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  • Wednesday Morning Quick #WebNews Roundup (August 22, 2018)

    What in goodness is inside this store in New York City that is discussing on

    Good morning world. today is August 22nd, 2018. This was the official Wednesday morning web news Roundup: Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort will simultaneously found guilty of government fraud. It's unsure what their prison sentences will be for how many years they'll spend in the can. It loo...
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  • #SonicBoom: Is This Really the Largest Sound System in the #World?

    Who has every heard of a sound system so loud that it can possibly kill you? According to this video, that's the ability this sound technology has. It's classified as LEAF, or better known as Large European Acoustic Facility. What purpose does LEAF serve and what is it so loud that it can kill people, if they come too close?...
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