For retail advertisers looking to go viral online and appeal more effectively to their target audiences on social networks like Facebook, Trulyshare might be able to help. The company is a small base of online advertising experts from YaHoO! and 33Across, as listed in the about section on the company website. In a nutshell, once advertisers sign up for an account on Trulyshare, they can then create an online storefront with products and services embedded. Afterwards, users from social networks like Facebook who come to the virtual online storefront can easily share photos along with links to products and services on their Facebook profile walls.

Effective Advertising

Let's say you''re a small online startup looking to gain extra exposure on the web with a minimum spend for PPC advertising. By creating a virtual storefront via Trulyshare, it will help you, the online advertising retailer, to get virtual word-of-mouth online out about your business faster potentially then spending money for ads. Additionally, having a virtual storefront will enable retail advertisers to potentially get links from the website, which may possibly help overall search engine ranking and boost Google page rank. On the company website, they stress that by having a storefront with them, retail advertisers are able to get "targeted advertising.

Request Invite Like Pinterest - No Longer Required

Advertisers seeking to be a part of the site are no longer required required to request an invite. After clicking the get an invite button located in the upper flush right hand corner of the website, it then opens up a new web browser window taking you to a Join Trulyshare page hosted on Google docs. Once on the getting invite registration page, it mentions at the header of the invite page that "TrulyShare is open to a limited Beta Trial. You can get a free 30-day trial if you register here. We will contact you as soon as possible." The get an invite page also asks you for the URL of your Pinterest pin board as well as the URL for your Facebook page.

The company has much potential to be more than what they intended.

TrulyShare . com update from 2012 - 2016 / The site is no longer active. Sadly, the corporate blog by TrulyShare is using the Blogspot by Google blog platform hosted on "blog . TrulyShare . com."