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#JohnLegend: Now In the Business of Helping People #FalselyAccused Get #Exonerated

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  • #JohnLegend: Now In the Business of Helping People #FalselyAccused Get #Exonerated

    Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour
    The LORD Jesus Christ is
    GOD and GOD alone

    and acknowledged by drewry news. This open proclamation to the world online is of freewill made shamelessly and voluntarily.

    #JohnLegend for #criminaljusticereform joins #Wharton - his #almamater -

    Fact: The American legal system is not perfect. Especially in Florida. What wrong conviction and infliction is placed upon a person is
    GOD's job to fix and use whomever HE pleases to fulfill HIS perfect will. When you falsely accuse someone of a crime they never committed and think you've gotten away scott free and/or filed a false police report against someone and think it's swept under the rug and no one knows, all you need to know is GOD knows. And until you get it straight with GOD and exonerate the person you falsely accused, you must stand accountable for your false accusations on the day of Pentecost.

    Ever been falsely accused of something? Been to prison? Forced to accept a plea deal to avoid going to prison for a crime you never committed and had to plead out - deferred adjudication because you didn't have the funds for a paid legal defense team? Forced to accept adjudication withheld due to faulty evidence or a rigged trial to spend years in prison and feel like you're rotting? Your moment of exoneration may be right around the corner.

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    John Legend is trying to close a jail

    John Legend is joining the fight to close this jail.

    Posted by Mic on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

    Shortlist of exoneration projects for the wrongfully accused - convicted:

    Brooklyn Law School
    Cooley Innocence Project
    Exoneration Initiative
    Exoneration Project
    George Washington University
    National Registry of Exonerations
    Northwestern Pritzker School of Law
    Proving Innocence
    Texas Law Innocence Clinic
    University of Chicago

    Globally respected musician John Legend went back to his alma mater and humble beginnings in revisiting and joining the criminal justice refom board at University of Pennsylvania. He's committing himself along with others to helping those falsely accused and wrongfully convicted get exonerated. Legend is placing himself in the grand position to be blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ, because the Lord Jesus Christ is GOD and GOD alone.HE can use anyone HE desires for HIS perfect will and purpose!

    If you're a person today walking around wrongfully convicted of anything and forced to bear a blemish on your public character profile, keep reaching out to GOD. The Lord Jesus who is GOD and GOD alone can and will right all wrongs in HIS perfect time. He can right any wrongs anywhere: Florida, New York City, Kentucky, Philly, Virginia, Minnesota, Utah, Kansas, California, and so on. Everyone has to endure suffering as a good and faithful soldier if you strive today to live for GOD. There are no shortcuts to salvation in the LORD. You will endure false witnesses, false charges, death threats from family members and former friends or co-workers, slandering by family, fired from your job for no reason, and the list goes on. Check out the article above on for more information on John Legend as an advocate for criminal justice reform.