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As many know her in the internet marketing world, Ann Smarty is an SEO authority. Her site, My Blog Guest, connects WordPress bloggers and writers so those who contribute content to MyBlogGuest will possibly be syndicated by bloggers who self host their own WordPress blogs on their dedicated server. The purpose of authors and WordPress bloggers coming together is to help one another succeed on the World Wide Web with their Internet marketing and content syndication efforts.

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Lisa Irby of 2CreateaWebsite.com made a very interesting post to her Google + profile on March 20, 2014. In the post, Lisa says "Lisa Irby Shared publicly - Mar 20, 2014 #SEOBummer! So sorry to hear about +Ann Smarty ''s My Blog Guest site getting hit with a Google Penalty. She has always emphasized content quality and discouraged people from buying links and other shady SEO tactics.

Does Ann Smarty of SEOSmarty.com know how to forgive? Is that the real reason why her site MyBlogGuest.com been penalized by Google? Matt Cutts.com of Google.com dicusses "guest blogging."

Is Ann Smarty feeling some kind of way for the moment about allegedly being slapped by the search engine giant?

Did Google use her guest blogging site My Blog Guest to send a message to the content and affiliate marketers that duplicate content will be dealt with accordingly? Did Ann Smarty allegedly have "duplicate content?" Or, allegedly have paid links associated from the my blog guest website? To be or not to be is the question.