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5 Jobs in #NewCastleCounty Delaware Worth Applying For

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  • 5 Jobs in #NewCastleCounty Delaware Worth Applying For

    Jobs in New Castle County
    Finding #gainful #employment in #NewCastle, #Newark, #Wilmington, #Elsmere, #Claymont, #Middletown, #Bear, or anywhere in #NewCastleCounty #Delaware - https://drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/delaware

    Making a career change can leave anyone feeling as if they’re under construction to be more than just an employee. Agree?

    Not everyone knows what specific jobs are hiring and where those job postings are. It could be anywhere. In the newspaper. Online. Possibly in a Craigslist classified ad. Maybe on AngiesList.com. Who knows. And sometimes, it can be emotionally exhausting to search for the job you want, leaving you feeling some type of way in the moment and possibly applying for a job you really don't want paying less money. Dnn strives for excellence with no delay helping to bring you the most informative and recent information with the intent of helping you apply and get hired with a good-paying job so you can earn a decent livelihood.

    The only thing Dnn asks after reading this post is to share what you've read with others you feel are seeking gainful employment in their field of expertise. Finding a good-paying job nowadays is an uphill battle. It can be done but it's a lot more work than I imagined. You're also welcome to tweet these posts on Twitter.com, share with everyone you know on Facebook.com, discuss in YouTube.com videos, and pin on Pinterest.com. Dnn will be updating frequently on the Delaware New Castle County forum of employers looking to hire qualified job applicants paying decent hourly wages.

    Five employers with in New Castle County picked at random by Dnn are currently hiring. These employers do not require their job applicants to have a college degree. If you're someone looking to go back to school and better yourself soon, you may want to inquire with the prospective employer upon interviewing if they have part-time positions available, or if they're willing to work around your student schedule. Depending on the college you choose to attend, you still might be able to attend school and work a full-time job, depending on your personal circumstances. Before accepting any employment, be mindful that the position has flexible hours, the employer offers benefits, and inquire about other perks such as bonus, commission, and tuition reimbursement.

    The following five employers below in New Castle County Delaware are looking for people to work in the following positions:

    1. Colonial Life - they recently had a job fair on Tuesday March 6th, 2018. But that doesn't mean that you still can't apply for employment with Colonial Life Insurance. As an agency sales representative working for Colonial Life, you'll be listed as an independent contractor working throughout the Delaware and Philadelphia area charged with the responsibility of acting on leads for potential insurance sales. The good thing about this position is that you don't need previous sales and marketing experience. However, any previous sales experience or any marketing experience in retail, MLM, and anything related to sales or real estate will help you achieve your goals as an insurance sales independent contractor with Colonial Life. The position of a sales representative doesn't require a college degree in only a high-school diploma. That's good if you haven't had the chance yet to go back to school and get your degree or haven't yet attended College. Colonial Life is offering and unlimited commission potential as a sales rep. This is pretty much an entrepreneurial position for people who are self-motivated because in this position, no one is going to stand over your shoulder and pressure you to meet a sales deadline. You have to be independently driven with the sales and marketing spirit and destined to go above and beyond in achieving your insurance sales objectives. Independent contractor basically means you run your own business and you will not be paid a regular salary. Money is earned when you close sales and that's plain. If you don't sell, you don't make money. Jobs like this is what separates the men from the boys and shows who has the true entrepreneurial business muscle for the hustle. This type of work is not for the faint-hearted and not for people looking for an instant paycheck. This job is also not available to job Hoppers looking to get a job and keep that job until they get something else a week later and hold them over until the next check. If you're a job Hopper and you take a position like this, you're going to be deeply disappointed. Your best bet is not applying for this job and holding out for an 8 or $9 an hour job with a Delaware temp agency somewhere throughout New Castle County maybe working in someone's warehouse or Chicken Shack. If you're really looking for a challenge, this job does require you to seek new clients through active networking.

    Once you've identified your target clientele, your responsibility will be to network with the clientele and sell insurance policies to individuals and businesses according to the Colonial Life flyer. You'll also carry out the independent responsibilities of interviewing clients and getting sensitive information from them about their personal finances. The reason why you'll be interviewing people and asking them personal questions about their finances is because as an independent contractor working for Colonial Life, you'll have to most likely come up with an amicable Insurance solution tailored to their Current financial status so they can fit this insurance policy your marketing to them in their life. It's not just about making the sale and earning the commission and going on to the next person or business. You want to point out to the prospective client the fringe benefits of accepting the insurance policy your marketing to them and how it will benefit them and their family while helping them save money. If your entrepreneurial driven and don't mind working on 100% Commission and have a strong background in sales and marketing and don't mind driving around Delaware and Philadelphia too seek and close new business, you want to prep your resume right about now and fine-tune it so you can email to miss Jacqueline Charmaine at Colonial Life. Additionally, if she decides to call you for the interview, please do not go in there dressing like a homeboy off of the street with jeans and pants sagging off of your behind. Be mindful to dress appropriately as if you were going to a job on Wall Street or going to a job in downtown Wilmington, Delaware. Once you find tune your resume and you have your corporate attire in place, go ahead and email your resume to Jacqueline.Charmaine@ColonialLife.com. before emailing her your resume as an attachment, please be mindful to introduce yourself in a respectful manner and thank her for your time for viewing your resume, as doing this will potentially increase your chances of getting a call from the potential employer. Should you decide to follow up on your email if you don't receive a response, you can contact Jacqueline at 302-352-4969. Don't forget to share this message with everyone you know on your favorite social networks, even if this is a job you don't need or want. Helping others with useful information is gratitude of the heart. Do good and share this post now!

