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#DelawareJobs: #WhosHiring? 6 Jobs to Keep a Close Eye On in #NewCastleCounty

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  • #DelawareJobs: #WhosHiring? 6 Jobs to Keep a Close Eye On in #NewCastleCounty

    Jobs in New Castle County
    #DelawareEmployment with a #goodpayingjob is possible if you #believe and #searchjobs in #Delaware inside #NewCastleCounty

    Welcome back to the Drewry News Network New Castle County jobs forum. This forum was created to help Delawareans throughout New Castle County find and retain stable employment. Are you currently in the job market right now looking for stable work and decent pay? Are you sick and tired of your unemployment status or cushy job you're currently working in that only pays a can of beans? DNN will strive to keep you in the loop on new job postings and who's hiring anywhere in New Castle County Delaware. Feel free to share posts on this site with your family, friends, and what co-workers even if they don't live in New Castle County.

    What kind of job are you currently in the market for in Delaware? HVAC? Legal careers? Banking, customer service, editorial, accounting, information technology, or auto mechanic? How about sales and marketing? Whatever the job is you or someone you know is looking for, DNN will strive for excellence without further delay to get organized and bring you the most recent job postings. Not everyone goes on job portals to look for the most recent postings from Delaware employers. Or maybe someone who’s currently looking for work or allegedly too lazy to sign in to their current job seeker account to look for new work. Worst case scenario is you'll potentially see a job posting on DNN and apply for the job when you feel like it, discovering the position has already been filled. Don't be one of those lazy people that spots an ideal job posting on this site and doesn't act on it right away.

    Moving on:

    There's a few good job postings either yourself or someone you know might be interested in applying for in New Castle County. And yes, these employers are currently looking for qualified job candidates and hiring right now.

    SIx employers in New Castle County hiring now:

    1 - Saint Francis Hospital: Housekeeper: This position at St Francis Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware is currently hiring for dedicated housekeepers. No college degree is required. The housekeeper will be responsible for executing routine duties such as performing housekeeping and laundry tasks. Other job-related duties May potentially be disclosed upon interviewing for this position direct with the potential employer on location at Saint Francis Hospital located in Wilmington near by 4th Street on the hill. The housekeeper position at the hospital is full time only at the time of this post. Salary for this position as a full-time housekeeper is to be determined by Saint Francis Hospital.

    Food Service aide: this position is also a full-time job at Saint Francis Hospital Wilmington, Delaware. The position of the full-time Food Service aide requires hands on with sanitation disposal. Upon a successful interview and recruitment as a new employee of Saint Francis Hospital, you will be required to not only perform sanitation duties, you'll also maintain the kitchen area as part of your job related tasks. Duties related to Kitchen maintenance consists of potentially washing dishes, dealing with food directly with food gloves on, rotating food items, potentially prepping food for the next day, Etc. Once again this is not a part-time position nor a job where you can make your own hours. You must be willing to work full time. There's no specific mention about college degree required for the position or references. Pay will be determined by Saint Francis Hospital TBD.

    Patient Escort: This position is currently hiring for patient escort services and currently looking for someone who's dependable - responsible in the driver's seat. The successful job candidate who secures this position will successfully transport patients to and from the hospital in a timely and professional manner. Additional job duties related for the position of patient escort is transporting related medical equipment for patients to and from Saint Francis Hospital. A good thing about this position is if you currently have a day job or working a side hustle whereas your hours are flexible enough to work this position as a part-time Saint Francis Hospital patient escort driver, you're encouraged to apply with no delay. Pay is to be determined by the hospital. There's no mention about college degrees as a requirement for potential employment.

    Patient Driver: this position is somewhat similar to the one mentioned above. However, the difference in this position as a patient driver is you'll be transporting hospital patients to and from medical appointments in a 14-passenger bus. This position is not for people looking for part-time work because they're only hiring for full-time employees. This might be your calling if you're not in college or already completed college coursework and looking to work full time in a stable career. Saint Francis Hospital will determine the pay for this position.

    Boiler Operator: this is a swing shift. If you're okay with that this is the job for you to apply for. Basically, all you're doing is working in the Boiler Room. Your job is to make sure boiler and Water chill systems are operating up to par. The pay for this shift will be determined by Saint Francis Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware. No mention about college degrees required for this position.

    Interested in any of the aforementioned positions at Saint Francis Hospital in Wilmington? You can apply easily by creating a new user account and submitting your resume for potential employment consideration at

    2 - ABM: originally based in Logan Township, New Jersey, ABM building value company will host a job fair on Friday, October 6th 2017 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Delaware Department of Labor division of employment and training. This is an event you definitely don't want to miss if you're potentially looking to be hired on the spot and don't mind traveling over the Delaware Memorial Bridge to New Jersey to work. Basically, the ABM company based out of Logan Township, New Jersey is currently looking for cleaners and warehouse workers. Both positions are paying a starting base rate of $11 hourly. The requirements to potentially getting hired is you must bring two forms of valid identification. In addition, you must pass a criminal background check and agree to a drug test and have your own source of reliable transportation.

