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  • #Delaware: 5 Jobs to Apply for Employment in New Castle County

    Jobs in New Castle County
    #Delawarejobs #October in #NewCastleCounty

    It can be an uphill battle at times trying to find a decent paying job in the state of Delaware. Who can survive nowadays working for $8 or $9 hourly? There's still opportunities in New Castle County Delaware to find good paying jobs and live happy. Truth is, some people in Delaware whether it's New Castle County, Kent County, or Sussex County, or just flat-out lazy and don't put forth enough effort to look for stable employment and settle for anything. Why would anyone want to be lazy looking for a job when the internet is readily available for finding a good paying job in New Castle County? With that said, you have no more excuses for procrastinating in looking for work. Regardless if you have a college degree or no degree, there's a job in Delaware somewhere for everyone.

    Delaware employment inspiration

    Source: NewsJournal.com

    Are you one of many Delawareans currently slacking or looking for a job or seeking a better-paying job? It's okay to admit to yourself you slacked a bit. That's part of being human. We all slack. Even the founder of this site slacks on certain things from time to time. It's a growing experience to acknowledge your shortcomings and work on changing your ways.

    Below is a random pick of five jobs in New Castle County, Delaware recommended for you to apply for potential employment:

    1. University of Delaware (UDEL.edu)- U of D in Newark, Delaware is always on there a game when it comes to education and employment. University of Delaware attracts people from all walks of life and meaningfully brings them together. Working and or attending U of D as a student is always a beautiful learning experience. Posted 28 days ago from October 16th 2017, University of Delaware put out an online call for assistant coaches. They're looking to hire an assistant coach who values the morals and standards of U of D. Additionally, the assistant coach opportunity is a full-time position in which the assistant coaches will consistently deliver reports to head coaches and Affiliated branches of the UD sports administration.

    As an assistant coach working at the University of Delaware, you'll work directly with head coaches and complete Associated responsibilities related to the position, some of which potentially involve dealing with a scholarship program, and prepping or recruiting student-athletes under the general direction of the head coach, according to the assistant coach job description posted by the University of Delaware. For this position, you'll need a bachelor's degree in sports coaching or equivalent field and some experience before applying for this position at UD. You're encouraged to apply if you feel this position is an ideal fit for you as a resident of New Castle County. University of Delaware is an equal opportunity employer and supported by Drewry News Network. UD job applicants are encouraged to create a free account on ncaa before applying for this position.

    2. State of Delaware (Delaware.gov) - Ever considered working for the state of Delaware as a government employee? That's definitely something you want to consider if you're looking for Delaware employment stability. A good thing to know about government jobs not just in Delaware, but anywhere is working for Uncle Sam has benefits. And one of those fringe benefits is looking forward to a pension. A pension plan is something everyone needs because you don't want to work job the job for the rest of your life with retirement uncertainty. Working for the state of Delaware will give you a peace of mind knowing not only do you have a good paying job, but you'll also be working toward securing a healthy retirement with a nice pension plan. State of Delaware New Castle County currently looking to hire an assistant medical examiner. The job opening date for the medical examiner position opened June 7th 2017 and closes December 3rd 2017 at approximately 11:59 p.m. The pay grade for this position is M23 and is a full-time only position. The assistant medical examiner will comply with all responsibilities related to the position. According to the job description posted on jobaps.com, the assistant medical examiner will achieve forensic autopsies and thorough examinations of the bodies delivered to the office of the chief medical examiner in efforts of determining how the death occurred.

    The assistant medical examiner will also perform job-related functions such as reviewing reports, conversing with people to learn more information about the deceased, ongoing investigations, preparation of numerous reports, assisting in the direction of forensic investigating activities, and performing additional examinations as needed.Qualifying for the assistant medical examiner position in New Castle County, Delaware will require you to possess a Delaware physician MD or Delaware physician do license or eligibility for a Delaware license, according to the job description on jobaps. Additionally, you're also need 3 years experience in forensic pathology, additional certifications, and pass a criminal background check. You may possibly be required to pay for your own background check as a condition of potential employment. You'll also have to submit to drug testing as part of the employment screening criteria. Apply for assistant medical examiner position here. Upon successful completion of passing employment criteria as a potential new hire of the state of Delaware for the assistant medical examiner position, you can look forward to a healthy starting salary of possibly earning $167,916 annually, with a Max salary of potentially earning $279,860. Your shift hours will be from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. working for the Department of forensic services/DSHS.

    3. Integrity Staffing Solutions (Jobs.IntegrityStaffing.com) - located in Middletown Delaware, Integrity Staffing strives for excellence to help job applicants fine good-paying positions. Integrity specializes in helping applicants find work at the Amazon warehouse located in New Castle, Delaware. Integrity Staffing in Middletown recently posted an online document 17 hours 29 minutes ago from the time of this post putting out a call for potentially hiring Amazon warehouse workers. According to information posted by Integrity, the Amazon warehouse jobs are paying up to potentially $13.75 hourly. Working at the Amazon warehouse will require you to stand for long periods of time and work swiftly in a fast-moving environment. If you're one of those people that have lower back problems, working at Amazon warehouse in New Castle is not going to be an ideal job for you. If you feel this position is a good fit for you, not only can you look forward to potentially earning up to $13.75 hourly, but also maintain a temp-to-perm position whereas it'll be an ongoing assignment. Working for Integrity Staffing also entitles you to medical and dental benefits, according to the posting by Integrity Staffing Middletown. Working at Amazon warehouse will possibly require you to work more than 40 hours a week. And they also mentioned that shift scheduling options might include day shifts and night shifts and may change without notice. Are you a person that doesn't mind being on call for a job? Are you someone currently looking for work and okay with working any kind of shift as long as you get a paycheck every other week? Integrity Staffing might be your hook up in finding work at amazon.com and keeping a job there as a warehouse worker so you can keep a few dollars in your pocket.