    2. Liberty beverages located in New Castle County is looking for sales merchandisers. This is a job that's really not that hard to do. From the looks of this job description on the flyer, you only need one year working experience in retail, grocery, warehousing, or some related field. If you have previous sales and marketing experience this position will be an ideal fit for you. The only experience that's really required for this job is previous experience working with a manual or power pallet jack or a related certification according to the flyer. Most importantly, this is not a job where you have to be supervised around the clock. That said, you have to work well without anyone telling you what to do, meaning there's going to be very little supervision.

    The qualifications for the sales merchandiser position at Liberty beverages it's not asking much of you. You have to be 18 years old or deemed legal to work this job. If you are under 18, you may want to inquire about another job that doesn't require you to be 18 and have legal working papers in order to work for any employer throughout the state of Delaware. Another requirement for this job is you need a car. That's playing. The job description doesn't say a brand new car. You can pretty much have a jalopy or get someone to give you a ride if you don't have your own hooptie. If you own a piece of a car and your head gasket isn't blown yet and your car can make it from point A to point B and have some life left in it where as you can drive to and from this job until you can save up enough money to buy a new vehicle, this might be your calling for a new job.

    If you own your own vehicle and able to drive to work, it is mandatory to have updated liability insurance. It's not clear if the prospective employer is going to inquire upon interviewing you for the job for your insurance card. It's a good idea to bring your updated insurance card with you on the job interview just in case the potential employer spot checks you in case they're thinking about hiring you on the spot. If you dress professionally for the job with a nice suit, smooth tie, pretty boy shoe, good smelling cologne, haircut with mustache and goatee shaped up, and leave your gold teeth at home, you have the increased probability of potentially getting hired during the interview. Positive thinking has a unique way of making things work in your favor.

    Good thing about this position you don't need a college degree. A high school diploma or GED is good enough to get a job with Liberty beverages. They're asking for one to three years of previous work experience but it's really not that mandatory. Don't sweat the small potatoes if you don't have stable employment history. Your work ethic and attendance will help you get the job and keep it. For this position, you will also need local delivery experience. Reason being is because you're going to be on the road delivering merchandise to retail grocery outlets. You need to have experience dealing with different merchants and the ability to talk their lingo. You'll also need to familiarize yourself with. Regulations. If you don't have previous knowledge of their laws, your new employer Liberty beverages will school you on DOT regulations. Your driver's license also has to be a valid Class A. If you don't have that, you'll want to look into obtaining that through the Delaware DMV and take any required driving courses needed for this position. You'll also need a good driving record within MVR policy guidelines. Leslie, you need a little bit of muscle because you'll be required to lift and pull merchandise at will in addition to kneeling, walking and reaching for other merchandise to transport to retail grocers. Interested in this position? You can apply for a job online at LibertyCoke.com. Be mindful that your employment resume has relevant experience and you have a clear employee objective. If you don't have an objective listed at the top of your resume, you want to consider adding one now and wording it in a way to deliver a clear and concise message to the prospective employer that you are interested in contributing to the strengths and financial stability of the organization. Wishing you the best applying for a position with Liberty beverages Delaware.

    3. Delaware apprenticeship and training is having an upcoming job fair on March 26th 2018 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m..

    Job fair location:

    Hodgson Vo-Tech High School
    2575 Glasgow Avenue
    Newark, Delaware 19702

    Hodgson High School via Google Maps:

    Delaware Apprenticeship Training will also have a job fair on March 27th 2018 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

    This job fair will be held at:

    Delcastle Technical High School
    1417 Newport Road
    Wilmington, Delaware 19804

    Delcastle High School via Google

    Employers on location on the 26th and 27th of March will be IBEW Local 313 and R.C. fabricators.

    The Apprenticeship Training Program are for career-minded job applicants looking to grow in Delaware apprenticeship. As an entry-level job applicant potentially getting hired, you'll gain valuable experience while earning a decent income. Delaware Apprenticeship Training or looking for people with entry level experience and experts in electrical, welding, pipe fitting, HVAC, maintenance mechanic, and construction laborers. This is definitely not a job for people looking for another paycheck nor a job for job hoppers. If you're one of those people that take jobs just to hold you over until the next check, the Delaware Apprenticeship Training and apprenticeship career fair is not for you. Don't bother wasting your time showing up if you're a “Delaware job hopper.” nothing is specifically mentioned about a high school diploma or college degree required to apply for the Delaware Apprenticeship Training at the upcoming apprenticeship career fair. All that's needed is a willing mind set to learn and learn. If you have a good work ethic, show up to work on time or before time, and have a willingness to go above and beyond for your employer and be an outstanding example of an employee striving for excellence, this is your calling to a good paying career and not just achieving gainful employment. Are you listening? Contact 302-761-8328 for more information.

