a member. If an affiliate network requires you to pay money upfront to be in affiliated publisher ignore them completely. No affiliate network reputable will ever charge you up front to be a publisher. Remember, this is affiliate marketing, not multilevel marketing. Multilevel marketing companies charge an upfront fee to be a member. Affiliate marketing is a completely different ballgame.

    Four solid affiliate networks recommended to join:

    Amazon Associates Program - This affiliate network is not paying much money starting out. You're only earning 4% as a publisher after approval as an Amazon affiliate. Something is better than nothing, right? Truth is, this is the easiest network to earn money from because almost everyone across the world buys things from Amazon.com. While you won't be earning big bucks from Amazon's affiliate program, the more you stick with it and promote it on social networks and on your blog or website, the more you put yourself in the position to increase your Amazon affiliate income potential. Consistency is key to success in affiliate marketing. And consistency is key to success in anything good you do. The more you work at something the more you're able to craft your strategy and the more you're able to prosper. Plain and simple.

    Commission Junction - This company existed since 1998 and continues to be a solid affiliate network. They work with some of the largest online retailers in the world ranging from Dell.com, HP.com, Bloomberg.com, Bowflex.com, Travelocity.com, GoDaddy.com, Hostgator.com, weight loss programs, supplement companies, and so on. If you own a niche based website discussing fitness tips such as weight loss, how to eat right, and exercise tips, your best bet is to join CJ.com as a publisher and search the advertiser directory or related advertisers to ideally fit the niche content of your fitness site. Once approved as an affiliate, you can then place the HTML or JavaScript code within the template of your blog or website and start promoting that merchant immediately in hopes of earning affiliate commissions. Once your site starts to gain steady search engine traffic and you start converting the ads on your site into sales, you'll discover you'll either get a check in the mail monthly or a direct deposit to your bank account. If you choose the direct deposit option, be sure to include your ABA routing number as well as other pertinent information required into your Commission Junction publisher control Panel.

    LinkShare.com - This company has been around just as long as CJ. They to work with some of the world's largest merchants such as Walmart, shoe retailers, clothing retailers like Macy's, and more. When you join certain programs as an affiliate and get approved, certain merchants have what's called an "RSS affiliate data feed." If the merchants who allow affiliates to use their RSS affiliate data feed permit them to promote products and services from that data feed directly on social networks without a blog or website, this can be a big win for you. All you need to do is find a free RSS aggregator service that will automatically post your encoded RSS affiliate data feed to social networks like Facebook.com, Twitter.com, LinkedIn.com, and Pinterest.com. If you have followers on the aforementioned social networks and your RSS data feed is consistently posting to those social platforms, you put yourself in a grand position to earn affiliate commissions from products promoted through that data feed. All of this can be achieved with 0% effort on your part. It sounds a little confusing for now. If you're truly interested in making affiliate marketing work for you, you'll search your preferred search engine for more information about this and learn for yourself without anyone holding your hand.

    MoreNiche.com - This company started a year later after commission junction. They've been in the online marketing game since 1999. Solid affiliate network helping people from all walks of life who own blogs and websites diversify their online income potential. In fact, this networks specifically caters to article marketers who either own or don't own blogs and websites.

    Article marketers can join this network as an affiliate and promote products and services through published articles on certain article directories. You may want to inquire with the affiliate manager for more information on what article directories they work with after being approved as an affiliate.

    Don't Take This Information Lightly

    If you're planning on building a respected online business and take affiliate marketing seriously as a future "side hustle millionaire" affiliate marketer and blogger working for yourself full-time and getting rid of your unthankful employer who's allegedly robbing you of commissions and taking vacation off of your hard work, you'll consider the aforementioned affiliate networks as well as researching other networks to join as a publisher as a means of diversifying your online income potential.

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    AffiliateWindow, Linkshare and shareasale are the best affiliate networks for me since 2015....


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