    If you have anything on your background you feel that may hinder you from gaining and retaining stable employment, it's best you share the information up front with the ABM hiring manager on location at the Delaware Department of Labor when they host the job fair on Friday October 6th 2017. As there are no guarantees to getting hired with or without a criminal background, honesty is the best policy. That means it's best to be honest about your background upfront and don't try to hide anything. You may be a suitable candidate for a position at the ABM company in New Jersey even with a criminal background so once again, let them know everything upfront so they can make an informed decision concerning your potential employment on the spot and no one feels their time is being wasted.

    It's required that you apply online first before attending the ABM job fair.

    Apply here for the cleaning position at $11 - Delaware cleaning jobs

    Apply here for the warehouse worker position at $11 - Warehouse jobs Delaware

    3 - Prologistix Staffing Agency: ProLogistix is an employment agency based in New Castle County Delaware. Their mission is to help residents living in New Castle County Delaware find relevant positions and warehouses based experience listed from their resume. ProLogistix is hosting a beautiful job fair on Wednesday October 4th 2017 in Wilmington, Delaware. Guess where it's going to be hosted? None other than the Delaware Department of Labor division of employment and training. The beauty of the ProLogistix Delaware job fair is that not only will it be hosted on October 4th 2017 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., but they are allowing you first dibs on getting your foot in the door by applying for positions online. It's actually required that you register and apply online for the jobs listed below first before attending the job fair. The beauty about these jobs readily available through ProLogistix staffing agency Delaware is no experience is necessary for one of the positions.

    Apply online for PLX jobs Delaware @

    Forklift operator: this position does require experience and a certification. ProLogistix wants someone who's certified as a stand-up forklift operator. The qualifier job candidate hire to be a stand-up forklift operator will be charged with the responsibility of moving Freight and stock and related items two and from locations as requested by management. This is not a hard job at all. There's no indication if they're specifically looking for full-time or part-time. A good thing about this certified forklift operator position is it pays a starting base rate of $13.50 hourly. Once again, you do need to be certified as a stand-up forklift operator in order to qualify for this position. If you don't yet have the forklift certification, you're still encouraged to attend the job fair and ask the hiring manager for more information concerning how you can get certified as a forklift operator so you can apply for future positions at ProLogistix staffing agency Delaware.

    4 - Tornado II janitorial service / ALS (Achieve Logistics Systems) - Tornado Janitorial Service, LLC just had a job fair earlier today. The company is looking to hire part-time for skilled cleaners and housekeepers. They're also looking for skilled workers with CDL Class B with class P & S endorsements. Is that you? If so, this could be your subliminal calling two immediate employment with ALS - tornado to Janitorial Service, LLC. They had a job fair today looking to recruit qualified Delaware job candidates to work weekdays between 6am and 10pm They're looking to hire workers with previous janitorial and cleaning experience. ALS is looking to hire qualify job Delaware candidates with a CDL license because they have school buses which they need to put drivers in. In other words, you need to be school bus transportation trained, additionally to having two references relevant for the position which you are applying for. The company is also conducting background checks which is required for you to pass. Anything on your background you need to let them know ahead of time so that they don't flag you for trying to allegedly withhold information. If you end up passing the criminal background check, the next phase you'll be moving on to is the pre-employment physical. This means you can't have any narcotics or marijuana in your system. If you potentially have marijuana in your system at the time they require you to take a pre-employment physical - drug screen, your best option would be to drink one full gallon of cranberry juice from your local supermarket.

    Achieve Logistics Systems Transport
    (302) 264-0123

    You could also purchase a small bottle of Puri blend from your local health food store. Puri blend costs almost allegedly $50 per bottle but does the job. Drink it straight as is and or mix with cranberry juice if needed to dilute the solution. You will be tested for additional drugs and alcohol. Cease from all alcohol consumption before applying for this position. Reason being is because you are allegedly about to be hired as a new employee earning good money with them and you don't want anything in your system that will hinder your potential employment with ALS. With that said, be sure to have your employment resume updated. You can learn more about achieve Logistics systems Delaware by performing a search in bing, Google, or Yahoo to locate their official website and submit your resume for potential Delaware employment. If you're serious about holding down a good job and serving this company as a good employee, you definitely want to get your act together right now by detoxifying yourself from all impurities such as alcohol, drugs, and marijuana so everything will come back good and put you in the driver's seat for Delaware employment success.

