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#FalselyAccused: Looking at Things from Both Sides

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  • #FalselyAccused: Looking at Things from Both Sides

    Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour

    God laid it on the heart of the young man falsely accused to have forgiveness in his heart toward the one who said he did something wrong and later became friends with him. If the Lord Jesus Christ did it for him, Christ can do it for you!

    Are you someone who was falsely accused before of a crime you never committed? Perhaps you're someone who was forced by some court in America to accept a plea deal because you didn't have money for a good defense lawyer and scared for your life though you never committed the crime. It's no good feeling for anyone to walk around with a criminal record for a crime never done. Little does any police officer, detective, female, or anyone else know in the legal system that when you allegedly accuse someone someone of a crime she or he never did and you filed a false police report and seek to prosecute that person, you will answer to the Lord thy God in judgment. The Lord Jesus Christ is against people who speak with a false tongue and against those who produce "false witnesses."

    Are you a detective or police officer, everyday person, or someone in authority that falsely accused another of a crime? Think good on that one. You allegedly said someone did something and they didn't. You falsely accused them of wrongdoing either because you were looking to fill your police quota, jealous of someone, accused someone over possible fatal attraction and furious the person you accused falsely didn't want to date you, etc. So you said what you said and took the person to court. Unconcerned with how things may turn for the worse for that person you falsely accused, you sat and allegedly laughed how you're messing that person's life up. Don't think because you're an authoritative figure that the tables can't be turned on you if you label someone something wrongly. The power of the tongue can quickly ruin someone in literally no time, but "God can fix anything!"

    Little do you know God is watching you and you will have to answer to Christ someday in judgment because no one is immune from judgment. When you falsely accuse someone you deplete your own worth as a person and block yourself from allowing God to use you for the good purpose of winning souls for Him. Instead, you use your mouth for your own selfish purpose thinking you got away with things. No you didn't. Just because the courts and related legal stuff didn't catch up with you yet doesn't mean you're in the clear.

    The Bible is clear and concise about bearing false witnesses and falsely accusing others of wrongdoing.

    Romans Chapter 12 v. 19 reads verbatim:
    "Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord."

    So when you accuse someone wrongfully and you snicker and laugh about it or try to sweep it under the rug, God knows every silent bit and detail about it. Just because nothing happened yet doesn't mean you're out of arrears. This is why it's necessary to hold your tongue and not speak against someone if they didn't commit a crime, because you never know that someday, God will exonerate the falsely accused person and seek revenge against you when least expected.

    Matthew Chapter 5 v. 11 reads verbatim:
    "Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake."

    Proverbs Chapter 11 v. 9 reads verbatim:
    "An hypocrite man with his mouth destroyeth his neighbour: but through knowledge shall the just be delivered."

    'Living Life Falsely Accused'

    A person walking around with a record after falsely accused has to live with the burden of a blot on their public character profile. Having a record interferes with things in their life such as personal relationships, employment possibilities, judged by people, family members slowly and quietly turning heel on you, financial problems, etc. It's a life of almost living **** walking around with that burden. And yet, the Lord still makes a way for those who were falsely accused to prosper.


    There's hidden and valuable lessons to be learned in the journey to achieving exoneration. Always know bad things, whatever it is, will happen in everyone's life as a spiritual test to see what you're made of. The Lord doesn't allow us to bear more than what we can handle. That said, any adversity, including the experience of being falsely accused, teaches anyone to rely on the Lord for their strength. Trust God in the process of shaping and molding you for His perfect purpose and will. Perhaps being falsely accused was meant to happen to you as a means of drawing you back to the Lord Jesus to serve Him wholeheartedly. So while you continue to experience the burden of falsely accused, the Bible says to "count it all joy." How could anyone truly feel happy about being falsely labeled a criminal? There's comfort, hope, and replenishment of strength relying on the Lord thy God for everything.

    Falsely accused? Smile about it and keep on trucking. God will fight your battles and get revenge on your adversary. "God will exonerate you." While you're seeking the Lord in life, focus on Him. Don't look for a timeframe for the Lord exonerating you because God's thoughts are not our thoughts. Just trust Him all the way and strive daily for spiritual improvement by seeking Him for your soul salvation and tarrying for the precious gift of the Holy Ghost as the spirit of God gives utterance. Be happy that such a bad thing happened to you because it woke you up spiritually to the point of getting right with God and doing it now. No one can escape the day of Pentecost. And little does false accusers know that while their original intent was to derail a person's life, they indirectly and subliminally helped you become stronger in God. Stay faithful that God will see you though everything averse as the video above is a positive demonstration of just 1/10 th of a percent of the Lord's beautiful wonders how "Christ can free anyone from bondage."

    Just keep on keeping on in prayer, fasting, and supplication despite your adversity and God will work everything out in His time. Be patient and still, for "He is God and God alone," and already knew your entire life before you were conceived in your mother's womb.