    4. Boulden Brothers Delaware is hiring. If you don't know who they are, they've been in business for over 70 years and trusted in the field of HVAC, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, propane, and electrical services according to their flyer. This is a company that lasted the test of time and then looking to hire people to work as outstanding employees in their respective organization. If you have previous HVAC experience or Plumbing or heating or air conditioning, this is your calling to get a job with a good company as a lead installation technician.

    Boulden Brothers pretty much laid out the responsibilities and qualifications of this position for the lead installation technician they're looking to hire. The entry level or experienced Boulden Brothers HVAC employee will be charged with the responsibility of demoing and installing residential HVAC systems according to their printed flyer. As an HVAC lead installation technician, your ditional duties will involve working with others to complete successful installations on a day-to-day basis, troubleshooting HVAC and plumbing issues and other problems, building and sustaining quality relationships with clientele and coworkers, and carrying out the Mantra of the organization by working within the guidelines of the company going above and beyond expectation.

    You're also required to have a go-getter attitude and work well without supervision. If you're self-driven and don't need much Direction, This is the perfect employment for you. Not only is this job paying good money, but you don't have to worry about job security. They've been around for more than 70 years and provide amazing benefits of being an employee of their company. You want to inquire with the employer upon interviewing for more information about benefits of working for Boulden brothers.

    For this position of lead installation technician, you do need 2 years experience with Technical Training listed in the flyer. You also have to understand and perform certain installations from start to finish her requirement. You want to inquire with the employer for more information after getting hired as a new employee. You'll also need a know-how of installation and retrofitting systems including knowledge of oil and gas furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps and air handlers. You'll also need skills in wiring high voltage wires. That's kind of risky so if you don't have experience, this is not the job for you. Additionally, the skills required or to have braze line sets, a know how to drain lines, know how in Pitch venting, and Performing system startups. You'll also need experience in gas piping with flex and hard pipes according to the flyer. You need sheet metal experience and know how to work with ductwork modification. Most importantly, the employer emphasizes boli you need to be dependable and on time for this job as well as having the ability to lead and train others. If you don't have an attitude and a spirit of leadership, this is not the employment you want. The list goes on to mention you need education of electrical, mechanical, and repair skills as well as preferred experience in residential installation. And most importantly, you need outstanding communication skills as they say in the flyer with co-workers, supervisors, clients, vendors and everyone else. You'll also need an EPA certification and available to work a flexible schedule including sometimes being on call for work. This position says nothing about needing a high school diploma or college degree so you can have a piece of Mind knowing you don't have to have a bachelor's or Master's to get the job. You do need a valid driver's license and a clean driving record as well as the ability to pass a pre-employment background check and drug screen. This is not the position for you if you just smoked marijuana the night before the job interview.

    Once you get hired as a new employee, you can look forward to a competitive salary based on your personal experience. You can also look forward to health insurance including medical and dental according to the flyer. They also mentioned you get a 401(k) with employer match. That also includes Life Insurance Short Term and long term disability insurance they say. You also get paid vacations and holidays.

    Are you serious about building a career for yourself and not just having another job and a paycheck? If you're serious about your life being on track and working for a good company and getting paid good money with good benefits and earning a decent livelihood for yourself, you can apply now for this position and see other opportunities with Boulden brothers by applying at: https://BouldenBrothers.applicantpro.com/jobs

    5. WM.com (Waste Management) is hiring in Wilmington. They also hired veterans so if you're a veteran looking for a job, this might be your calling. Not only can it be a potential job for you, but also a good paying career. Waste Management is hiring in Wilmington, Delaware for multiple positions. The first position they're hiring for is a driver residential. The garbage truck driver what he charged with the responsibility of driving throughout residential neighborhoods picking up trash for WM customers.

    The second position WM is hiring for it is a solid waste landfill technician. This person will be responsible for possibly removing trash from the garbage truck and helping spread trash throughout the landfill. The third position WM has for qualified job applicants seeking gainful employment is a commercial driver. WM requires that you have your CDL driver license to qualify. Complementary to the commercial driver position by WM, they also have a CDL driver roll off job available to qualified WM job applicants.

    Other positions within WM include and outside sales executive position which requires you to possibly go from business-to-business or business-to-customer to prospect for new business. The last two positions currently available is district manager of disposal waste and a container delivery person with a CDL driver license. The aforementioned positions can be applied for online through WM.com.

    If you or someone you know is currently looking for work and one of the jobs mentioned above may be a good fit for them, you're welcome to share this post with everyone you know. This site strives for excellence to connect quality employers together with qualified job applicants and helping them find good paying jobs and stables sources of employment throughout the state of Delaware.



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