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#WeightLoss: 4 Videos Worth Watching to Help You #LoseWeightNow

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  • #WeightLoss: 4 Videos Worth Watching to Help You #LoseWeightNow

    Former Beneficial bank Delaware employee Domingo discusses Bragg.com Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother in this YouTube.com video.

    Everyone gains weight as they age. Or “gracefully season,” another terms for “aging gracefully.” Weight gain is something that can’t be avoided. But it doesn’t mean that gaining weight can’t be reversed. As your body ages, it naturally gains weight. Your eating habits change. Your sleep patterns change. You sometimes eat food or have drink shortly before bedtime. You may go hours throughout the day before having your first meal of the day. Once you start losing weight, you’ll have a greater respect for life by having a new outlook, and achieve way more than having a smaller waistline, flat stomach, and sleeping better at night. Mastering the art of weight loss is not an overnight process. Strive daily by taking baby steps towards honorable health changes. Never mind about how slow you rerail your health along the way. If you skip a meal, fail to exercise, or eat something any day you have no business eating like Twinkies or bon bons or other sugary assorted candies, potato chips with excessive sour cream or extra large hoagies with extra mayonnaise,extra cheese, and extra meat packed on the bread, or lay in bed and snacking throughout the day with the mini refrigerator riding shotgun near your TV or bedside, pick yourself up immediately and keep going. Don’t gloat on the past. Brush yourself off and strive daily to go the extra mile in your health transformation efforts of being the change. That’s true transformation and will help you stay on track with your natural weight loss efforts.

    Don’t feel you can lose weight? It’s probably because of your limiting beliefs. You’re probably stuck in your ways of eating unhealthy days ago by whereas you eat nothing The first step towards losing weight is avoidance of assorted treats. Consume fluids in the morning such as water with Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother on an empty stomach. Vinegar diluted in water has positive long-term effects on the human body. Not only can unhealthy weight loss be reversed through daily consumption of ACV with the Mother, but you can reverse unhealthy weight gain at any age and adapt to new mental health patterns to keep you in the positive mindset of keeping up unhealthy weight off for good.

    Are you listening? Are you getting what I’m trying to tell you? Resist the urge in jonesing for sweet treats and you’ll reduce sodium retention, suppress heart failure, increase metabolic output, and feel compelled to get on the treadmill and get down the pounds via walking and jogging throughout the day. If you drink Vinegar in water before getting on the treadmill, you’ll increase cardiovascular output and increase bowel movement, reducing visceral abdominal fat, reduce your waistline faster, and get out of the state of gluttony.

    In addition to drinking Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother diluted in water as a means of achieving effective weight loss, juicing fresh fruits and vegetables for successful weight loss is the “transformation health solution” in achieving “better health.” Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables for [better health] is a great way to rerail your metabolism and get on track with ultimate weight loss.

    You can start the food juicing weight loss journey anytime in life as previously mentioned. Watching educational videos on YouTube.com from fruit and vegetable juicing expert Mr. Drew Canole of FitLifeTV is a great way in taking the first initial action step toward inspiring yourself to stay focused on losing weight, by drinking fresh priced fruit and vegetable juice out of a juicing machine. Foods such as cucumber, tomato, radishes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and natural foods of the Earth can help suppress your appetite towards consumption of unhealthy food and help you lose weight throughout the day? Natural foods of the Earth were created for the betterment of mankind.

    Foods of the Earth help sustain life, maintain healthy weight, reduce reliability on human health care, and help reduce overall healthcare costs by investing in your personal health through drinking fresh pressed fruits and vegetables. When you drink fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juice, you’re allowing your body to directly ingest raw unprocessed nutrients from the food in which your body will thank you for by releasing unhealthy weight, improve mental clarity, improve cardiovascular output, and increasing your ambition to spend more quality time on the treadmill. Are you listening? Are you getting what I’m trying to tell you? This is why it’s important to have a humble and open mindset toward adapting to new thinking patterns in addition to investing in a durable juicing machine so you can choose fresh fruits and vegetables in bulk, and not have to worry about the motor burning out.

    Four videos from YouTube food juicing expert Drew Canole for your weight loss inspiration:

    Drew Canole opens the intro of this video by offering to give away a free juice machine. Unfortunately the offer is now expired since the giveaway was in March 2017. This video discusses ways you can achieve weight loss through the unique combination of cucumber. Drew labels the YouTube video “Cucumber and Celery Weight Loss Transformation Juice.” Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Who would’ve ever thought combining Cucumbers and Celery stalks in a food juicing machine would work natural wonders for organic weight loss? Believe it or not, it works!

    One thing millions of men not just in America, but across the world failed to have knowledge of is celery naturally boost testosterone. That's not a debatable statement but an ironclad fact. Men ought to incorporate lots of fresh pressed celery juice in their daily diets for increased levels of natural testosterone. As everyone knows, testosterone please a vital role as the dominant male hormone in building muscle, maintaining a lean body, a healthy metabolism, weight loss, libido, sleep patterns, and appetite. Low testosterone levels contribute to unhealthy weight gain, mood swings, anger spurts, unhealthy eating, giving into temptation of eating snacks and assorted sugary treats, and reduces cardiovascular ambition.

