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  • #GumGum Allows #Affiliates to Earn Revenue from Images

    What the heck is that and what does it mean? Some wonder in the affiliate marketing and blogging world who know nothing about the company. If you're one of many who own Twitter and Facebook profiles and upload photos daily to your social networking accounts, chances are you're making those social networks richer off of your efforts without knowing. When you own a blog or website and frequently update your site with engaging images and site content, you'll have the ability to earn revenue from image adverts in the footer of your photos. How cool does that sound when it comes to affiliate marketing and making money online? It's something you should be excited about because images drive traffic from Google image search and increase your potential to make more money from affiliate networks and affiliate programs.

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    Getting Started With Gum Gum

    You possibly own a blog or website discussing your favorite topics such as pets, video games, politics, health, oil and gas, or any other widely discussed subject. With Gum Gum, every image on your site uploaded recently or in the past will now have image advertisement embedded in it. Here's how it works. You sign up for the program as a Gum Gum publisher.Once approved as an affiliate publisher, your account is created with the opportunity to grant a small piece of code to embed in your site. After the small piece of code is embedded in your site either through your admin panel or using an FTP program such as FileZilla or CuteFTP, the code will acknowledge every image on your site, thus, automatically adding advertisements to it. The beauty of having images on your site with advertisements added in them is engaging people and keeping them on your site longer, while increasing the likelihood of earning affiliate commissions from people clicking the ads in your images.

    GlobalGrind.com by Russell Simmons used Gum Gum to make money online from ads in Global Grind's website images. And he probably does to this very day. This is how DrewryNewsNetwork came into knowledge of Gum Gum. Many celebrities today are quietly using affiliate marketing to increase their net worth.

    Shortlist of a few good companies advertising on Gum Gum:
    • BP.com
    • CBS.com
    • Chevrolet.com
    • Chrysler.com
    • Clinique.com
    • Disney.com
    • Ford.com
    • Lionsgate.com
    • ParamountPictures.com
    Benefits of Earning Money From Image Advertising

    And more. The good thing about being a part of this program is not only having image advertisement inside of pictures on the website or blog, but most importantly the display of relevant ads. If the blog posts or web page is specifically discussing topics ranging from Obamacare, weight loss, entertainment, selling custom made cupcakes online, music, New York City, California, travel reviews, computers or education, the small piece of code you embedded in the site would automatically read the nature of the content and serve ads related to what's discussed. This is how your revenue potential using Gum Gum is increased.

    If you use an automated content sharing service to have your content automatically shared on social networks and images embedded in every blog post or webpage you published daily, chances are, not only will you increase the likelihood of making money online from advertisements in your photos on your site, but people who see your content posted to your social network profiles will most likely feel encouraged to share your content on their Twitter or Facebook profiles. The advantage? Giving your site content the increased probability of going viral before hundreds or thousands more eyeballs online all at the cost of others using their energy to give your site free advertising. Looking at the big picture in this, you don't have to pay a dime for advertising when people use their energy to share your content.

    Publisher registration: sign up here

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    Learn more about Gum Gum In-Image Affiliate Network



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