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#StateofDelaware: 10 Places for Apply for #Employment in New Castle County

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  • #StateofDelaware: 10 Places for Apply for #Employment in New Castle County

    Jobs in New Castle County
    #Gainful #employment in #NewCastleCounty #Delaware is possible in #2019. Looking for a #job in #education, #realestate, #banking, or #marketing? #Share #content from this #page with #friends, #family, #neighbors & #people about #DelawareEmployment in #NewCastle #county

    The government shutdown left over 500K people in “employment limbo.” Federal government workers in Washington, DC are still furloughed and worried about their future as most work paycheck to paycheck. Good news is, despite the current employment adversity happening in America, there still a plethora of employment opportunities throughout the state of Delaware the public sector, private sector, and corporate. If you’ve just graduated from college, in between jobs, looking for something part time, or searching for full-time work in any field ranging from call center, banking, finance, construction, healthcare, fitness, or education, you came to the right place. This forum will be updated regularly in 2019 with unique employment opportunities for people with special skill sets. If you’re hoping to achieve full time employment with the state of Delaware, just know that the current shutdown in Washington doesn’t affect unemployment on the state level and you won’t be furloughed after achieving gainful employment as a civil servant of Delaware.

    Are you looking for job right now in New Castle County Delaware? Are you sick and tired of the job you working on and your narcissist employer secretly mistreating you? Are you sick and tired of feeling as if your employer is robbing you of a pay raise and a promotion because they dislike you for a certain reason such as claiming religion on the job or telling your employer they’re wrong when they’re actually wrong for talking to you in treating you some kind of way in front of customers and coworkers? Perhaps the opportunities listed below will be of some or partial interest to you. If you’re not in the job market right now in New Castle County, Delaware and knows someone currently seeking gainful employment with good pay, you’re more than welcome to share this thread with your family, friends, neighbors and others on your favorite social networks like Pinterest.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, and share the link to this page in YouTube.com videos.

    10 employment opportunities currently available in New Castle County:

    NAOS On-Site Staffing @ Republic Services - Republic services is one of the leading waste management services throughout the state of Delaware and has a corporate office in New Castle County. They always looking to hire qualified job candidates for positions in the waste management industry. While it’s unclear for now if they’re looking to hire “Delaware waste management job candidates in New Castle County” for part-time positions, if “waste management employment New Castle County” is on your short list for gainful employment and seeking to get your foot in the door in a speedy way, the best choice for you right now is to contact NAOS on-site staffing to inquire further about potential “Republic services employment New Castle County.” after reviewing the link on the NAOS (North American on-site) employment website about, “employment opportunities with Republic services waste management,” they’re currently looking for recycling sorters. It doesn’t mention anything in the short job description about having any formal education. The position is starting at $8.25 hourly and offering a shift differential of $8.65 hourly. If you’re interested in applying for the position with [Republic services waste management employment], take a stroll on down to 1101 Lambson Lane New Castle, DE 19720.

    Learn more now about potential employment with Republic services waste management Delaware. naonsite.com/Job/Details/41

    FEDCAP The Power of Possible - This is definitely one place job applicants with all kinds of educational and personal backgrounds want to apply to if you’re living in New Castle County or any counties throughout the state of Delaware. FedCAP has been around since 1935 and dedicated to helping people from all walks of life achieve gainful important that have barriers against their public character profiles. You yourself may be one of thousands of people throughout Delaware looking for a second chance. You may have made mistakes in the past and every prospective employer you applied to online and off-line today gives you the cold shoulder. You’re sick and tired of feeling holed up and hold that someone, somewhere, would overlook your imperfections and give you another chance at life. This may be your golden opportunity to capitalize on your dream of getting back on track with your career and long-term employment goals. In case you didn’t know, FedCAP rehabilitation services “according to their flyer verbatim,” in New Castle, Delaware is a not-for-profit organization that provides vocational training and employment services to those who face barriers to employment. FedCAP’s mission is to empower people barriers to move towards economic independence as valued members of the workforce.

    Hopefully, that following statement will give you hope as an imperfect individual that there is still hope for you in achieving gainful employment with a prospective employer somewhere in New Castle County, Delaware that’s willing to offer you a good job and healthy starting salary. FedCAP is currently looking to hire an office administrator full-time. Full-time office administrator must be willing to carry out in a rate of administrative duties ranging from screening e-mails and phone calls, calendar maintenance of business scheduling, correspondence when needed, research, managing special projects, document management-compilation, in addition to performing mild supervision and some staffing of the reception area according to the flyer. For this position, you must be a people person because you have to work with people and vendors and service providers according to the description on the flyer to keep the office running smoothly at all times. You must also be good with the gift of gab because you need some skills to persuade people to give you new business possibly. If you know Microsoft Windows, e-mail, spreadsheets, filing and okay with working in a high paced atmosphere, this job might be for you. There is some experience that’s required for this job and you’ll also need to pass a background check. You can apply for this position by e-mailing your resume to BEmery@ FEDCAP.org. Or you can apply in person at 241 Old Churchmans Road in New Castle, DE 19720. Visit their website for more information and learn about the organization @ FEDCAP.org.

