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#Polo: Ralph Lauren Brings Back Classic Teddy Bear Knits and #92PoloSki

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  • #Polo: Ralph Lauren Brings Back Classic Teddy Bear Knits and #92PoloSki

    Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour

    Ralph Lauren, born Ralph Lifshitz from Bronx, New York, must've been keeping his ear tuned to the streets of Brooklyn and elsewhere. For years, people in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, along with fellow New Yorkers from the other 4 boroughs, voiced their feelings loudly to "Polo Lauren" about bringing back the old school Polo classics from the 1990's. "Polo Ralphie" listened.

    Some of the famous Polo wearables from the 1990''s include:
    • Polo P-Wing
    • Polo Teddy bear
    • Polo Snow Beach
    • Polo Kayak
    • Polo Cycle
    • Polo Horseman
    • Polo CP-RL 93
    • Polo Ski Man
    • Polo Stadium
    • Polo Golf
    • Polo Country Club
    • Polo Hi-Tech
    and many more.

    On the official Ralph Lauren website, Polo displays the "Lo Teddy bear knit sweater" Polo diehards been waiting for. Lo Lauren brought the teddy bear knits back into the Polo fashion game, but for how long?

    Update: quietly snuk in more vintage Polo. After bringing back the 1992 Polo Stadium P-Wing shirt and remastering the original look of the 1992 vintage classic shirt, Ralph quietly brought back the 92 Polo Ski. But not completely. He recently released a vest only through Macy's showcasing the 92 Polo ski graphic designs on the sleeves of the vest, and on the hoodie. See here on Macys.

    Will Polo Ralph Lauren continue bringing back the old school Polo Stadium 1992 button up tops, Polo Kayak, Polo Ski man, Polo Snow Beach, Lo Hi-Tech and Polo Golf with Jack Nicklaus on the front, swinging the golf club? The Brooklyn Lo Life crew was a movement started in the 1980's that started with young men wearing all Polo by Ralph Lauren and living by their own RLPC fashion code.