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#GoFundMe: 4 Killer Ways To Double #GoFundMeDonations Virtually Overnight

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  • #GoFundMe: 4 Killer Ways To Double #GoFundMeDonations Virtually Overnight

    $ sureshot ways to increasing #GoFundMe #donations & ways of using the #lawofattraction to #appeal to #people for #money

    Is it possible to potentially get strangers, family, friends, and friends of friends to donate money online to your profile? You Betcha! Faith has a unique way of turning a bleak vision into a clear path to success. While it's going to be much work in the beginning to drive traffic to your Go Fund Me online donation profile, these effective and free methods of promoting your GFM page are a sure means of getting more eyeballs and possibly some hearty donations.

    1. Talk Personal About Your Life on GoFundMe

    If you haven't completely filled out your GoFundMe profile, take time now to do that. Leave no stone unturned. Every nook and cranny needs to have something in it. Yup. That means include small and large details and maybe even some personal details in those profile boxes. What this does is two things. First, it gets crawled or "spidered" by search engine crawlers. Yes, your GoFundMe profile and everything in it will be crawled and indexed by search engines and listed in search engine results pages in, and Over time, the content you added to your GFM profile will appear in search listings and possibly get traffic from people who perform daily searches. This is one way of getting traffic from the SE's.

    The second thing it does is create feelings inside your GFM profile readers. This is why it's important to add details to your profile. If something tragic happened in your life and you want to add that to your GFM profile so readers will feel your words in their heart, go for the gusto. When people's emotions are involved, they are more likely to donate. Yes, even some strangers who don't know you from a can of paint online and feel your words in their emotion will potentially take time to donate money to your Go Fund Me profile. When sharing your story, always be honest and accurate of your trials and tribulations.

    2. Upload Videos to YouTube and Link to Your GoFundMe Profile

    Once you've created your YouTube channel, you want to be sure to completely fill out every nook and cranny in your "About description." Once again, the reason for doing that "as mentioned in #1" is to get a good crawl from search engine bots and listed in search engine results pages. And, another thing you want to do after filling up your YouTube description section is to include a link back to your Facebook and GoFundMe profile. People will easily be able to locate you on Facebook and ask questions if needed, which may potentially result in not only a donation, but a hearty donation. People sometimes want to quiz you personally to see how you will react to their questions and get a quick feel for your online character.

    When you upload a new video, be sure to add the link to your GoFundMe profile first in the video description section so people will be exposed to the link and feel enticed to click it.
    An example would be: (example)

    Hi. My name is so-and-so. I'm raising funds on Go Fund Me "my profile link is above," to pay my son or daughter's medical bills and I don't have the money. They're experiencing a challenging health issue and doing all I can to raise necessary monies to pay the hospital. Any donation will help. Thank you so much for your potential consideration."

    In the YouTube video description, you can also make an emotional plea if the reason you're raising money for is life challenging.

    You can also use GoFundMe and create videos for your YouTube channel to raise money to pay your college tuition, start a business, raise money for home repairs, and so on. When your new video is uploaded to YouTube channel, be sure to click the "share" tab and pin your video to People will take the time to repin your pin if they find your video compelling, and possibly likely to get a donation or two from Pinterest users. It wouldn't hurt to take an extra 2 min. to pin your YouTube video there. Be sure to write a unique description in the pin description section and include relevant hash tags such as #Fundraising #RaiseMoney #RaisingMoney, so people can potentially find you in Pinterest search results before pinning your video to Pinterest.

    3. Create a HubPages Hub and Link Your GoFundMe Page is the world's online leader in content syndication. It's pretty much an article directory where you get paid to write articles-hubs. Create a free account first and verify your e-mail address. After you do that, start writing article hubs about the reason why you're looking to get donations to your GoFundMe profile. It's going to take a while for getting steady streams of traffic, but keep writing anyway. Be sure to include links from your new YouTube videos and images "if applicable" in your hubs. Once your hub is published, share the link URL from it on Facebook and make another YouTube video and include the link in the video description section. Take that new YouTube video with the link and it to your published along with the second link to your GoFundMe profile and share that on Pinterest. All you're pretty much doing is the same thing in step number two but increasing the probability of getting traffic from HubPages.

    Hub Pages also allows you to make money from your hubs which is another great way to make money online alongside striving to get donations to your GoFundMe profile. You can make money through Amazon, eBay, and Google AdSense in your hubs. Just sign up for the programs inside of your HubPages account dashboard if you haven't already done so and follow the simple directions.

    4. Share Your GoFundMe Profile on Social Networks

    As noted in step two and step three, you need to frequently share your HubPages, YouTube videos, and GoFundMe profiles on your favorite social networks. If you have an account on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google +, those are the primary networks you need to be active on daily. Trust and believe people are ready to donate to your profile. You have to do the work and act faithfully. You won't get donations to your profile right away. Having patience and making necessary efforts will put you on the right track to get potential steady donations when least expected. Don't lose hope or get lazy in the process of continually sharing links from your, HubPages, and GoFundMe profiles, because you can potentially get a nice donation from a stranger online in the middle of the night if you stay persistent.

    'Stay Faithful'

    Hopefully this thread does not confuse you on how to use social networks to raise money online. You know the first step to take is to create a page on Go FundMe. Then, you know to include the link from your profile in every new YouTube video description. Third, you also know to include links from your YouTube video and GoFund Me profile in every new hub you write and publish on HubPages in order to drive extra referral traffic and increase the potential to receive donations. You know how important sharing your links on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is. You have to do the footwork. The good thing about raising funds online is you don't have to shell out one dime to do anything. Using social networks and writing hubs + uploading videos to are free and effective ways of conveying your message in hopes of increasing donations. No matter how long it takes to raise funds...keep doing the transformation work.

    If you believe you shall achieve. Lastly, GoFundMe is a great place to share your dreams, aspirations, and raise money online for almost anything. College tuition, seed money to start your online business and be a "side hustle millionaire," pay medical bills, raise money to make home improvements, raise money to invest in startup real estate, and so much more. With so much potential to unleash your full transformational entrepreneurial potential using Go Fund Me, you can't ignore this powerful online fundraising medium to help you achieve your goals!