    Pettinaro - You’ve seen their business name while driving in a car probably passing by industrial business complexes. There are construction company with a full-service real estate development and management company all-in-one with a commercial portfolio, and well equipped with years of experience. The company is currently hiring for apartment maintenance manager and they’re looking for full-time meet needs technicians for their Greenville, Delaware and Newark, Delaware locations and their extended location in Elkton, Maryland. According to their job description flyer, the apartment maintenance worker that’ll be working full time will be responsible for preparing old vacant apartments to a market ready condition. Additionally, the apartment maintenance manager will also perform various community maintenance functions as listed on the flyer such as plumbing, electrical, carpeting, painting, appliance repairs, etc. The apartment maintenance manager will also be charged with the responsibility of responding to requests service for residents and do so in a timely fashion, alongside being readily available to answer any and all on-call emergency services.

    HVAC technician and residential leasing consultant are two additional positions available with the company. These positions for employment are full-time only. The HVAC technician is a full-time position and the salary is negotiable. You also receive a comprehensive benefits package according to the job flyer description. You must have 2+ years experience in residential or commercial HVAC maintenance.

    Pettinaro location:
    234 North James Street
    Newport, Delaware 19804

    Residential leasing consultant needs to have lots of energy for this job. So this means get up early in the morning on an empty stomach, and hit the gym by doing cardio on an empty stomach. Reason being is because you’ll most likely be on your feet most of the day back-and-forth dealing with new renters and existing ones. You only need a high school diploma to be eligible for this job. Apply now for employment with Pettinaro by shuttling your resume over to jobs@Pettinaro.com.

    Amazon Delaware - The Amazon corporate office and fulfillment center in New Castle, Delaware is looking to hire qualified job candidates to “deliver thousands of smiles this season.” If you don’t already know, Amazon is conveniently located down the block from the New Castle Farmer’s market not far from Route 13 nearby Verizon.com superstore and BJs.com. Amazon is now looking to hire full-time qualified job candidates for the position of seasonal delivery driver. As you may or may not know, Amazon put out billboard ads and made it frankly clear online they were upping their hourly pay for fulfillment workers. The seasonal delivery driver once again is a full-time position offering competitive pay and the opportunity to put the Amazon smile on your resume, according to the job description.

    Amazon makes sure that their drivers use Amazon approved company fans to have their packages delivered to homes, retail businesses, and additional locations for package delivery, in your role as a seasonal Amazon delivery driver, you will play a vital part in keeping customers happy with your positive attitude and ensuring customers that their order is 100% accurate, regardless of package size. The beauty of working at Amazon as a seasonal delivery driver is the beautiful starting hourly rate of earning $17 an hour. It may possibly have been upped to $17.20. Learn more now about becoming a potential full-time seasonal delivery driver with Amazon in New Castle, Delaware by applying online @ Amazon.com/Delawarejobs.

    Winner Auto - located at 1300 N. Union St., Wilmington, DE 19806, Winner automotive is looking to hire qualified job candidates for the position of car detailer. When her automotive is also known as Audi Wilmington. They’re currently seeking car detailers, according to the job description flyer, to work at the N. Union St. location. They also would likely qualified job candidates and have previous experience. Your salary will be determined on experience “DOE.”

    This is a perfect opportunity for a person who specializes in sales and marketing to get their foot in with the company at the entry-level. You may or may not earn a decent penny in the beginning stages of your employment as a car detailer, but you’ll also learn valuable tips that’ll possibly help you excel into other positions with the company. You have to start somewhere, right? Nobody started out on top. You can e-mail your resume for potential employment consideration with Audi Wilmington as a potential car detailer employee in the making to LHorrocks@WinnerAuto.com. It’s also a good idea after you submit your resume online to include a cover letter, and follow-up by calling for an appointment with the prospective employer by contacting 302-661-2100.

    Year UP Wilmington - Young adults aged 18-24 living in New Castle County looking to make something good of themselves can count on Year UP Wilmington to help them achieve future career objectives. As a member of year up Wilmington looking to capitalize on your used by gaining the valuable education and skills necessary to compete and get ahead in today’s Delaware workforce, you can look forward to honing and gaining priceless experience in financial operations, software development, and business operations, according to the job description on the flyer. The beauty of this program is there’s no upfront costs and you can look forward upon graduation to a potential healthy annual starting salary of $36,000. You can possibly Internet financial institutions in Delaware such as CapitalOne.com and BankofAmerica.com if you’re looking to build a lucrative long-term career in the financial services industry.

    Year up also offers career guidance and helps you achieve accelerated college credits. This is definitely a program for everyone aged 18-24 to definitely consider enrolling in if you live anywhere in New Castle County, even if you reside in Middletown on the borderline of Smyrna, Delaware.

    Year UP Delaware location:
    Community education building
    1200 N. Front St.
    Wilmington, DE 19801
    Website: YearUP.org
    Tel: 302-992-8814

    For more information about taking advantage of this unique opportunity with Year UP Wilmington, contact recruitment specialist Emir Lake at the phone numbers provided above.