    A good thing about working at Amazon warehouse in New Castle is they have casual Fridays. That means it's a relaxed dress code. They do mention up front that you'll be standing in one place for extended periods of time. However, as required as part of the related job duties, you'll be moving around the facility, which means you'll need a good pair of sneakers that'll keep your feet comfortable. Here's the good news for you. You don't need a college degree such as a bachelor's, MBA, or PhD to have a job at Amazon Delaware. All that's required is a willingness to work and adapt to ever so changing work schedules. If you're a college student and attending classes during the week, Amazon New Castle might not be a good fit for you. This job is for people that don't mind working 40 hours a week and working overtime. If you're working on your degree, it's not worth risking your education just to have a job working 40 hours a week for now. Prior to applying for Amazon jobs through Integrity Staffing services in Middletown, Delaware, you'll need to bring two forms of identification with you. Preferably a driver's license and social security card. If you don't have your social security card, bring your birth certificate along with you and your original high school diploma. The good news about applying for jobs at Amazon Delaware is nothing is mentioned in the job description and employment criteria about passing a criminal background check. That's not to say Integrity won't run a background check on you. But it's possible to have some things on your past criminal history and still pass the interview to get employed at Amazon warehouse Delaware. Keep hope alive when filling out the employment application on site at Integrity Staffing Middletown. Apply here for Amazon warehouse jobs via Integrity Staffing Services Middletown, De

    4. Corporation Service Company (CSCGlobal.com) - Corporation service company is a not just another company, but a successful Corporation that's been around since 1899. What does that say about achieving employment disability once hired as a new employee of CSC Delaware? Applying for employment at Corporation service company should be a top priority for job applicants not looking to just have another job and a paycheck coming in, but applicants who are career-minded and looking to grow with CSC Delaware. Corporation service company didn't make it this far since 1899 by hiring just anyone. With that said, you can look forward to good pay and a healthy 401K pension plan once hired as a new CSC employee. Corporation service company is looking to hire a full-time customer service representative Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. based on the needs of the company. You can have a peace of mind knowing an MBA or PhD is not required to work as a customer service rep at CSC. According to the job description posted by CSC on taleo.net, they're looking to hire a small business customer service representative in a call center environment. If you have previous call center experience working at the local banks throughout Delaware or formerly worked at dot com companies and have a clear and concise voice when dealing with the general public on the telephone, this may be an ideal fit as well as a position for long-term employment. You'll be receiving volumes of inbound calls from people concerned about incorporating their businesses, document retrievals, mergers, and business licenses, according to the job description posted by CSC Delaware.

    Additionally, you're charged with responsibilities related to the job such as following up with customers in regards to their requests. For this position, not only do you need a clear and concise voice and tolerance in handling volumes of inbound calls, but you're also be placing outbound calls, managing customer portfolios as listed in the job description, keeping customer information organized and helping customers “get organized,” research information for customers in regards to certain legal documents, and strive for excellence to maintain positive relationships in longevity between business to customer (B2C). To apply for this position as a customer service representative, you'll need to have a bachelor's degree, though a college degree is not required to apply for the job. If you don't have a bachelor's degree in Business, Marketing, law or related field as listed in the job description, you can simply have one year of experience working in a customer service- call center environment. This might be your ideal calling for a healthy shift in employment if you're currently working in a call center environment that's not paying you enough money. Working at CSC Delaware is not for lazy people. If you're serious about getting a good paying job and keeping a job in New Castle County Delaware not just working at CSC, but any company in Delaware, laziness can't be part of your daily mantra. Are you listening? Good. Additionally to having degree or no degree, you need good people skills and the ability to multitask effectively. You'll occasionally be introduced to random business projects as a CSC customer service rep which will require business creativity on your behalf. You'll also be required to work independently from time to time. This means having the ability to make mature sound judgment in the spur of the moment. Lastly, your grammar game must be on point. In other words, your grammar and vernacular must be congruent like two railroad tracks. On point!Apply here for customer service at CSC Delaware

    5. LabCorp.com - Lab Corp posted a position four days ago from the date of this post in search of a part-time customer service representative. Summarized in a nutshell, LabCorp is a leading Healthcare Diagnostics company, according to the homepage of their official website. The company is dedicated to providing accurate lab tests using state-of-the-art proprietary technology. according to additional information in the About Us section of the LabCorp website, they service Physician Offices, hospitals, Managed Care organizations, and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE.com). This is an ideal job for someone looking for part-time employment who's either multitasking with another job or working their way through college. Basically, they desire to have a part-time customer service rep help them respond to customer inquiries and solve problems. Part-time customer service representative according to the job description will be involved in job-related duties such as researching, troubleshooting, and going the extra mile to resolve customer problems.

    You need some office experience and preferred experience with payroll, paternity testing, have a good hand at performing data entry at virtual lightspeed, and related licenses and certifications if you have. This job only requires a high school diploma or relevant experience between 1 to 3 years. Nothing mentioned in the requirements section about reference checks or background checks. Apply on SnagaJob for LabCorp part-time customer service representative. Lastly, hourly pay, benefits, and starting pay rates are not mentioned in the job description. Be mindful to inquire with the employer upon interviewing for the job how much this position is paying for entry-level LabCorp part-time employees.

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    Hopefully, one or some of the aforementioned jobs mentioned above available throughout New Castle County possibly peaked your interest. If not, you are welcome to bookmark this thread and share with someone you know that's looking for work in New Castle County, Delaware. You're also welcome to share this post on other social networks such as LinkedIn.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, Pinterest.com, and ReddIt.com. Be mindful and check back often for New Castle County job postings to come.



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