    One thing Drew points out in the video about celery is the strands that easily peel off the celery stalk. Did you know celery contains an ample amount of fiber that will help clean your colon and make you feel lighter on the inside? Celery strands will also contribute to your increased bowel movement, increasing your cardiovascular drive and keeping your treadmill unfolded if you have one in your bedroom. Increased cardio combined with regular consumption of apple cider vinegar with the mother and fresh pressed celery and cucumber juice is the “transformation weight loss solution” toward getting the unhealthy pounds down, and keeping the unhealthy pounds off for life.

    Canole discusses the amazing benefit of the Cucumber. Is many don't know, cucumber is not a vegetable. It's a fruit. It has seeds in it. And as he mentioned in the video, you shouldn't judge a food by what you see on the outside by its appearance. True value is hidden within. Are you listening? Are you getting what I'm trying to tell you? Am I right I say? Drew explains that cucumber contains a special enzyme to help absorb proteins in the body and aid in the natural weight loss process. He itemizes the basic function of the enzyme in cucumber mentioning that its purpose is to break down proteins in the body and help you absorb the protein for energy, and get rid of the healthy body fat.

    In addition to stacking cucumber and celery as a weight loss juice out of the juice machine, Drew also recommends blending turmeric with celery and cucumber to maximize the weight loss affect and increase the potential to lose weight at an accelerated rate. Turmeric as Drew says is the cousin to Ginger. If you don't know the purpose of turmeric, it's an anti-inflammatory aid, helps clear toxins out of the body due to excessive on healthy weight gain, and an essential aid for marathon runners looking to keep joints healthy while running on the marathon trail. Next time you consider making a healthy weight loss juice with your vegetable and fruit juicing machine, add turmeric, ginger, cucumber and celery all together for the ultimate weight loss result. Well there's many natural fruit and vegetable combinations you can put in a food juice machine to benefit from drinking and benefiting from natural weight loss, it's always good to do research before combining fruits and vegetables together. This way, you gain knowledge along the way and have a better understanding of what specific foods provide specific nutrients and how certain foods can help you lose weight and longevity.


    It's an unwritten rule to cut off food and drink at least 3 hours before bedtime. Doing so allows your metabolism to process the rest of food and drinking your stomach. Additionally, cutting off drink and food at least 3 hours before going to bed lightens the load on your metabolism and helps you to have a healthy bowel movement in the morning, thus helping you sleep better at night and transition quicker into REM sleep mode. REM sleep mode is the “deep sleep abyss,” whereas your body is in full rest mode and dreaming. Weight loss is best achieved when you're sleeping and your metabolism has less to process while sleeping.

    Drew Canole of FitLifeTV presents another educational YouTube video discussing natural weight loss tricks. In the 2 minute 28 second video by Drew, he discusses a natural trick for weight loss such as eating nuts such like pistachios, walnuts, and almonds in the middle of the night. Drew says eating nuts do good for your diet and helps you stay on track with eating right. As an unwritten rule, you're not supposed to eat food 3 hours before bed nor consume during Twilight hours. However, eating almonds, pistachios, and walnuts after midnight is friendly on the metabolism.

    Believe it or not, eating nuts not just during twilight hours, but any time during the day naturally benefits long-term weight loss. The more natural food you consume, the more your unhealthy appetite is suppressed and the master your metabolism processes food, helping you lose weight faster and build a lean body. Are you struggling with low energy levels right now? Heart problems? Low cardiovascular output? Take heed to Drew's weight loss videos and change your eating patterns now so you can lose weight, fasten your metabolic output, increase bowel movement, and keep the weight off for life.

    Toward the 2-minute mark of the video, Drew explains that the reason why most people gain weight before going to bed is because they consume sugar. Sugary treats such as sour O peach rings, sour powers, sour rips, Cadbury dairy milk chocolate, Hershey's chocolate, twinkies, bon bons, cake, extra large hoagies with large sodas, pizza, and Kool-Aid or lemonade with excessive amounts of sugar consumed before bed instantly converts to fat while sleeping. And that includes chicken cheesesteaks as well.

    Changing your eating habits and consuming healthy foods will help you achieve more than losing 60 lbs in a year. If you must have something to consume in the middle of the night and your stomach is growling to the point where as you need something in it, consider eating nuts such as pistachios, walnuts, almonds, and also consider Brazilian nuts. One thing many people don't know about almonds is that it naturally raises testosterone in men. Most nuts contain natural testosterone helping men balance the testosterone to estrogen ratio.

