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Helpful #Dating Tips for #Men Seeking #SingleWomen Online

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  • Helpful #Dating Tips for #Men Seeking #SingleWomen Online

    Always be #respectful as a #man when sending #onlinemessages to #single #women seeking a #date or #longterm #relationship -

    A woman is always happy to recieve a stimulating message from a new male friend online. She reads, smiles, and feels excited. She's probably thinks to herself "oh wow, he just might be my soulmate." And her cheeks might start to get tickled pink.

    After she reads your stimulating dating message, her mind is now silently exploring all of the wonderfully infinite opportunities. She's wondering and hoping you're visually satisfying in person. Her interest grows quietly to meet you. As a man, you know the right words to say to a woman to get her enticed, engaged and interested in you. You sent her a stimulating dating message and aroused her emotions. Have you sent her the same message you sent to other women on the same online dating network? If so, chances are she might discuss the note with her other girlfriends on that same dating social network and show them the contents of your message.

    Dating message tips:

    1. Craft an individual message for the woman you desire (no mass notes)
    2. Speak respectfully from header to footer of message
    3. Don't mention anything sexual (this will immediately push her away)
    4. Don't write her a term paper as the 1st message: Be short and to the point
    5. Close the message out and thank her for her "precious time reading"

    And for men who send mass notes to scores of women on social networks:

    She might not know you sent the same dating message to different women on the same social network you're trying to mack scores of women on at first. If she has girlfriends on the same social dating site that you sent that same message to, not only will they all find out, but, you'll be quietly clowned and labeled!

    'Follow These Directions'

    When courting numerous women on the same dating network, write unique and different sounding messages. It takes time and will slow down your ambition of reaching a score of women in a short timeframe, but worth it. Don't get ahead of yourself and send the same message to different women, because you never know who knows who. And most important, don't fixate your mind on striving for excellence to achieve meeting lots of women to date. Focus on one woman of quality and have a positive mindset of building a meaningful and special relationship with her.

    Take genuine interest in her, view her dating profile, and write something to her that is specifically unique about her. That'll forge a positive image in her mind that not only did you take the time to view her complete dating profile, but, you're also uniquely interested, and not just sending a "mass note" trying to get some "milk and cookies," and go "onto the next one." If you achieve the goal of meeting her, please be a gentleman on the first date.

    Experience Is The Best Teacher

    This post is written from real world online dating experiences. When trying to meet someone of quality, be patient in receiving a response. Write something unique to a woman in letting her know you are not like most men in their way of thinking. Take time to get to know her. A woman is a man's helpmeet. A woman is more than beauty and a robust body for playground intimacy. She is to be valued, cherished, adored, loved and unconditionally cared for.

    A woman is a man's priceless "jewel in the nile." She's his queen. Woven from man and created to unconditionally love and serve her man. Approach a woman with maturity and treat her like a queen. It's worth taking the time to write her an emotionally touching message assuring her "she is worth it." Look at her more than just someone to be intimate with instantly. While getting to know her, never cease from making her feel special, because a good woman is to be valued across the board.