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#ClarksPadmore Review: Navy Blue Suede #PadmoreBoot

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  • #ClarksPadmore Review: Navy Blue Suede #PadmoreBoot

    #ClarksPadmore #Wallabee by #ClarksUSA -

    This fine shoe by Clarks is the Padmore version of the famous Wallabee family. It's designed just like a Wallabee but labeled "Padmore." It's a rich Navy Blue suede that blends well with colors such as blue, green, yellow, olive, burgundy, white, cream, and purple.

    #WallabeePadmores #frontandcenter by #Clarks -

    This Navy blue Padmore goes best with Jeans, linen pants, cargo jeans, and some suit pants. Be mindful you can always clean your suede Clarks by using a soft cloth and wiping away stains, dust, or markings. Take caution to cleaning your Padmores if you get anything on them like Ketchup, Mustard, color pen, etc. Cleaning your Clarks is at your own rick when using a solution to stamp out stains or self-clean your shoes.

    Additionally, if you care to preserve the life of the soles of your Clarks Padmores, you can visit your local shoe repair shop to inquire about putting taps on the edges of your Wallabees-Padmores to preserve the life of your soles. Lastly, you may want to visit your local,,,,,,,,,,,, or to purchase "shoe inserts" for your Clarks. If you plan on walking in your Padmores daily for wear them on the job, you'll definitely need shoe inserrts to help you feel like you're walking on clouds.

    #NavyBlueSuede #Padmores by #ClarksWallabeeUSA -

    Price? Affordable. To find Padmores, you can search sites such as,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and