    Regular nut consumption also helps keep unhealthy weight suppress and increases healthy eating ambition. Are you listening? Are you getting what I'm trying to tell you? Am I right I say? Toward the end of the video, Drew mentions if you want to suppress your appetite and lose weight while sleeping, it's okay to eat a few nuts before going to bed. Doing so will help you stay on track with eating right and doing the transformation work out of inspiration or desperation. “Have some nuts before you go to bed,” Drew says. You'll lose weight, lower your unhealthy cholesterol levels, sleep better at night, and give your metabolism a boost to process and release unhealthy roughage in your intestinal tract.


    Cruciferous vegetables play a key role in healthy hormonal balance. In men, cruciferous vegetables block and flush unhealthy levels of estrogen. Cruciferous vegetables such as all leafy greens produce a positive testosterone to estrogen ratio, helps males and females of Chief long-term weight loss objectives, keeps the body energetic by supplying raw unprocessed nutrients from the Juiced cruciferous vegetable, and helps the metabolism rid itself faster of toxins, helping you clean your colon faster and keeping bowel movements at an all-time high throughout the day. As everyone knows, the more you move your bowels, the faster you lose weight. Increased bowel movement is achieved through regular consumption of cruciferous vegetables and juiced fruits.

    Drew mentions and number three of the video about drinking green juice helps reduce cravings and leaves you feeling revitalized. Everyone, including the founder of this site, is guilty of indulging in eating something on authorized. That includes pigging out at hibachi buffet restaurants, going to town at fast food restaurants such as McDonald's and ordering breakfast sandwiches such as ordering two bacon, egg and cheese McGriddles for $4 in the drive-thru, hitting up the refrigerator throughout the day and leaving little to no time for the metabolism to process food that's already in the stomach, and munching before bedtime. Aforementioned leads to instant weight gain, suppression of libido, reduced zest for life, and feelings of withdrawal. Giving into cravings also makes a person feel unattractive and teach them possibly munching throughout the day whether they're in bed, sitting at the computer, or in the workplace. It's a good feeling to know you can start your weight loss transformation anytime in your life at any age, change your thinking patterns, lose unhealthy weight, and be an inspiration to others and a positive example to follow. Are you listening? Are you getting what I'm trying to tell you? Am I right I say?

    Healthy green juice combinations:
    • Juiced cabbage with Granny Smith apple and spinach
    • Juiced kale with spinach and Granny Smith apple stacked with kiwi fruit juice
    • Kiwi with cabbage, Granny Smith apple, spinach, and kale

    Any and all leafy greens stacked with Granny Smith apple to add a natural sugar punch.

    All greens block unhealthy estrogen in men. All greens are classified as cruciferous vegetables. All leafy greens definitely contribute to your weight loss transformation. Leafy greens help women balance healthy estrogen levels. Drinking fresh green juice out of your juicing machine daily will benefit your daily weight loss efforts. Losing a little bit of weight each day is better than losing nothing. If you must have something in the morning before starting your cardio whether it's walking or jogging at your local park or running on your treadmill in your bedroom, consume green juice on an empty stomach and let it sit in your system for 10 to 20 minutes before starting your morning cardio. It'll help you slowly but surely increase cardiovascular output, lose weight faster, help you feel lighter

    Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking fresh pressed juice throughout the day will help you lose weight as mentioned times over in this publication within potentially as little as six weeks, and keep you inspired toward juicing fresh fruits and vegetables years to come. Are you listening? Just say no to unhealthy food and make the healthy choice now by putting down foods and drinks that cause you to gain unhealthy weight and “do the transformation work.” Not now. Right now!

    This video by Drew Canole of FitlifeTV discusses drinking fresh pressed carrot juice in the morning for weight loss. Did you know when you juice carrots in the juicing machine that you not only ingest raw nutrients from the carrot that your body will thank you for in longevity, but you also ingest natural sugar that'll suppress your unhealthy appetite toward further consumption of unhealthy sweets and sugary treats? Carrots also contain a unique ingredient called beta-carotene. If you don't know about beta-carotene, it's a heavy contributor to maintaining healthy eyesight. Drinking fresh pressed carrot juice is also good for people who feel kind of iffy about driving at night time do to their limited night vision. Carrot juice has the potential to enhance night driving, improve retina related issues, and maintain bone health. Carrot juice is also good for people who run marathons and contains an ample amount of fiber. Fiber is a must to have in your colon if you're looking to lose weight without resorting to weight loss surgery.

    Perhaps these videos will inspire you to get your creative juices flowing so you can put together a successful blueprint for your weight loss transformation. No one said it'll be easy starting out in the beginning striving for excellence to lose weight. It won't be easy to put down the sugary foods, avoid the hibachi restaurant, and avoid eating food before going to bed. If you have a personal will to lose weight beyond just looking good on the outside and getting a small waistline or looking thinner in your face and desire to lose weight to be an honorable example of true transformation, you can and will achieve your health related goals if you believe in yourself and do the transformation work at full strength out of inspiration or desperation. It doesn't matter what you've been through in the past nor what people said or did to you. This is your journey. You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. You are worth it. This is your health investment and your personal Journey to spiritual and physical greatness. Believe and you shall achieve because you are what you think.



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