    5 - NAOS (North American on-site) - North American on-site is a staffing agency located in New Castle County Delaware. They have full-time temp-to-perm positions and looking to hire qualified Delaware job candidates such as yourself who's currently looking for work. are you unemployed, working in a job with a horrible acting employer, or currently working in a cushy job with no growth? It's time to change your life around and get moving by discovering new Delaware job opportunities. North American on-site is looking to hire recyclable materials sorters. You need to have a reliable source of transportation to secure this position.

    Apply online for Delaware NAOS jobs @

    There's currently no information available about full-time or part-time starting shift and ending shift hours. First and second shifts are available which know times are listed as mentioned. The first shift is paying $8.25 hourly. Second shift is paying $8.75 hourly. Overtime is available On a first-come-first-serve basis. You can't use Dart to get to work for this job. If you currently don't own your own vehicle, perhaps you can get a ride from a friend or family member or perhaps your spouse as a reliable means of transportation to and from work until you save up enough paychecks to get your own car or truck.

    6 - DANA Railcare: Dana railcare is located on an 18 acre facility located in Wilmington, Delaware. The company specializes in comprehensive boxcar cleaning and maintenance and repairs. Do you have experience in the field of railroading? This may be your potential calling for employment in the railroad industry. Dana railcare is currently looking for welders that specializes in the process of welding. You must have experience to apply for this position. Dana railcare wants to hire a n experienced welder and a skilled employee who knows how to join metals together. The experienced welder will successfully pass a drug test and criminal background check and have a valid driver's license. The successful job candidate will also have 5 years experience welding in the state of Delaware. With combined experience in welding along with passing the drug test and criminal background check and having a reliable source of transportation to work, you can look forward to a starting pay of $14 hourly and up to potentially earning 17 hours hourly. This position is very promising for potential advancement in the company. You definitely want to jump on this opportunity now if you have welding experience and a clean background.

    Quality assurance inspector: the quality assurance inspector for Dana rail care will be charged with the responsibility of building control panels based upon schematics as according to a flyer. The flyer also lists you must have a minimum of five years experience in control panel building which is a definite requirement for employment. You'll also need prior experience with control systems such as Siemens and Allen Bradley. You have to have some type of physical ability as this position requires you to sometimes lift objects 50 lb and potentially heavier. You'll also need good Vision to operate Electric Tools and have some office experience in operating Windows printing software for making labels. As with any job, reliable sources of Transportation or a reliable source of transportation is required as a written and Unwritten rule. If you have your own vehicle, great. If not, find someone that can take you to and from work everyday. For the quality assurance inspector position, you'll still need to pass the criminal background check and the drug test. Remember what was said before about the drug test concerning getting a bottle of Puri blend from your local health food store for close to $50? If you recently smoked marijuana or inhaled something you had no business ingesting, it's time to pick up a gallon of cranberry juice from your local supermarket and re-up on a bottle of Puri blend so you can pass your drug test the next day or day after pre-employment interviewing.

    Railcar repair: Dana railcare is paying good money for this entry level position. The Railcar repair person will be required to satisfy responsibilities for daily Railcar repair and maintenance. You will be responsible for handling that everyday or every other day according to the flyer. The experienced Railcar repair person must be able to read and understand blueprints, make car repairs in compliance with Fran AAR rules within assigned hours and keep good repair records, according to the flyer posted. The Railcar repair specialist must be able to fluently read and write English at a high school level as this is a mandatory requirement. This means you must be up to par on your reading and grammar. If you're grammar is not vernacular, it's time to tighten up on your game so you can get this job. You must be willing to work safely around heavy equipment and on top of and under rail cars. This means you must use sound judgment before diving in and starting your work day with Railcar repair and maintenance. No drugs and no drinking at all. The successful Railcar repair job candidate will also work in hot and cold environments as well as around railroad tracks, according to information additionally listed in the Dana railcare employment flyer. This position is paying between $17 hourly and $19 hourly. If you're interested in working in the railroad industry and applying for any of the three four mentioned positions but have no experience and no certification, your best choice option would be to contact the Delaware Department of Labor employment and training for more information.

    E-mail your Delaware employment resume for potential consideration to

    Hopefully one of the six Delaware companies mentioned with available employment opportunities will help you in your job search to achieve your employment objectives. It's hard in today's age of Information Technology to find a good-paying job even with a college degree. Not everyone has time to surf the Internet or search deep online and offline for jobs they wish to have. This is where DNN comes in striving for excellence to bring you relevant information to help you succeed and finding potentially good paying jobs throughout New Castle County Delaware.

    You're welcome to share this post with family, friends, and co-workers across social networks such as,,, discuss in videos, and blog on,,, or Be mindful to check back frequently for more postings coming soon to DNN for jobs in New Castle County Delaware.