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#JobFair: Where to Meet Employers in #WilmingtonDelaware

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  • #JobFair: Where to Meet Employers in #WilmingtonDelaware

    Jobs in New Castle County
    #jobsearch in #Delaware

    If you're one of scores of people in Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, or Philadelphia looking for work in Wilmington, Del., now's your time to get on board. Come on down yonder to the job fair to be held Wednesday in Wilmington, Delaware on May 9, 2017.

    Location: Latin American Community Center -

    Address: 403 N Van Buren St, Wilmington, DE 19805
    Phone: (302) 655-7338
    Entrance located through Harrison Street (Wilmington, Delaware)
    Time: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
    Price: Free

    Contact: Daniela Vargas (302) -655 -7338 ext.2173

    This event is for serious minded individuals and not for those looking to "job hop." What is "job hopping?" It's going job to job without clear career goals in mind. You work on one job for a certain amount of money until something else better paying comes along. Then you quit your current job "you might've been there for 1 week to 1 month," then hop to another job. Jobby job hopping is not a good look because you'll be 50 years old when you look back on your life and not have a dime saved in your 401 (k) retirement plan nor a pension to look forward to. These employers are serious about hiring career-minded people who are serious about "staying on the job in Delaware," not looking to go from job to job. If this applies to you that likes to hop job to job in Delaware, stay home!

    'Employers on Deck Ready to Interview and Potentially Hire'

    You know the deal before attending not just this job fair, but any job fair. Your shoe game and business attire must be on point. Another words, don't walk in this job fair looking like a stock flop with holes in your shoes, wrinkled shirts and pants you just took out of the dryer or wore yesterday without washing them in the washing machine and ironing, and not wearing a tie and dress socks. Don't wear White socks with dress shoes. These employers will silently judge your first appearance without saying a word! Your business dress game has to be on deck and A+ from head to toe. They're not playing, so you need to show them you're not playing either!

    Make sure you brush your teeth, wash your mouth out with or some kind of decent mouthwash from either,, or get some from You don't want to converse with a prospective employer up close and personal Robin Leach style and your breath virtually knocks their head off and have them talking greasy about your way out of the Wilmington job fair. Be mindful to have breath mints on deck with you in your pocket and put a few LifeSavers in your mouth before shaking hands with an employer and discussing a potential position in his or her company.

    Who's going to be there?

    Tornado II
    Medi Clean
    Wetsside Family Healthcare
    Promotion Zone

    And possibly more!

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    This is not the time for you to loaf and allow this employment opportunity to pass you by. If you're serious about getting a job "not a jobby job" and holding down a job, now's the time for you to get our of your current comfort zone and get dapper for this job fair coming up in Wilmington, Delaware.