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#SmellingGood: 5 Affordable Fragrances All Men Should Carry During #Travel

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  • #SmellingGood: 5 Affordable Fragrances All Men Should Carry During #Travel

    #Fragrance #reviews from your #favorite #brands of #male #cologne

    Finding the right fragrances at affordable prices online can sometimes be an uphill battle. Men and women want the best bang for their buck as well as knowing they purchased a quality fragrance that doesn't smell like something general and vague. if you're a lover of quality fragrances at affordable prices and travel often or collect fragrances as a fragrance lover, check out the five recommended colognes for men and share this post on Pinterest.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, LinkedIn.com, YouTube.com and other social networks.

    Short list of five recommended affordable fragrances for men to carry in travel:

    #Driven #cologne by #NewYorkYankees #former #baseball #player #DerekJeter
    Driven cologne by former New York Yankee Derek Jeter - This is an honest review of the Driven cologne by Derek Jeter. This type of cologne is pretty good to have during travel because it's not too strong and it's also good to wear in the workplace. It has a general smell good scent to this fragrance and if you have a man bag known as a satchel, it's good to have this cologne in your bag along with a selection of other fine male fragrances. The cost for this cologne is between possibly 30 to $60 per bottle. the old version comes in a black bottle with a silver top and the newer version is in a aqua colored bottle. This fragrance by Derek Jeter does not have an exotic smell to it. This is why it's good to wear to work and also friendly on your pockets. You can wear it as a going to dinner cologne or going out on a date with an average woman. this cologne allegedly does not last that long which is why it's good to have during travel and wearing to work. out of a rating from 1 to 10, this cologne known as driven by Derek Jeter honestly gets a “5.” It smells good but it's “not all that.”

    #Fantastic #smelling #CoolWater #cologne for #men by #Davidoff
    Cool Water by Davidoff for men - This fragrance is borderline. Cool Water by Davidoff is a borderline fragrance, meaning that if you decide to wear it to your place of employment, be mindful that you keep a good amount of distance from female employees. This fragrance by Davidoff has a smooth soapy Garden Fresh scent. cool water is definitely approved to wear during travel because it will definitely attract attention from members of the opposite gender and invoke positive comments from them and is a quality fragrance for starting meaningful conversation. In other words, don't be surprised if a member of the opposite gender walks up to you and not only compliments your cologne, but asks if you have a few minutes to have a general adult conversation about something meaningful of substance. When a member of the opposite gender is interested genuinely, they'll make time to converse with you and compliment you on things they like specifically. This is why it's good to wear Cool Water cologne during travel. You just don't know who may come up to you. It just might be your potential life soulmate. Lastly, if you decide to wear this cologne to work, be mindful not to spray too much for fear of attracting unwanted attention from a certain person on your job who you're trying to avoid and have 0% interest in that may allegedly turn out later as a “workplace cologne stalker.”

    #award #winning #cologne known as #JoopGO by #WolfgangJoop #fragrances for #men
    JoopGo by Wolfgang Joop - While it's always a good idea to carry an array of different colognes during travel in a sack shell bag, Joop Go is definitely one of those manly fragrances worth the investment of taking along in travel. When purchasing or restocking of this fine fragrance by Wolfgang Joop, it's always a good idea to specifically purchase the 6. 7 ounce bottle and here's why. It has a beautiful scent that stands in a class by itself. The scent from Wolfgang Joop Go cologne is a springy summerish type sent that is very loud smelling. This cologne is definitely off-limits of wearing to work because it'll definitely invoke a female to say something and or potential workplace harassment from one specific female buzzard employee that you feel no attraction toward. JoopGo is guaranteed to get you attention and compliments as it commands women to open their mouth and speak one way or another. If she doesn't open her mouth, you'll find her inching closer to you in the checkout line if you're at the supermarket, airport, or a convenience store waiting to purchase goods and services or pay for tangible items. Some women tend not to speak and 10 to silently talk with Body Language by moving closer to smell your cologne. Joop cologne will definitely bring women your way as previously mentioned one way or another. This bottle and 6. 7 oz. is ranging between $29 and $35. You definitely want to treat it like American Express... Don't leave home without it!

    #Beautiful #smelling #fragrance for #men known as #Obession by #CalvinKlein. A #cologne not to be #ignored
    Obsession by Calvin Klein -. The beautiful set from this cologne by Calvin Klein is never to be overlooked. Calvin Klein fashion and fragrances has earned its respect since Inception. He's well established in fashion and fragrance and continues to satisfy the masses with his best selling fragrance collection. Obsession for Men continues to turn heads by women who smell this wonderful scent. The 4 oz. bottle comes in a beautifully rounded glass with a brown tip. the good news about this beautiful fragrance is once you remove the brown cover tip, you get to get a quick with of this beautiful cologne. You only need less than for sprays for this fragrance to radiate beautifully off of your skin into a woman's nose. you're guaranteed to get attention and compliments with this fragrance and it's highly recommended to carry during travel with a selection of other brand name fragrances. A word of caution to you as a man is not to wear this fragrance to work. While this is not exactly in the upper class fragrance category, it does have an exotic smell to it that may invoke a woman to say something allegedly out of turn to you in your place of employment. If you're trying to get a woman's attention at work specifically, it might be a good idea to have this cologne in your pocket and spray when you're only close to that particular female employee. Should you decide to wear this cologne to work by Calvin Klein, prepare for your Obsession cologne to be acknowledged in secrecy by all female employees which may potentially open you up to all and any kinds of verbiage about the smell of your cologne. You're taking enormous risk if you decide to wear it to work. But it's definitely a fine cologne selection you don't want to overlook when carrying various fragrances in your mail Satchel. The 4 oz bottle ranges between $20 and change up to potentially 28 or $29. The 6. 7 oz bottle of obsession Calvin Klein will run you close to or a little over $40. Highly recommended once again for purchase and recommended to keep a consistent restock of this fine fragrance and possibly purchasing more than one at a time.

    Yardley Gentleman by Yardley London Eau de Toilette - This fragrance by Yardley London is safe to wear to work. It has more as a brown woodsy type scent and not too strong. This fragrance is satisfactory for travel if you plan on having various selections of different smelling colognes. This fine fragrance by Yardley is good to wear to work because not only is it not too strong and smell, but it's also a cologne that's affordable between $14 and $22 that's good to wear to work just to say your smelling good.

    More to come in the near future will be additional reviews on which colognes are worth the money, which one's smell average, and which ones are really overpriced just because it's a brand name. Share this thread everywhere across the internet.



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