Who exactly is "preacher?" Is he an Internet marketer? Is he a blogger? Is he an affiliate marketer? We know he reads the Scriptures. We know he likes making YouTube videos. We know he likes creating "reviews of blogs and websites on YouTube videos." But who exactly is preacher? Most people know him as a virtually fast talking person who moves his tongue virtually over 100 miles an hour. He wears glasses. Is preacher married? Does preacher have kids? How old is preacher? Who knows this "gentleman who calls himself preacher on YouTube videos?"

See more below of "blog and website reviews by preacher on YouTube":

Preacher says he does "a lot of studying online" followed by saying [oh yeah], in the review of EHustleonline YouTube.com video. What kind of studying?

Preacher speaks on "EHustleonline.com"

Preacher talks about "exercise and transformation"

Preacher says "a good time is blog time" in this YouTube video. Did preacher gained weight in this video?

Preacher talks "immature entrepreneur"

Preacher talks "blogging on YouTube"

Does preacher create YouTube videos in earning a full-time living on the World Wide Web?' Why does he go around discussing people and websites / blogs he doesn't know from a can of paint?