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Use GoFundMe to Raise Money for Tuition

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  • Use GoFundMe to Raise Money for Tuition is a wonderful crowd sourcing site people from all walks of life. Use for positive purposes. Crowd funding is starting to be the biggest thing on the World Wide Web today. Having said that, aspiring college students and existing students can use it to potentially raise money to pay their college tuition.
    The cost of college tuition is steadily rising in most universities today. Almost everyone needs a helping hand paying for higher education. Even most rich people. Regardless way you are in life financially today you can still get a helping hand online. The beauty of getting help paying for college is that with a GoFundMe crowd funding profile, you increase the probability of potentially getting a donation or two from complete strangers online. Yes, strangers. These are potentially wealthy people who either have existing GoFundMe profiles looking to help people at random or probably wealthy people without register profiles search the site and just want to give to someone anonymously. Who kn ows?

    Here's a few helpful tips on how to increase the likelihood of getting donations to your GoFundMe profile to help you pay for college:

    1. Share your profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook and ask your social media followers to share your GoFundMe profile on their social networking pages

    2. Compile a list of e-mail addresses from coworkers, family, friends, and fellow students you have positive relationships with at your college and ask them to share the link from your GoFundMe profile on their social networking pages. After that, compose a well thought out e-mail message and ask inside the body of the message for everyone that read your e-mail to forward your e-mail to their coworkers, family, and friends through e-mail. This is an indirect way of e-mail marketing and potentially raising funds to pay your college tuition

    3. Create 1 to 3 YouTube videos daily explaining what you're trying to do with achieving your higher educational goals. Be sure to insert a link in the video description section of every new video so people will know where to potentially donate funds to if they decide to support your college tuition endeavors. The power of online video engages people immediately. Additionally, be sure to share your video on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as well as other social networks for extra exposure which will potentially entice more donations

    4. Keep a positive attitude. Positive thinking has a unique way of opening doors of spontaneous opportunity when least expected. Believe in you shall succeed!

    It's possible to raise funds online to pay your tuition. A patient process it is. If you take the first action step faithfully towards achieving your crowd funding goals towards paying your tuition whether or not anyone donates one dime and you stay persistent, you just may be able to exceed your crowd funding goals. When it seems like no one will donate to your profile that is when you must the faith and operate at full strength. It's all about staying inspired and going the extra mile even when you can't see the top of the staircase.

    Don't give up and always believe in yourself. The money is there for you if you only GO after it, so it can Fund YOU!