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#Fundly Helps Ambitious and Creative #Entrepreneurs Raise #Capital

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  • #Fundly Helps Ambitious and Creative #Entrepreneurs Raise #Capital is a site most people never heard of. Their mantra is to help people from all walks of life successfully raise capital online. Online fundraising is also known as "crowdfunding." New users can sign up for a free account and customize their profile pages to their likening, and go right into the meat and potatoes of raising funds immediately after filling out intimate details about them on their Fundly profiles.

    Who Uses Fundly

    Many startup entrepreneurs who built their Internet businesses from scratch without almost any money to start raised money through Fundly. Basically, what they did was create a profile and listed intimate information about themselves such as their business goals and how much money they need to spend one building the business, such as specifying amounts needed to pay a years web hosting cost up front in order to operate their dedicated server and purchase a domain name. Other entrepreneurs raise money through their Fundly profiles to start traditional businesses off-line, such as printing shops.

    The gentleman above was a featured story on the site for raising money in hopes of buying a brand-new laptop. He created a profile and let it be known his goal is to raise $1500 so the homeless guy can purchase a new laptop to continue blogging. He shared his profile with family and friends his favorite social networks and sent out e-mail newsletters. Lo and behold… He achieved his goal. Crowd funding-online fundraising is wonderful way to raise money for all kinds of positive purposes such as starting a business, raising money to pay college tuition, paying off debt, and the list goes on. Everyday people use Fundly to achieve fundraising goals 24 hours a day.

    Adding Content to Your Fundly Profile

    If you're adding content frequently to your profile, it's a good practice to be a little personal with people. An example would be writing a little bit about yourself such as way you will born and raised, what your personal goals are outside of business, and let people know what your personal hobbies or things you like to do on the weekend. You allow people to feel you want a personal level when you feel and personal details, as it may possibly encouraged increased online donations.

    Adding content frequently to your Fundly profile such as a blog post, a selfie photo, YouTube video, or links to your personal social networking profiles shows people you're a trustworthy person, and may indirectly encourage a donation from someone you may not have asked for donation from online. You just never know how being yourself on your profile can possibly help you get more money donated to your Fundly page. Just be yourself and everything else will follow.

    Get Started With No Delay

    Fundly is a wonderful avenue to raise money to start a business, get help with paying tuition for your Bachelor's , Master's MBA, or even possibly toward your Ed.D or Post-honorary doctorate degree. The only way of finding out if it will work for you is to get started now with no delay. Take time to completely optimize your profile with personal information about you. Once your profile is created, share the link on every social network you have a presence. Do you know coworkers, family and friends that don't mind sharing your profile with their family and friends which will possibly help increase your online fundraising potential? Send out a few good e-mail newsletters and make it clear what your intentions are and how you will use the money specifically. Ask people in the e-mail newsletter to share the link with their peoples.

    If you have a profile on Pinterest and have a few hundred or thousand followers, paying your profile there with relevant hashtags and your Pinterest followers may potentially retain your Fundly profile so their pinboards. Persistently tweet your profile on twitter and share on LinkedIn. If you put some effort into it and don't give up though you may not get a diamond donations from the beginning and for very good while, you'll notice over time the fundraising dollars was start to trickle in. This will test your determination and entrepreneurial ability to raise funds for good cause. Stay faithful and don't quit.

    If you desire to be among the elite in the world of business and success, you have to be willing to go above and beyond and in some cases, do what others won't. Being extraordinary is about thinking outside of ordinary. Do the transformation work by believing in yourself and operating in faith always at full strength.