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  • Quality #Jobs to Apply for in #NewCastleCounty #Delaware

    Jobs in New Castle County
    Applying for #Employment in #NewCastleCounty #Delaware

    There comes a time in almost everyone's life way you have to look for another job. It's important to have your employment resume optimized with the skills, education, and the right keywords to gain the interest of potential employers and scoring a good grade during and after the job interview. Perhaps you're one of many folk who doesn't care too much for logging into various job sites to view new job postings. DrewryNewsNetwork strives for excellence to serve you with quality and relevant jobs in helping you potentially find a job you're looking for so you can be an asset to the company. Now's the time to have your employment credentials fine tuned on paper and in Microsoft Word format if your resume isn't yet optimized to catch the eyes and interest of employers.

    Here's a shortlist of a few quality jobs to apply for online:

    1. The Waterfall Catering and Special Events - Claymont, DE

    This company is looking for an experienced professional to coordinate and solicit events in New Castle County Delaware. This job is preferably for people with sales experience but doesn't require extensive sales or customer service experience. They don't ask for much in the education field, but a good trait if you have a Bachelors degree as they prefer to hire employees with one. If you feel this job is an ideal fit for you as an events coordinator and good with building and sustaining positive business relationships with people, perhaps this is your calling,

    2. Dumont Aviation, LLC - Aircraft Inspector - New Castle County, DE

    Looking to grow with the company? This is not a job for people apply for just to get another paycheck until something else comes along. If you're looking for employment stability and opportunities to move up in the company and excel in the aviation industry, this is your grand opportunity to apply for the job. Dumont Aviation is looking for a quality aircraft inspector to perform thorough inspections of every nook and cranny of what the job requires. Upon hiring, you'll be charged with responsibilities of overseeing aircraft inspections and signing off on paperwork. A good thing about applying for this job is no college degree required.

    A high school diploma or GED will suffice for potential employment. You'll potentially need two years of relevant experience in this line of work to be considered for employment. You'll also need an entrepreneurial mindset because you will be required to form job-related tasks with minimum or no supervision. How nice is it to have paid holidays and vacation after getting hired? Imagine the possibilities of being an asset to this company and building your financial stability as an outstanding aircraft inspection employee.

    Learn more here about this job and employment benefits.

    3. Experis - Wilmington, Delaware (New Castle County)

    Got tech skills? Do you know Ruby on rails? Python? C++? Java? Web server skills? This may be the ideal job for you. Located conveniently in Wilmington, Delaware, Experis employment agency works immediately with job applicants to find relevant employment and partnered with tech companies throughout Delaware. This listing is for a Java developer with five or more years of experience. As an employee, you'll be required to batch, develop, and execute numerous job-related tasks as a web job a developer. Learn more about this position and how to apply for potential employment.

    'Dotting Your I's and Crossing T's'

    Is your employment resume in the correct format such as .doc, .docx, or .pdf? Most online job sites only accept resumes in the rules formats. Take time to analyze every word and phrase on your resume before submitting to a potential employer. Analyzing every word and phrase consists of grammar such as spelling, quotations, highlights of past jobs, and so on. When presenting your resume online to a potential employer, you want to look as good as possible before their eyes in a Microsoft Word or .PDF formatted resume as you would get dressed up for the real-life job interview. If you feel your resume doesn't have the correct wording on it, this might be your time to hire professional online help rewrite your resume for you.

    Stay tuned for more posts about quality jobs in New Castle County Delaware in the near future.