    City of Wilmington - The good news about working a city job for the city of Wilmington, Delaware is that you don’t have to worry about being furloughed as a government worker. City and state jobs are protected against the government shutdown. The city of Wilmington, under Michael Purzycki as mayor, is currently looking to hire a GIS Technician II. the salary grade for this position is “M,” starting at $44,884 annually and up to $54,655 per year. According to the job description flyer, the minimum qualifications for this job is you have to be a graduate from an accredited college or university with a degree in engineering, geography, or related area with relevant experience with GIS “geographic information system.” You also have to be good with utility mapping and have an equivalent combination of engineering and training which provides the knowledge, skills, and abilities; +2 years of relevant professional experience. An advanced degree is highly desirable (listed in job description).

    As a GIS technician, some of the work you’ll be doing is creating, digitizing, and updating computerized geographic information systems layers, datasets, and related metadata. You’ll also assist in entering, retrieving, and manipulating data using various GIS applications, especially via a mobile device ” listed in the job description flyer.” some of the required knowledge, skills and abilities you’ll need to have for this job is knowing how to operate a Microsoft SQL Server, ArcGIS online, experience with using GPS units, enterprise geo-databases, AutoCAD, city works, and proficient in using Microsoft office, Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft access, and ESRI ArcGIS Desktop.
    The cutoff date for this position is January 18, 2019, but you’re still encouraged to apply for this position at:

    City of Wilmington-Department of human resources
    City County building
    800 French St.
    Wilmington, DE 19801
    Tel: 302-576-2460
    Website: WilmingtonDE.gov

    Always Best Care Senior Services - Located in New Castle County, this healthcare facilities looking hire qualified job candidates to fill direct care workers positions for immediate employment. Always best care is also looking to hire CNAs in New Castle County. Overtime is available for both positions. To qualify for employment with the company, you must pass preemployment requirements such as a criminal background check, drug test, and abuse registry.

    If you end up getting hired, you must be willing to accept TB testing and take a physical. You also need to have a high school diploma and the abilities stay motivated by working independently. It’s a good idea to have two years of previous experience working in a nursing home, hospital, group housing, adult day care center, and experience working with adults with disabilities preferred, according to does the description in the flyer. Your starting hourly pay ranges from $11-$12 hourly “depending on experience.” You can learn more and apply for the positions of direct care worker and CNA by submitting your resume online @ AlwaysBestCareDelaware.com.

    Peter Spencer Family Life Foundation - If you don’t already know, Peter Spencer family life foundation, according verbatim to the job flyer description, provides cultural and educational programs that enhance the quality of life in our communities. And provide a safe, structured and loving environment for children to complete homework and receive academic support.

    Peter Spencer foundation Delaware is currently looking to hire qualified job candidates for the position of an afterschool tutor. They want the tutor to provide classroom supervision, assist in maintaining discipline among students, and also serve as a role model to students, in addition to being a tutor and helping with homework and students setting and achieving individual goals. You are required to be 21 years of age or older for this job with a high school diploma and some college preferred. You must have, according to the job description, strong literacy, writing and math skills for grades kindergarten to eighth grade, and previous experience working with children in classroom settings. You must also have a good rapport with children and a positive attitude, flexibility and patience “listed in the job description flyer.” You must be able to pass a criminal background check and drug screening in order to qualify for this position as a Peter Spencer afterschool tutor. Minimum hours required or 15 hours weekly consisting of Monday through Friday from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM, or 3 PM to 6 PM, or 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM during the school year. Starting pay is $12 hourly.

    Apply in person @:
    Peter Spencer family life foundation
    812 N. Franklin St.
    Wilmington, DE 19806

    You may also submit your resume via e-mail for employment consideration @ mamapatgriot@YaHoO.com.

    Job Corps Wilmington - Job Corps Wilmington, Delaware is known as a free education and training program that helps young people learn a career, earned a high school diploma or GED and find a good paying job, according to the job description flyer. Job corps Wilmington put out the word that there possibly looking to hire senior cooks and healthcare foundation’s instructors. For the senior cooks helper position, you’ll be responsible for preparation and coordination of all center meals within established budget allowance and in accordance with preplanned menus, in compliance with government and management directives. The senior cook position requires that you have three years cook experience, in addition to having a valid drivers license. The senior cook position is paying $15 hourly.

    Healthcare foundation’s instructor is required to develop, prepare and deliver health foundations course lessons. Also required to use a variety of teaching strategies to meet students learning needs, according to the description in the job flyer.

    You can apply for both positions by submitting your resume online @ mtctrains.com. Veterans are encouraged to apply.

    So there you have it. 10 potential jobs in New Castle County that’ll help you find and achieve gainful employment. Feel free to share this thread on your favorite social networks, e-mail your family, friends, coworkers and others about what you just read on Drewry News Network. Help someone today to find gainful employment by sharing the link to this page and “do the right thing!"



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