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8 More Ways to Increase #GoFundMe Donations

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  • 8 More Ways to Increase #GoFundMe Donations

    #GoFundMe is an #ideal #place for #onlinefundraising for #legitimate & #positive #purposes

    Not everyone knows how to use a cost-effective means of increasing exposure to their profile. It's emotionally challenging at time convincing strangers to donate money to your GoFundMe profile. You have to make your page compelling by means of well worded text, pictures, and spice it up with engaging video. You want to appeal personal and professional to your target audience. And, you want to extend your reach without resorting to PPC "pay per click online advertising."

    In the previous post discussing Go Fund Me, 4 interesting ways were introduced to ways of potentially encouraging people to donate to your profile while increasing exposure. You definitely want to consider including the four recommended methods of increasing donations to your profile. Why? Relationships play a huge role online and off-line in the success of anything. The awesome power of streaming online video instantly attracts the human eye faster than articles, blog posts, web pages, and discussion forum threads. Using social networks such as,,,, and to expand reach to your target audience is an absolute must. That is, if you're looking to have your profile taken seriously and increase the probability of having people donate to your profile.

    Online fundraising is what you make of it. If you remember the story of James Robertson, he was the gentleman from Detroit, Michigan that allegedly achieved 21 mile walks to work daily. He did the transformation work out of desperation or inspiration to get to his job on foot. Unfazed by the fact his car broke down years earlier, he remained determined foot it to his place of employment and do his job no matter what. A 19-year-old gentleman acknowledged his struggle and created a Go Fund Me profile in hopes of raising funds for Mr. Robertson to purchase a new car. After his story aired on a news show, James Robertson's GoFund Me profile exploded with donations. Though he never had to directly promote the profile himself, it was ironclad proof receiving continuous donations online is possible for anyone who has faith and does the transformation work. As a result, Mr. Robertson exceeded $300,000 in donations ,and had an ex-girlfriend stalk him afterwards in hopes of allegedly getting $50,000 out of him.

    Now that you know four simple ways to increase donations to your profile from the proevious post, it's time to put those recommendations to work.

    Consider using these 8 additional approaches in addition to four simple ways mentioned:

    5. Create a Microsoft word document 500 to 1000 words long. If you write between 4 to 6 paragraphs in the document roughly in the ballpark between 500 to 1000 words long, be sure to add only one link to your donation profile in the beginning paragraph, middle, and conclusion paragraph. You don't want to look spammy adding the same link in your document no more than three times. As long as your document is simple and straight to the point and not wordy talking about nonsense, it will entice people to click the link and donate to your profile. After your Microsoft Word document is created, create a free profile if you haven't already done so and upload your MS word document Scribd is a wonderful place to upload documents for free and share with the community.

    After you've uploaded your document, you have the ability to write a unique title, create a unique description, and add relevant keywords to the topic of your document. The reason for writing a unique title, unique description, and adding relevant keywords to your document before publishing to the Scribd community is for "SEO - search engine optimization purposes," meaning after your document is published with the title, description and keywords, search engine crawlers from,,,, and will be notified and crawl-spider your newly uploaded Scribd document before indexing in their "organic search engine listings. Organic search engine listings simply means "unpaid search results." When people search in search engines under different search terms, your Scribd document may potentially appear in search engine results, increasing the probability of people searching for things in search engines possibly donating money to your profile. Don't ignore document sharing when it comes to increasing the possibility of getting strangers to give money to your page.

    6. This was discussed in the 4 easy ways post about including a link in the beginning of your YouTube video description to get extra exposure to your page. Not only do you want to include a link in newly uploaded you to video to your online donation page, but another thing you want to do inside of your YouTube dashboard is adjust settings where as your new YouTube videos are automatically posted to As you may or may not know, disabled RSS feeds. But now, if you look closely in step #12, a recent research in found a YouTube RSS feed you can use for auto video syndication. If you didn't know, RSS stands for "really simple syndication." YouTube RSS feeds allowed video content creators to easily share their videos without extra effort on multiple social platforms. However, you can still auto share your YouTube videos on Google. Twitter. All you need to do is click on the setting circle tab, then click on the "connected accounts those quotes tab flush left side of your YouTube publisher Control Panel, follow the prompts login and authorize your twitter profile, and that's it. From now on, every new YouTube video you upload automatically posted to twitter without lifting an extra finger.

