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  • #FragranceReviews: Down to Earth, Honest and Unbiased #FragranceReview Forum

    #fine #cologne & #perfume #fragrancereviews. #Unbiased #reviews & #affordable #fragrancereview

    Welcome. You probably reach this forum through a search in your preferred search engine for “honest fragrance reviews.” Maybe you're one of thousands of people across America searching for honest reviews and thoughts on some of the most famous fragrances available in the world today. This forum was created with you in mind and not created to feed search engine spiders looking for new content. What you'll get here in this fragrance review forum is a no fluff, down-to-earth, unbiased review of fragrances people love.
    • Calvin Klein
    • Tommy Hilfiger
    • Versace
    • Gucci
    • Joop
    • Chanel
    • Givenchy
    • Guess
    • Adidas
    • Nautica
    The following designers names will be discussed on DNN momentarily. So you're curious about a particular cologne or perfume and if it's really worth the money, right? That's a good thing. Perhaps this forum will help you make an informed purchasing decision on what fragrances stand out from average.

    This forum discussing “honest reviews of designer fragrances” will additionally discuss momentarily what fragrances are good to wear to work, and what fragrances not to wear to work. Some fragrances are not good to wear to work because they subliminally encourage a specific coworker to put their hands on your shoulders. For example, if you're a man and where the famous French cologne to work once in a blue known as Givenchy Pi, an aggressive female co-worker may walk up to you while you're sitting at your desk doing your job on the computer and put her hands, or at least her right hand on your right shoulder. there's always an aggressive coworker in every workplace. When you wear certain fragrances, you subliminally invite and leave the door open for a co-worker inviting themselves to put their hands on you, or may possibly invite a compliment from that aggressive female co-worker, or a word or two from an acting manager on duty.

    This is why certain fragrances are not good to wear to work because they bring certain things out of people at the wrong time. So this forum, keep in mind, we'll discuss those issues about wearing specific fragrances in the workplace momentarily. This is why you need to check back often in addition to taking heed to fragrance recommendations on DNN.

    This review of designer fragrances forum will also discuss and recommend certain fragrances to wear on a date. Certain people like smelling certain fragrances at certain times of the day. and while some fragrances are not good to wear to work because it brings certain things out of people at the wrong time of the day, some fragrances are only meant to be worn while out on dates.

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