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  • #HealthyLiving: Five Easy Ways to Burn Fat On the Job

    1. Eat no breakfast in the morning before starting your work day. 2. Perform one hour of morning cardio on an empty stomach by walking, light running, and jogging on the treadmill. 3. Don't drink anything with calories or carbs in it after accom...
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  • Making #HealthyChanges is Possible at Any Age

    Hopefully you did your exercise and post workout cardio first thing this morning on an empty stomach in starting your day or weekend right. Are you planning your meals today and doing the transformation work? Are you getting in your daily doses of protein blends and staying on tra...
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  • Inspiration or Desperation: Is there an Honest Way to Overcome Rich, Insecure, and #Unhealthy People?

    Think positive despite them thinking they're better than you. Eat healthy. Do your cardio 2 to 3 times a week. Cut food and protein shakes off 3 hours before bedtime. Do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach. Do cardio as if you're training for an Ironman triathalon. And keep doing the ...
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  • #EatingRight: #Mandarin #ShrimpSalad by #LiveStrong

    Whether you're striving to stay on track with eating healthy, seeking creative ways to prepare inspiring meals to lose weight, or preparing for a bodybuilding contest, creativity plays a huge part in the success of your transformation. As "creativity fuels profitability," creativity also fuels fitness ambitions and assists every day people like yourself in achieving nutrition and weight loss goals. Staying one track with a healthy lifestyle and consistently eating healthy on a daily basis can be an uphill battle. A determined mindset helps anyone stay in line with eating right and achieving fitness goals. LiveStrong.com shares inspiring YouTube video for people looking to increase "meal preparation creativity." As you can see, the healthy meal is "Mandarin shrimp salad." This is one of many healthy meals anyone can put together in as little as 5 min. All you need to do is either steam or boil some shrimps "be sure to devein the shrimps," peel anywhere from 5 to 10 Mandarin oranges and slice thin, and place a bunch of spinach in the bowl. This is an ideal meal ...
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  • #HodgeTwins Shows How to #EatRight at a #Buffet Restaurant

    Eating right is essential to the success of building a lean body. Not only does it help build quality muscle and promote positive anabolism, but it also reduces the stress load on your metabolism. OfficialHodgeTwins.com known as the Hodge twins from YouTube.com shows how to consume a healthy...
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  • #EatingWell: #LYFEKitchen Frozen Entrees Inspire You to #EatRight

    Have you heard of LYFEKitchen.com? They are America's up and coming health food restaurant. If you're looking to dine at a healthy restaurant that serves good solid nutrition, LYFE Kitchen has your back. If you live near a local Publix.com, SuperFresh.com, Pathmark.com, Waldbaums.com, Super G, ShopRite.com, Weismarkets.com, or other supermarket, check out LYFE Kitchen located in the frozen dinners section. Their orange Chicken platter is delicious and filled with prote...
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  • #LYFEKitchen Expands #HealthyFastFood Throughout #America?

    What a truly inspiring thing to see new health food restaurant chain LYFEKitchen.com featured on Bloomberg television. The founder of life kitchen is a former McDonald's executive who felt America needed change. A change in choices people make when purchasing fast food. He came up with the multimillion dollar idea to launch the company. He's consistently providing Americans with hearty nutrition and inspiring people to stay consistent when it comes to eating right. Can Americans look forward to seeing LYFE Kitchen in states such as New Jersey, New York, Virgi...
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  • Model Jourdan Dunn Inspires You to Eat Healthy

    Jourdan Dunn is model from London. She has a beautiful English accent and positive attitude. When she's not modeling, she keeps her self active by cooking. Have you ever heard of "Chicken Peri ...
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  • Easily Reduce Cholesterol and #BuildMuscle by Eating Fish

    Eating right goes beyond looking good on the outside. It's your personal healthcare investment. There are people who eat in the moment to satisfy their quick hungry fix. Then, there are others who strive to eat healthy for life. Are you eating just to be eating or do you desire to eat to live healthier? What is the price of eating healthy? It possibly requires you to spend more at the farmer's market or local supermarket. The bigger picture to it is if you continue on the path of healthy eating, you gracefully season and maintain good health in your golden years. ...
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