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#NewYorkCity: Fat Joe Makes A Stunning Health Transformation Losing 80+ Lbs

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  • #NewYorkCity: Fat Joe Makes A Stunning Health Transformation Losing 80+ Lbs

    Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour

    You knew him as a heavy set rapper from Bronx, N.Y. way back in the day. He's been long time friend to rapper Big Pun before Pun passed away from obesity and heart failure. The one they know as Fat Joe has become a health-conscious person, making quite an admirable transformation of health, losing over sum 80 + lbs. Making a transformation of inner and outer self is no easy job for anyone.

    Rich, poor or middle class...transforming your health involves serious work. And, Fat Joe has surely done the transformation work. It was noted that Joe was doing sometimes possibly up to 2 hours of cardio a day, in striving to get down the pounds. After witnessing what obesity can do to anyone from watching his friend Big Pun die, Fat Joe felt motivated to get in the gym, workout consistently, and dedicate himself to cardio. Fat Joe lost the weight by spreading out his daily meals. He consumes more vegetables, lean meats, and watches his calories.

    Rapper Fat Joe from the Bronx on on speaks on Donald Trump possibly not lasting 4 years in the White House as United States president:

    If he can do it, so can you. Whether you're ready to transform your spirit, mind, and body out of inspiration or desperation, never let a narcissist make you feel any kind of way after they blurt out subliminally hurtful things about your weight. Little do they know they're making you rich across the board beyond the financial aspect. Improving your health makes you spiritually rich first. That kind of wealth no narcissist can take from you. It's time to do the transformation work, put the alcohol down, cook your meats "well done" and not eat raw meats nor seafood, and stay on track with your cardio and exercise regimen. Be the change you want to see in the world and get started now.