    If you're looking for a tidbit of a traffic boost your YouTube videos from Twitter, be sure to include relevant hash tags in the title of your video. Another words, if your YouTube videos are targeting an audience to donate money to your profile to pay medical bills, you may want to refer to the following examples below as creative inspiration.


    "#Fundraising Online to Pay #Hospital Costs"

    "Need Help Paying #MedicalBills - Please #Donate to my #GoFundMe Page"

    "Hefty #Medical Bill - Please Help Me Pay This off and Donate on My #GoFundMe Profile"

    "Raising #Money for #Educational Goals"

    If you look closely at the number signs before certain words and terms, they will automatically appear as hyperlinked hash tags after your YouTube video is auto posted to twitter. The end result is the hash tags potentially increasing traffic to your tweets, thus resulting in the increased likelihood of getting a donation or 2 to your profile. If you include hash tags in every new YouTube video description, increase your chances on every video upload of getting more people to see what you tweeting on Twitter. This method will help you make gains in Twitter traffic.

    7. Join a high traffic forum. Perform a search in your favorite search engine for more information on "joining forums and including forum signatures in your forum community profile." If you end up joining a high traffic forum and allowed to include clickable hyperlinks in your forum signature, you can include a link to your profile.

    When you create a new thread or respond to someone's thread in the forum, your GoFundMe hyperlink will be exposed in your forum signature every time you post content to the forum, whether it's in the form of a reply to someone's thread, or a new thread you've created in the community. The more your forum signature hyperlink is exposed to people in the forum, the more likely your chances are increased to possibly receive a donation from someone. It doesn't hurt to include a link to your online fundraising profile and give it a try.

    8. Join Triberr is a high traffic site that allows people to auto syndicate tweets from to their Triberr profile. After you've created your free profile, simply follow the directions for you to connect your twitter account, and be sure to completely fill out your profile with information relevant to your online fundraising profile.

    Having a page on Triberr will allow you to increase the likelihood of getting a donation, as you don't have to worry about posting links to the site manually. This means your YouTube videos can potentially get more exposure than originally hoped for, because your YouTube videos will be automatically posted from Twitter through your YouTube dashboard "connected accounts."

    9. Authorize your to post Go Fund Me profile updates automatically to There's a unique feature in your GFM dashboard that allows you to authorize Twitter to auto-post updates every time you post something to your GFM profile. In this case, you can get creative and add a few relevant hashtags to your GFM profile updates, which will in turn be automatically hyperlinked hashtags on Twitter. And those hyperlinked hashtags on Twitter will result in more traffic to your GFM profile. Don't ignore this, as it can result in more eyeballs and possibly a bump in donations.

    10. Connect the RSS feed from your YouTube RSS feed in step 12 to, follow the easy steps to creating a Feedburner name for your YouTube RSS feed, click the "publicize" tab, then activate "pingshot." This will notify pinging services every time you upload a new YouTube video and slowly increases traffic to your videos everytime you upload a new one.

    11. Create a free account if you haven't already done that so you can register your YouTube RSS feed on

    12. Sign up for a free profile on After creating your free account, add the following RSS feed below from and be sure to add your YouTube channel way you see the quotes "add YouTube name here":"AddYouTubeNameHere"

    With your YouTube RSS feed syndicating content to, it gives you a peace of mind knowing you don't have to log into social networks individually and manually posting a link to every new YouTube video you upload to your channel. Be sure to add a link to your profile at the very top of the YouTube video description so people know where to possibly donate money to.

    The YouTube RSS feed allows you to auto syndicate every new YouTube video to the following social networks absolutely free:
    • (personal profile and company page)
    If you have target audiences on those social networks, having your YouTube video auto syndicated to them will increase the probability of receiving a donation and will help you move closer toward reaching your online fundraising goals.

    These eight tips will hopefully help you increase your online marketing creativity when it comes to promoting your profile and using the awesome power of to instantly convert eyeballs into potential donors. While you won't receive donations instantly, remain faithful and continue creating lots and lots of YouTube video content, and be min dful to in include a link to your profile in the header of every YouTube video description so you increase the chance of receiving a donation or two when least expected.