What in goodness is inside this store in New York City that Bloomberg.com is discussing on YouTube.com?

Good morning world. today is August 22nd, 2018. This was the official Wednesday morning web news Roundup:

Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort will simultaneously found guilty of government fraud. It's unsure what their prison sentences will be for how many years they'll spend in the can. It looks as if Cohen may allegedly spend less time in prison versus Paul Manafort. Manafort has the face of second trial where he allegedly receive another felony conviction and possibly have to serve sentences concurrently. Manafort is estimated and suspected to serve up to possibly 9 to 60 years in the federal penitentiary. Simultaneous convictions of Cohen & manafort is definitely making Trump look everything less than angelic. The internet allegedly laughed and applauded in feeling overwhelming joy of Paul manafort and Michael Cohen's felony convictions. It's unsure at this time when Cohen and Manafort will be mandated to report to prison. In lieu of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen Felony conviction, Stormy Daniels lawyer vows to bring Trump down.

If a FoxNews.com contributor really thought in his heart and mind that calling Omarosa Manigault a dog was a compliment, they absolutely thought wrong. Where is the goodness in calling anyone a dog? We know in general a female dog is referred to as a b****. b**** refers to an animal and not a human being. Despite Omarosa being wrongfully terminated by Donald Trump, she still deserves her respect because she's a human being and equal like everyone else. Drewry News Network respectfully disagrees with the Fox News contributor who thought it was a compliment to call Omarosa a dog. if the contributor from Fox News who referred to Omarosa as a dog has a problem with what DNN is saying, that Fox News contributor is more than welcome to send an email or write an article on the Fox News Network disputing what Drewry News network is saying. it's not like the Fox News contributor who said something wrong about Omarosa would speak up and defend themselves because they're too much of a coward. And if mr. Charlie Hurt from the Washington Times also has something to say in rebuttal of what's posted here, he's more than welcome to say something in the Washington Times article as a reaction or send an email for inquiry. Drewry News Network thinks that “anyone that agrees with Donald Trump in thinking Omarosa is a dog is an absolute fool and has no home training whatsoever!”

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