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How to #StartYourMorning The Right Way

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  • How to #StartYourMorning The Right Way

    #Pray in the #morning #first followed by #cardio -

    When we wake up in the morning, we hope to have adequate energy levels to sustain us throughout the day. Human energy plays a vital role in how much we are able to physically accomplish. And when we incorporate cardiovascular exercise into our morning daily regimen before starting our workday, there’s no telling how much we can positively benefit from increased health, vitality, positive thinking, as well as increased productivity that may make your boss smile more.

    Starting your morning the right way after prayer should have cardiovascular activity and exercise incorporated into it. When exercising your body through cardiovascular missions or weightlifting, you allow your mind to ingest more oxygen. With increased oxygen going into the brain, you’re able to think with an increase in clarity of thought. This is one of many positive benefits of putting exercise and cardio 2nd to prayer in the morning in starting your work day the right way.

    Another great way of adding to the increased productivity of your workday in getting healthier is by way of waiting one hour after morning exercise or cardiovascular activity to ingest a nutrient rich protein supplement. When we take this positive approach to nutrition, exercise, cardiovascular health patterns and so forth in starting our day on the right health foot, we not only increase our spiritual vitality and work productivity, but, we also allow so much more positive growth to settle in beyond our imaginations. With this in mind, it should excite and motivate you to adjust your daily patterns to get more exercise and cardiovascular workouts in, so that you can truly feel a change in yourself, as well as “be the change” for others to admire.

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    No one feels good waking up in the morning feeling angry or with a headache. The way to overcome that is truly by prayer, believing in yourself, good solid nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, weight lifting exercises at home, at your local park, at your nearest gym, or by meditating on positive things you feel you can accomplish. Remember that as we are limited in doing everything at once, the best way to accomplish increased productivity, both spiritually and physically, relies on our human spirits’ dependence of Christ for our daily strength. That is surely a way to always accomplish not only increased health and productivity throughout your day, but , throughout your lifetime.