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5 #Mastermind Ways to Increase #GoFundMeDonations

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  • 5 #Mastermind Ways to Increase #GoFundMeDonations

    The #beauty of #raisingmoneyonline using #GoFundMe for #college, #medical, #sidehustlemillionaire #business & #more

    People are flocking out of the wood works from all corners of the earth to GoFundMe.com to successfully raise money online. If you haven't heard of it yet, it's a fundraising site where you can create a free profile and an online fundraising campaign for almost any purpose. Almost everything, but it has limitations. Be realistic about the type of campaign you want to start before setting up your profile. If you feel it may attract unwanted attention for the purpose you're seeking to achieve, don't do it. If you have shady purposes for raising money using GoFundMe, you will be caught and shut down.

    #fundraisingonline brings #people #together & helps #increase #financial #potential

    1. Include a link to your GoFundMe.com profile at the header of every new story or publication you publish on Medium.com - This is so dead simple even a second grader can do this. Just include a link to your GoFundMe profile at the top of every new publication on Medium. The beauty of Medium publications is there's currently no rules. Additionally, Medium.com profiles are RSS ready. This means every new story or publication you publish on Medium will have the ability to be auto-shared on other social networks using the RSS feed from your Medium profile. Simply create a free account on IFTTT.com and follow the directions for setting up an RSS feed to autopost to other social networks like Pinterest, LinkedIn.com, Facebook.com, and others. Once you have your IFTTT recipe plans setup whereas the RSS feed from your Medium profile is auto posting content to other social networks, all you have to do is focus on keeping your Medium.com publications up to date. And the goodness of all of this is it can be achieved free of charge, while increasing the probability of getting more donations to GoFundMe profile.

    2. Share links from your Go Fund Me profile on Pinterest.com - a. You can do this manually through uploading a picture to your Pinterest profile and including the URL to your online fundraising page. b. Or you can use your Medium RSS feed through IFTTT.com and have new stories or publications auto shared to Pinterest. You want to be mindful to have a board name already created. This'll make it easier for the IFTTT system to auto post content from your Medium.com RSS feed to a specific Pinterest board. When pinners feel compelled by your new pins, they'll automatically repin your Pinterest pins without you saying a word to them. In turn, this creates more exposure for your publications being shared to Pinterest and increased likelihood of people donating money.

    3. Consider paying for press releases - Press releases are highly effective. The beauty of press release publications is the guarantee of picking where your PR publications will be published. For example, press release networks such as PRNewsWire.com, NewsWire.com, and PRWeb.com allow you to select specific news sites such as the NYTimes.com, possibly CNN.com, Bloomberg.com, USAToday.com, and many more. When your press releases are published on sites like those, it increases the probability of not only improving your chances of getting instant donations from strangers, but increasing your credibility. Strangers will trust you just because they saw your press release on those aforementioned new sites. And believe it or not, super rich strangers will contribute super money to your page without wanting a thing in return. This is why you should never overlook the awesome power of paying for a press release, as it helps you achieve more than an instant ROI - return on investment.

    Also see: This GoFundMe campaign topped $1m in donations - Patch.com

    4. Appeal to your audience by adding YouTube videos in your Medium publications - People are instantly attracted to a face and words. It's a concrete fact video instantly engages people faster than blog posts, images, and webpages. The more videos you include in your Medium.com publications and the more videos you include your GoFundMe.com profile links in on YouTube, the more you increase your chances of achieving increased donations from Medium.com and YouTube.com, as well as other corners of the earth on the World Wide Web. It's all about creativity and using it to fuel your profitability. And all of this you can achieve for free!

    5. Update your blog or website daily with fresh content alongside your GoFundMe.com info - If you're one of millions of bloggers who love the blog and keep your audience engaged on your site with image, video and text, you can set up a GoFundMe.com profile badge to sit alongside left or right sidebar of your blog or website. The purpose of doing that is to increase exposure and entice people to contribute money. As long as you're raising money for a positive purpose and continue publishing or uploading videos every day or every other day, you make people feel at ease by being seen as a trustworthy person and inspire them quietly to donate more money to your online fundraising page.

    The key to success is consistency and being your natural self. Another words, don't put on one face in front of the camera if that's not your true personality in real life. Just be yourself no matter what and allow people to see you for who you truly are. Even if you're a goofball and your natural self on camera by being goofy, people will still accept you for who you are and contribute money even if they think you're weird. Once again, just be yourself and everything will be A-OK.

    If you're new to the online fundraising site, it'll take a good while before you master the art of successful web fundraising.

    (Update) - More posts coming momentarily discussing creative ways to increase GoFundMe donations. There's many ways you can use Go Fund Me and not everyone knows how. So that means be sure to check back regularly now new online fundraising content on Drewry News Network.



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