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#Chegg Helps You Get One Step Closer to Finding #FreeMoneyforCollege

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  • #Chegg Helps You Get One Step Closer to Finding #FreeMoneyforCollege

    What is Chegg? A college scholarship site created with the intent on helping people from all walks of life find free money to pay for college. You can register for a free account using an e-mail address or sign up with your Facebook account. After validating registration information, you'll have the ability to not only search for relevant scholarships for your degree concentration, but sell off your textbooks for a small percentage in seller fees. You'll be able to potentially achieve more with your account other than possibly find money to pay college tuition and sell college textbooks.

    Money for Everyone

    There's hope for you to find potential scholarship money to pay tuition. It doesn't matter about age, grade point average, work experience, or past adversities. There's something out there for everyone if you strive for excellence and never give up. According to Chegg, there's over $1 billion in awards waiting for you to apply. Personalized matches available for all students in high school, college, grad school & beyond. That's a good thing to know because if you seek, ye shall find.

    You may possibly win a scholarship because your last name starts with a certain letter. You can win a scholarship potentially because of your age. Their scholarships available for people who have disabilities. Forget about winning scholarships just off of the strength of having a good grade point average. Those days are null and void. There's scholarships available for busy working people to go back to school and graduate with their bachelors, Masters degree, or PhD, regardless if their employer refuses to pay their college tuition. Isn't that a good thing to know?

    Paid Service

    The only service besides selling college textbooks you may have to pay for one the site is online tutoring. Chegg offers a free trial of online tutoring services for college students. You're not obligated with your free account to subscribe to the service in case you decide you don't want it, but is good to know just in case you need a web based tutor without having to see someone in real face time.

    ACT and SAT Test Preparation

    A Good thing to know about a ACT and SAT test preparation is that it's currently free and in beta mode at the time of this post for a limited time. If you need an online tutor to help you prepare to pass these exams in hopes of entering the college you wish to attend as a student, now is the time for you to create a free account and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, in addition to searching for free scholarships on the site. Scholarship money and free online tutoring for the ACT and SAT exams is virtually killing two birds with one stone which is a great achievement. All you need to do is apply yourself wholeheartedly to making the best of the site by finding free money for college and using this free limited time ACT and SAT preparation tutoring to possibly help you achieve a good score on the exam so you can enter the college hoped-for. You never know the good things that await you on till you try. And don't give up failed the first few times because winners never quit and quitters are never winners.

    If you're ready to take control of your life and possibly achieve funding free money to pay for your college tuition, now's the time to get organized with no delay and explore scholarship options available to anyone by clicking here.