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#HealthyLiving: Fun Facts About #Cardio and #Exercise That'll Benefit Your #Intimate #Life With Your #Husband or #Wife

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  • #HealthyLiving: Fun Facts About #Cardio and #Exercise That'll Benefit Your #Intimate #Life With Your #Husband or #Wife

    #Morning #cardio & or #exercise on an #empty stomach #helps #hormones reach #full #anabolic #potential & #retain #strength in #close #encounters w/ your #husband or #wife in #marriage. A #man was made for a #woman

    It's true that a good hour of exercise, an hour of cardio or a mixture of both does increase feelings to indulge in close encounter activity. Why do people feel internally uplifted in their hormones after working out or doing cardio? Whenever your body is exercising muscles or stimulating the metabolism naturally on an empty stomach 1st thing in the morning or during a fast, your body is able to benefit from endorphin release.

    And, as with more endorphins being released in your body, it can stimulate fat burning, muscle building, feelings of happiness, better sleep and better close encounter satisfaction with your "rightfully married spouse." Yes, better close encounters is responsible also for weight-loss, sleeping, and muscle building too.

    Stimulating close encopunters when your anabolic hormones are at it's peak srengthens the heart and promotes a positive mindset. When your feelings and love is involved during close encounter moments, the hormones are deeply engages in the moment and feel additional satisfaction, knowing your spouse feels the same about you. In turn, the close encounter experience you're currently engaged in doesn't feel dry and empty like a one night stand.

    People who "gracefully season" [a cute term for saying getting older] can still experience youtuhful conjugal activity. To get your hormonal activity prined and peaking, consider in the morning doing 1/2 to one hour of cardiovascular exercise on an empty stomach. Or 1 hour of good weightlifting exercises at the gym. Try to exercise at leats three to four times weekly. You increase your health, vitality, and keep your hormones up to par.

    Point made: Do cardio or exercise in the morning if you're looking to increase your sensitivity for close encounter moments with your wife or husband. Striving for excellence to stay healthy benefits the body, mind, and spirit.

    Food for thought: This is NOT a post that is deemed to be read as vulgar. But something creatively thought provoking. Point is, if you desire to have a naturally better high about life, feeling good about yourself, better feelings of close encounters with your husband or wife in marriage, exercise often, and have a healthy diet daily. If you do alot of cardio, calm it down a notch. Too much cardio decreases testosterone and feelings for intimacy in women and men that do too much cardiovascular exercise. Don't eat or drink fluids two to three hours before sleep. And, if you need anymore helpful tips on how to naturally raise your hormonal, perform a search in your favorite search engine. Or stay tuned for future content coming discussing this topic on DNN.

    DNN acknowledges marriage only between a man and woman who haven't been previously married to someone still living. DNN doesn't recommends health or relationship content for man and woman couples who married a second, third, fourth times and so on who's first spouse is still living.

    Kapeesh? Now go do your cardio or morning empty stomach exercise, so you can reap positive benefits of getting healthy!



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